**380cc High Profile Saline to 510 Mod Plus Silicone Gel

I live in the city of Chicago Illinois. I met with...

I live in the city of Chicago Illinois. I met with a 4 surgeons- two of which stuck out as ideal candidates for my breast augmentation and tip rhinoplasty. I also have two scars on my belly button and lower stomach from when my appendix surgery, which I want revised to become less visible... And YES I do want all procedures done at the same time. I know this is going to be painful but prefer to get it all done and over with instead of multiple surgeries.

PRE-OP: I am 135 pounds, 5"10 and I wear a 34B cup.
BREAST AUG: Looking to achieve a more "round" appearance and larger size that is proportionate to my body. I feel 375cc using high profile silicone implants will leave me with a full D cup size.
TIP RHINO: As far as my nose- I feel I have a "pig" uplifted tip or "bulbous" tip with "flared" nostrils. Please also see pictures below for better understanding

So my options are
PROS- Harvard grad GENIUS with amazing credentials.. He recently completed a 10 year residency with northwestern. We will be using an endoscopic transaxillary incision for high profile 375cc silicone implants. I have no doubts of achieving my desired look. Will give me a "pain pump" to reduce pain in breasts post op
CONS- he is not board certified-yet. Also the estimated post op results from the 3D simulation for the tip of my nose and the look of my nostrils after surgery left we wondering if the exact look I want will be accomplished. Price is higher... The secretary has been very persistent on going through insurance to help costs and to insure the surgeon gets a "fair and appropriate" cut. This bothers me. As speaking directly with the surgeon himself- he agreed to match the competitors surgery proposal regardless of a reduced profit for him. The conflicting office final prices have brought be to steer toward my second choice surgeon

2) $8,000 NO INSURANCE
PROS- board certified, Columbia and brown university education with TWO residencies in cardio facial. I am very confident in the outcome for my "tip" rhinoplasty. After meeting with this doctor he was right "on point" with the look of my nose post op. operates from owed surgical facility which reduces cost and hires own board certified anesthesiologist
CONS- this surgeon focuses on saline implants- not silicone. Also wants to use a Inframammary incision under the fold of my breast... Not too satisfied with the limitations there.

1) I feel an endoscopic transaxillary incision is a "state of the art" means to breast augmentation. I hope in 10 years new technology will open for even more advanced procedure will be available to reduce visible scaring
2) are saline implants still widely used? I feel they are dated and the lessor choice between silicone
3) Gummy bear silicone is another question of mine. How does it compare to standard silicone. One surgeon stated "I do not use silicone from the 80s. I only operate with gummy bear implants
4) should I go with the surgeon who I feel will make my face look the best? Boobs are obviously covered with clothing... That is in the case I am not happy with option #2
4) if I chose option #1 for my breast aug and option #2 for my tip rhinoplasty - how long do I have to wait between surgeries... Clearly this way may inquire more cost to me.. But at least I am confident in the doctors doing that specified procedure


***Breast Augmentation - saline high profile 375cc

Breast augmentation scar revision and tip rhinoplasty... And YES I do want all procedures done at the same time. I know this is going to be painful but prefer to get it all done and over with instead of multiple surgeries.

PRE-OP: I am 135 pounds, 5"10 and I wear a 34B cup.

BREAST AUG: Looking to achieve a more "round" appearance and larger size that is proportionate to my body. I feel 375cc using high profile implants will leave me with a full D cup size.

$4,900 - saline implants
$2,000 - tip rhinoplasty

DOC - board certified, Ivy League schooling, TWO residencies in cardio facial. I am very confident in the outcome for my "tip" rhinoplasty. After meeting with this doctor he was right "on point" with the look of my nose post op. operates from owed surgical facility which reduces cost and hires own board certified anesthesiologist
CONS- this surgeon focuses on saline implants- not silicone. Also wants to use a Inframammary incision under the fold of my breast... Not too satisfied with the limitations there.

1) I feel an endoscopic transaxillary (arm pit) incision is a "state of the art" means to breast augmentation. I hope in 10 years new technology will open for even more advanced procedure will be available to reduce visible scaring
2) are saline implants still widely used? I feel they are dated and the lessor choice between silicone
3) Gummy bear silicone is another question of mine. How does it compare to standard silicone. One surgeon stated "I do not use silicone from the 80s. I only operate with gummy bear implants"

Saline vs Silicone...? Armpit vs breast fold incision? 21 centry approach


Please provide any advise/personal experience for 375cc-425cc implants

I am looking to go from a 34 B to a full D cup. Looking for a "round" appearance with a "high" "centered" nipple (please see attached photos for better understanding)

PRE OP: 5"10 and 135 pounds

I LOVE to idea of the armpit incision to hide the scars from the incision... How is recovery?

If you place the implant under the muscle- what is the visible difference from silicone vs. saline? Is there a different in the feel- weight- movement?


-3 days post op

***375cc/400cc high profile saline enough? 34B to D -5'9 135 pounds

I'm 5'9 and 135 pounds

Looking for a full rounded look. See attached photos.

Should a tall women get larger implants? I want to go from a 34B to a full D cup...

Saline with armpit incision

**final thoughts**happy to choose saline

After much debate and preconceived perseptions of what is "in"

I am 100% ... More so 95% ;) ... Set on saline implants through the armpit

My incision choice of going through the armpit is for less scar visibility.

Saline implants require a smaller incision, meaning a smaller scar!

Saline also weighs slightly less than silicone implants ... Possibly help with less sagging as the implants age?

Looking at endless before and after photos I see little difference in the shape of the implants and either stands out with "better" results

High profile saline it is! :)

2 days pre op

**Keller Funnel** Armpit Incision

Another member informed me about the use of a Keller funnel to assist with a breast augmentation with an armpit incision

I did a little research and think its a great idea!

Still would like to know how it comes to an armpit incision using an endoscope

Hoping for the "easiest" means to the procedure with the "fastest" recovery time AND OF CORSE -- SMALLEST INCISION POSSIBLE

**1 day pre op... More questions 4 surgeon** armpit incision

Maybe I am asking too many questions, but I have definitely seen a "difference" in the attentiveness of the office staff in responding to me

In response to an armpit incision using the Keller funnel- I was told "He's not going to use it for under the arm. The Keller Funnel just gets the implants through the incision- it is not related to the operation or the pocket. He will do the saline under the armpit and the silicone in the breast fold. "

It's probably just my nerves being only 1 day from the surgery but I feel like I "can't win"

I don't think the surgeon wants to proceed with an armpit incision. But I'm going to "hold my ground" and stick with it

**Best Post-Op "comfort" bras & last min shopping

Officially 1 day before surgery. Trying my best not to think too much into it

Going shopping for a few surgical bras to wear that first week

Any suggestions?

I was told - no wire but a thicker band across the bottom and a zip up front

***Just out of surgery**380cc silicon armpit incision

I just Back home... Sitting up in bed

I can honestly say I was in pretty bad pain waking up directly from surgery! Honestly a 7 out of 10- kill me now. Apparently I am somewhat resistant to pain killers

I remember counting all the way from 100 to 80 in the operating room. Most people only get to 92ish

I will take pictures when I am able to move my shoulders

I have 2 bags a peas lying on my chest right now... Pain is now a 2 out of 10

The pain is NOT a tightness... I do NOT feel weight on my chest. It's a soar... Actual hurting feeling... Not fun

Will keep posting

I took 1 of my pain killers after surgery- it WAS. That bad

Surgeon and anesthesiologist told me to up the next dose to double

... I refuse to look in the mirror at this point. Want to wait till I'm better ackd to function

**380 high profile saline ** day after

I'm taking 2 Vicodin every 4 hours.. finding if I wait any longer.. I'm stiff and its impossible to do anything

Not that I'm doing anything other than laying in bed

Hope tomorrows better

Still icing with the frozen peas- SO RELIEVING

**5 days post op** every day is slowly better

Life is worth living again... Haha.. I must say recovery is a slow process. I am finally able to sleep past the 4 hour mark between taking pain meds

I do feel better. Day 3 had the most improvement. I was able to feed the dogs and put away groceries... Maybe half assed but still accomplished something (still hard to bend over and FORGET lifting my arms)

My latest "concern" is constipation... I'm looking as if I am pregnant! REALLY! I feel like I can go, but nothing too much happens....

I will be switching to Tylenol and taking a natural cleanse.. Hope that helps

Boobs are still swollen. Frozen peas are GODSENT! I'll fall a sleep with the cold peas on my chest- anything at this point

*** 6 days post op** Took a peek... HELP! low nipple placement

I took my surgical bra off to snap a few pictures... I am terrified that my boobs are not "sitting" where they should be. The nipple is not centered... Will they fall at all? I am not sure how to feel about this

I have been sitting up in bed to sleep. Dont know what would make them heal this way??

**6 days post... Top heavy**torpedo boobs**HELP

Please see pictures... What do I do?!?


** day 7 torpedo boob syndrome in full effect

Found another breast augmentation with weekly updates on the recovery process- her boobs look just like mine 1 week after surgery and 100% normal 8 months later...

great news... Kinda

I wish I had known that this surgery was NOT instantaneous. I knew the soarness and pain would take time but NEVER even suspected looking like a circus freak for months!

This is not cool.. I have stopped icing.. And oddly enough don't really need the pain medicine as routinely as before.

Guess my whole mind set has changed.

I'm seeing my surgeon tomorrow to remove all post op house, bandages, and Soforth

Apart bently I will be given a bandea "strapless" bra in place of the surgical sports bra I have on now - to help fasten the process

**8 days post op** new bandeau strap to fix "torpedo" boobs

Finally a glimpse of hope! I was given a strap called a "band-doe" to place over my sports bra and push my swollen, torpedo, top heavy boobs down!

Very excited and awaiting the upcoming changes

I met with the surgeon and was told everything looked very good on the operating room table. Apparently swelling takes effect immediately thereafter PUSHING your implants upward...

I feel better knowing he was able to successfully build a pocket for my implants. i was so worried something went horribly wrong! But this "ugly boob" stage is normal. I will try and stay positive

Drove around today. Routine activities are staring to come more easy. I have noticed it almost takes my arms a few minutes to "warm up" I was better able to turn the sterling wheel 10 minutes into the drive then when I initially started the car

I also am posting pictures of my scar from surgery. Keep in mind I can not shave for another week :-/

Still very pleased with the armpit incision. The ONLY discomfort is with my new bandeau strap which sits right on my armpit. I still feel this is better than an incision under the breast- which would have constant irritation from your bra... Just saying

***9 days post op** positive changes, looking more like real boobs!

Thank god! My nipples are no longer pointed inward

I have started massaging them up and outward. Still have full sensation in my nipples and no numbness at all. Not even in my armpits

I took a FULL shower today. Washed my hair (slowly) I am still "babying" my arms and do not fully raise them. I move in slow motion.. Getting better every day!

I have stopped icing all together and wear the "strap" as often as possible. I did wake up in the middle of the night to remove it. At first the strap relieves pressure but after a while creates almost an aching feeling.

Removing my sports bra also causing the initial ache. I have to slowing unbutton to avoid fast blood circulation to my chest

***11 days post op**

Went "sightseeing" yesterday. First time out in public. Ate naughty foods and bought a few suvoneers

It was hard wearing "normal" clothes again. I traded in my comfy sweats for a pair or shirts and a long sleeve spandex material shirt

I still can not shave my underarms due to the incision

It was uncomfortable being do limited. Some shirts were rough against my skin.. Some shirts too tight

I will comment on a strange occurrence I notice right after surgery- HYPERSENSITIVITY! When my boyfriend rubs my back or holds my hand.. I swear.. This may sound crazy.. It didn't feel like "my skin"

Obviously I could feel his touch but it was as if the sensation was different. My boyfriend tried to help me in the bath the other day and rub an exfoliant on me- OUCH- I could bear it anywhere on my body

Still have stomach bloat... AMAZINGLY have NOT gained any weight! I weigh the same as I did pre op... Wondering why my stomach is protruding larger than my tummy

Trying to continue to wear my strap all the time. There is discomfort from its use around my sides/underarms. I actually have to fold it to avoid irritating the incision

... Anyone else feel "down" post op?

-frustrated... Annoyed... Bored... Anxious..

The house work from the past week and a half is piling up ...

Cabin fever maybe

****13 days post op** will I gain volume when my boobs drop?

Just tried on a 36D bra... I'm NOT FILLING IT OUT....

If anyone had the same experience with a "high" implant after surgery (that needs to drop into place) please let me know if I will gain volume in my breast

The confusion is- are the implants fully underneath my breast now? Or does "riding high" only mean the "puffiness" that I have up to my colar bone is JUST swelling?

Is my breast it's full size?

If my breast how it is now- is its new full size... I'm a C... Started as a B....?

***7 WEEKS POST BREAST AUG*** still riding high.. Updated pics

Still uncertain of the outcome and if these implants will ever fall into place

Hoping for the best.... Surgeon doesn't seem worried about the final results ... my next follow up is in 3 months

... Time will tell

IMPLANTS NOT DROPPING ***8 WEEKS POST BREAST AUG** anyone else having this problem?!?! what do I do

I avoided coming on and posting due to lack of progress since my 2 week mark. I am now approaching 2 months after surgery.

I am swollen to my collar bone. You can clearly see my implants are above my natural breast (which is just hanging underneath) Did anyone else have this problem this late in recovery?!?

Ive seen the "snoopy deformity" or "waterfall effect" on here

I often feel so frustrated and insecure that I dont even want to address the obvious... that I will probably need a revision to release more of the muscle. And then what if that still does not work....

I contacted my surgeon directly yesterday and venting out my concerns. I was told its going to take 6 months for the implants to fall underneath the breast tissue. If I am not pleased at that point, we can talk about a revision. Afterword I felt guilty, like I was just bothering the office and wrote them an email apologizing.

I dont know who to blame. Or even if there is reason to place blame at 2 months post. I just expected faster results....

Any advise or if anyone has the name of other users in the same position as me, please share.


Pain when wearing band/strap** 8 weeks post** implants still high

I've been wearing the band close to all the time- often "soar" when I remove it to shower. Also shooting pains below nipple. Could this be a good sign of the implant being forced down?

If the pocket was not created properly, meaning I'll need a revision- is the band causing damage?

New pics** 8 weeks** I know I need a revision

My live-in boyfriend refuses to talk about my chest. Tells me they are looking better and better, that there's nothing wrong. He even gets upset now when I talk about how bad grey honestly look.

Here are some additional pictures. I am going to wait 4 more weeks till I'm at 12 weeks and not only see my plastic surgeon, but pay for a consultation elsewhere for a second opinion.

I posted a question about the implant placement and one doctor said I may now need a lift! What the F***. I am afraid that the implants not dropping, and sitting on top (above) my natural breast is causing damage.

I am really truly saddened by this whole ordeal. It's exhausting.

APPROACHING 2.5 months... Implants still high

I feel like a broken record... Will update with new pictures this Thursday, which will be two months and 2 weeks post. The implants have not fallen into place

My boyfriend and I have discussed my revision surgery. And I am going to communicate with my surgeon this week that I do not wish to wait the full 6 months before fixing the implants

I am hoping to go back in for another surgery by December.

Again, will keep posting

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share. I have considered changing the implant profile- from high profile to moderate plus. And saline to silicone. I will be going through the breast fold this time.

Has anyone received the textured implants? Maybe those will stay in the right place...

Worried about the open cavity I now have above my breast. Meaning- my implants now are sitting near my armpits- above my original boob. What will stop the new implants from skidding into that opening I now have?


2.5 months .. High profile saline... Not dropping

Updated pics.... Anyone in or has known of others in my situation please share!

**2.5 months post** meeting with doctor in 2 weeks to discuss revision

SO FINALLY after emailing this week, the office agreed to schedule me for a "meeting" at my 3 month mark. I will be going in to see the surgeon and discuss my progress

Kinda odd though- The surgeon emailed me to say I was "perfect on the operating table" and that I look AHEAD of the curve?!?!?!?

Am I crazy here or has there been NO progress since my 10 day mark?!?!

Also he stated, "its not a positioning error"

So what does this mean the problem is?

Lastly, I was told "If we preform another operation, the implants will swell again, and you will be riding high like you are now"

WHAT?? does this make any sense?

Im beyond annoyed. Frustrated.

**high profile saline implants, not dropping** 2.5 months post

Also is it just me or am I clearly NOT symmetric?

Something I did not want to focus on, but one boob is clearly larger than the other....

Isn't the POINT of SALINE to be able to fill each boob to separate ccs (if necessary) to create the same size?!?!?!?


** 15 weeks post breast aug ** revision to release more muscle / high implants

Ive been very discouraged and unsure as to what to do next

Thank you all so much for your advise and your support. I do read each and very comment and take it to heart.

A few weeks ago I did go into speak with the surgeon. This again, was after I sent another email about how upset the appearance of my breast has made me feel. The email back told me I was "ahead of the curve" in healing. Upon going into the office, I was told basically the same thing!

The office staff is so nice that it makes it hard to stand up for myself. I do not want to come across in the wrong way and have up till this point been very patient with my surgeon

I sough out a second opinion from another doctor in the area. He initially took the time to not only talk to me over the phone (about a month ago) but also respond directly (not his staff, but he himself) to my email in which I shared pictures of my high implants

This new doctor, whom i met with today, spent so much time with me. He examined my breast and told me that more muscle needs to be released..... so I'm back to the beginning again. It will be over $6,000 to have the revision done by the new surgeon.

I never wanted to get "mean" or "beg" to my original surgeon to fix my breast. But today I sent out one last email telling him I am moving forward with a revision. I hope he does the right thing and either ops to fix his mistake, or reimburse me for the surgery.

I have also now chosen to reveal my original surgeon. Everything i have posted on here has been honest and true.

To this day I still wear baggy clothing. its been 4 months of sports bras (because I do not fit properly into any bra).

I have entertained the thought of removing the implants all together. I have been that saddened by this whole ordeal

***second opinion on high implants** 4 months post revision for high implants

During my visit with the new surgeon, i also met with his office manager (head faulty). She told me they would be happy to do the revision, but to still try and communicate with my original surgeon. As that will save me $6,000.

I expressed to her that my surgeon told me it takes 6 months to 1 year for breast to settle into place. And that I chose the armpit incision. She still pushed me to be firm, and tell him how bad this has made me feel about my body and my self confidence.

Again, I did send an email to my original surgeon today. No response. Which is odd generally they email me back right away and at least tell me to "hang in there" and "wait it out"

The more I think about it, the more I have realized that I was never given the opportunity to discuss a revision (even take the time to talk about the idea of it) directly with my original surgeon. All my emails have been through his staff. When I meet him in person, he tells me everything is fine...

I almost feel like I am being told to wait, in hopes I give up. Or that I move on to a different doctor. But why would anyone be so cruel

Before I left the new surgeons office, I showed his office manager the pictures from 1 week after surgery. Those pictures are also on here. My impacts where UP TO MY COLLAR BONE! Literally up to my collar bone. I couldn't help but cry at her facial expression. She hugged me and told me there is valid reason for a revision to fix my breasts

I didn't intend on going in for the second opinion and finding these results. Instead I hoped that I would be told everything is going to be ok and everything will eventually look right.. but thats not what happened. without releasing more of my muscle my boobs can not desend into the pocket

one last thing id like to share-- when i lay flat onto my back-- I can forcefully push the implants downward into what looks "ok". Almost centering the nipple. As soon as I let go, the implant pop right back up to my armpits. The new surgeon said clearly there is some muscle holding them up and not allowing them to fall

***15 weeks** nearly 4 months post ** high implants

Here they are... Implants still above the breast (not underneath)

**revision appointment** with original surgeon

I received an email from my original surgeon tonight. They are finally willing to go back in (breast fold incision) and remove my old implants. I was told there is nothing wrong with the placement, but if I wish to swop out the implants, we can proceed now. I can get in as soon as next week for the surgery. I was told I am responsible for 1) anesthesiology 2) parts - surgical tools 3) cost of new implants...

I am happy to finally put this all the rest. Whether or not my surgeon does not want to call it a revision is fine with me. Just as long as we go back in and fix the problem.

Thank you all again for your advise and support throughout this process. It has not been easy

*** Switching to Sientra Brand Implants *** Revision in 1 week

Hey guys I am not only spending a whole 45 min with my plastic surgeon but also having a brand representative available for our pre-op exam. Doing this on this upcoming Wednesday.... I am happy I am finally able to plan out positive changes in my life and MOVE ON from this shitty past 4 months with Frankenstein boobs

I was given a deal (paying now $2,100) for the entire procedure to fix my implants. That is if I choose a implant within the Sientra brand line. They have smooth or textured- teardrop, oval, or circle implants. And then the profile (moderate, mod plus, or high profile)

Anyone used Sientra? Its the highly cohesive (gummy bear) silicone

***mixed emotions going back to original surgeon for revision*** breast fold incision

I just want everything done and over with.

However, I do feel some hesitation going back to my original surgeon to do the corrective revision.

I was lucky not to have bruising, mendors cords, ok spacing between boobs, or any numbness the first time. Fear has set in.

I'm scared mostly of the new incision site. The armpit never worried me. I didn't have to look at it. And it was tucked away in an area that's already gross to begin with :)

I am terrified about being cut from the upper stomach- breast fold. For whatever reason it creeps me out.

Scared this can all go horribly wrong.

I owe payment Monday and have the pre-op consult Wednesday... Surgery friday

How painful is under the boob? Do the incision marks honestly fade away?

Even if I take out the implants completely- we have to preform another surgery... Agh

** meeting tomorrow for pre-op consult / revision this Friday** 480cc silicone gel "gummy bear" implants

Tomorrow is the beginning of the end of my "frankenstein" boobs

Any suggestions on things to ask about or discuss, please do comment

I am looking to switch out to the new silicone gel implants. Still round and smooth. Probably going about 100cc more (from the 380cc saline that I have in now)

The payment of $2,100 has been paid in full. That was my total owed for the surgeon to replace the current implants and hopefully fix whatever went wrong the first time. (release more muscle using the crease incision rather than back through the armpit)

Im anxious and a whole bunch of feelings all at once. Just want to look normal and have the new implants fall behind my boobs and not sit on top of my breasts they do now....


Any advise on the crease incision in particular and how to lay comfortably... how is the bra going to work if its resting on your incision? won't that irritate and cause scaring? With the armpit incision I didnt have these worries because it was above and far from where my implants are. Meaning no gravitational pressure being pushed onto the stitches and so forth.. The breast incision scares me!

again my stats are - 5'9, 135 pounds. 34B starting (before initial breast aug) my bra size did NOT change after surgery due to the implants never falling. Looking to go to about 480cc...

talk to you all soon! :)

*** pre-op consult** going up 100cc and switching profiles

1st breast aug- 380cc high profile saline smooth round

Before surgery- (god given boobs 34b)

We chose moderate plus, (sientra line) 470cc or 510cc, smooth round

I was able to get that discounted rate from the brand rep for the implants, which made total cost $2,157.

The office is calling the surgery a "swap out" / "implant change" rather than a revision.

Hoping for ideal results.. Main concern is not the implant itself but placement.

Going through the breast fold instead of armpit this time

I did bring pictures and relayed to them that I want a centered, high nipple.

Hoping for the best! Ready to heal with positive results. Ready for the change

Wonder what size 470cc or 510cc will give me. Was originally a small 34B from Victoria's Secret.

*** implant same size as my bwd** is that ok?

LAST question I measure at 13.5 to 14 at the most for my BWD

Is it ok to have chosen the 470cc at 13.7 or the 510cc at 14

Should I go smaller?

**revision TOMORROW! **

My anxiety has peaked and I am so nerves about the augmentation tomorrow

I think I will choose the 470cc moderate plus instead of the 510cc. Even though I'm tall- I'm scared about complications with a larger implant.

Will keep posting.... Wish my luck... :-/

***home from revision surgery

Hey everyone

I'm back home. Icing my cheats with 2 frozen bags of peas...

I really liked my anastesiologist this time. He knew I have a high tolerance, and made sure I was comfortable.

I don't remember falling a sleep this time. Not much about recovery when coming out of the OR.

I already have the band wrapped around me. Pushing the new implants down.

The implants are NOT up to my collar bone like last time. Thank god.

Surgeon went with the 510cc implants.

Threw up walking out of the limo .. Hoping that was a one time thing.

The majority of my pain is on the outer part of my breast where they released more muscle

**hydrocodone (Vicodin) is symptomatic

Anyone else not like the feeling from the pain killers?

It's affecting my sleep. To were I'm tired but restless and making my heart beat faster than normal

I'm down to 1 pill every 4 hours

It feels like someone drop kicked (ninja style) my ribs. The incisions below my breast are so very soar. And the sides of my ribs (under the armpit) are super soar

Can wait to take a peak! Might wait another day or so. Will post pictures when I do.

**im taped, warped in gauze, surgical bra AND Strap across top of chest** 2 days post

I was instructed not to remove anything covering my chest till my follow up next week... Sponge bathe if needed but keep breasts dry.

I was told they had to "stabilize" the implant?

Is this standard with the crease incision?

I threw up all night and have since switched over to oxycodone.

**4 days post op revision**

Today will be day 4 since my revision. The pain is nothing in comparison to the 1st time

I am so completely uncomfortable due to another reason- all this TAPE stuck against my chest. Seeing my surgeon within the next 48 hours to remove everything and get the first look! Time can't go by fast enough

I have lines of literal tape across the upper portion of my chest. Just hanging out.. Sticking straight into my skin. It's beginning to crumble up and becoming more and more irritating. What is its purpose? Lol

Anyways. Yes still have a layer of several pieces of tape on my skin, then gauze, then my surgical sports bra, and finally the wrap on top of it all.


**1st post op visit** first look at new boobs

To describe it best- my boobs are EXACTLY in the same place I left them.. Meaning the new implants sit at my armpits

I'm hoping this means they will drop below the breast in the coming weeks

My breasts are numb (this did not happen the first time) under the nipple and extremely numb on the sides of my breast

I've decided to go braless.. And only use the wrap on top of my breast to force the implants down.. I will post pics

Please provide me honest feedback,,

**4 days post revision* need honest opinion of revision

Hey girlys :)

Please look at my pics.. Let me know what you think. I still have no implant underneath my breast.. But they are not up to my collar bone like the 1st time

Do you think they will drop under my breast?

(( the scratches are from all the damn tape I had across my chest ))

***need help** revision 4 days post

Take a look at my post op pictures.. Keep in mind this is a revision which takes LESS healing time and LESS swelling

I feel like I might still have the sane problem.. High implants..

Asking for honest and true opinions

**will the implants drop? Take a look!

**implants riding high** any suggestions


2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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