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I am 50 years old and getting ready to go through...

I am 50 years old and getting ready to go through a 3rd major breast surgery, hopefully the last, to have my implants removed. I should have known better, in that my first surgery in 1984 was a breat reduction at the age of 23. As a teenager, and in college, I had the most enormous boobs. They were horrible. As a college graduation gift my parents helped me get a reduction, which was 90% covered by insurance. At the time, it was a very serious procedure, and I was hospitalized for a week. But, I was thrilled with my new little perky breasts, and NEVER regretted that reduction. Fast forward to 2008, 25 years, two kids, one ex-husband and a nasty divorce.

I am 5'8", 140 lbs, but I lost lost 25 lbs. after my divorce and weighed a skeletal 115 lbs. My breasts shrank down to nothing. I started dating again, and wanted to be sexier, so I gave into the "Hollywood" look of high, round boobs. From the moment I woke up in recovery, I knew I made a mistake. The surgeon insisted that the 280cc silicone implants were "so small"' would look very natural and just fill me out. Honestly, I have never had any medical problem with them, they are just too big and heavy. (It's my opinion that these dudes are so used to doing huge implants, that their sense of proportion is totally warped) Needless to say, I found love, gained back the 25 lbs., and then some... I would give anything to have my reduced boobs back again. I am engaged to be married in September. My fiancé is very supportive of my decision to have the implants out. I picked a wedding dress that will look amazing, once these suckas are outta here! I am going to a different surgeon to have them removed. My surgery is scheduled for June 7 and I can't wait. I just hope that 3 months is enough time to bounce back and look fab in my wedding gown.

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