In love with my new curves! Amazing Brazilian butt lift

I found Dr. Memar on RealSelf. I requested a...

I found Dr. Memar on RealSelf. I requested a consultation and was called the next day. I was able to get in to see him on a Saturday. I immediately felt very comfortable. Dr. Memar took his time to explain the procedure and made sure I had "realistic" expectations. I felt comfortamble with Dr. Memar. My appointment was not rushed and he asked me multiple times if I had any questions, he even asked my mom who came with me if she had questions.

I am having the BBL done on Monday, May 18th. The office is usually closed on Mondays, but they were nice enough to schedule me in (i am on vacation this week) and I will forever be grateful!! My procedure will be done under local anesthesia, which I prefer. I have always been afraid of being under general anesthesia. I also went got medical clearance from my PCP.

I am more than excited. I know I will have pain after surgery and I know I will have some swelling for a few months, but I am ready. This is something I have been wanting to do for 5 years, and now finally saved up for it. I am picking up my girdle for surgery today and meeting with Dr. Memar again this Saturday.

If you are thinking of having a BBL, please go and meet with Dr. Memar and his amazing staff! They all are amazing and make you feel welcomed.

I will post pics soon!

Pre op pics.. Surgery Monday 5/18/15! I can't wait!

I am so excited!! I've uploaded some pics of myself. I really would like a defined waist line and have my back carved out to make my butt pop out more. I do believe Dr Memar can achieve this for me and I know it takes time to see the final result. I am so excited! I will keep you all updated!

Surgery time

Finally! I am so excited! I brought all my medicines and my girdle for after surgery. I came wearing a very loose sundress and flats. Pray for me

2 days post op

After surgery, I had to wear 2 girdles. It was painful but helped a lot with the draining and swelling. I followed up with Dr Memar and Lisa today. I finally was able to take off the girdles and take a look at my body. I am so incredibly happy with Dr Memars work. I wanted to give him a hug. I love my waist line. You can tell he really took his time with me. My mom is happy as well. One of my guy friends already scheduled a visit to discuss a bbl with him on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to my final results in 18 months. I will continue wearing my girdle for the next 3 weeks and follow up with Dr Memar on June 20th.

Please go see Dr Memar and Lisa if you are interested in a bbl. They are both amazing and have an amazing bedside manner. I am so lucky to have found them. Off to sleep I go.

1 week update

Good afternoon! Just wanted to update you all. I had my procedure exactly a week ago. I am still very swollen and sore. My right butt cheek is bigger than the left. I haven't sat down yet. I have been laying down and walking this past week. I've also just started taking some Arnica tablets to see if it helps move swelling along.

I am very excited to see my results in the future. I love my waist line. I still feel very numb which is normal. I haven't taken anything for pain since the 3rd day after surgery. I am eating pretty healthy.

I return to work on Wednesday, hopefully my BBL Pillow comes in before then.

2 weeks post BBL today

Hello Ladiesss and gentlemen!
I am back at work. I work at a office & so far no one has noticed, they just ask if I am loosing weight and I say yes hehe. Dr. Memar is an artist. I am so happy with my results. I have been referring him to a few of my friends. I will be posting photos later. My current measurements are 38-33-48. Pre op I was 38-39-46. I haven't had much of an appetite, so I do need to start eating.

I am able to sit on chair, putting all my weight on my posterior thighs. My buttocks sit a little higher on my chair and have no pressure to them from the bottom or back of the chair.

My swelling has decreased. My buttocks are a little bigger than before pre-op but smaller than post - op ( Yes, I love it now). I told Dr. Memar I did not want a kardashian booty lol and he listened :-). I cant wait to see my final results in a few months.

I tend to swell up more at night. Arnica is really helping. Ill be posting new pics in a few hours.

Feeling Fab!!!!!!!

I am so happy with Dr. Memars work!!!!!! I cant thank him enough!! I love my curves!! I will post a picture later on, I am at work right now and my co-workers will think I am crazy haha! Its been about 2 months and my butt has not decreased in size! I still sleep with my girdle and work with a thong girdle. I am in my girdle 24/7. Without it, I feel weird. My waist is amazing, but i still get very swollen. Sometimes, it looks like ive gained so much weight because of the swelling in my tummy. It does go down a few hours later. I am patient and know I still have months to go before I see my final result.

Ive been back in the gym, doing about 30 minutes of cardio and a lot of leg weights and upper body workouts. I am ready to have the body I have always dreamed of.

I still get very sore. Sometimes when I have walked for a few miles, my butt feels so sore like if I had just had a heavy workout. I sit normally now when driving. I hardly use my BBL Pillow. At my desk, I still sit putting most of weight on my thighs.

I will upload an updated photo later tonight. If you are thinking of getting a BBL done, Please go see Dr. Memar!! He is an artist!!!

3 months & loving it!

I am feeling great!!! Still loving my results. Swelling has persisted. Some days I look skinnier and some days I am more swollen and bloated. I still have a nice contour and my behind has not gone done. My current measurements are 38-33-48, I have not lost or gained weight. I have been so busy at work, I can only get in about a 30 min workout a day. I still feel like this has been the best decision I have made. Dr. Memar is an artist! please consider him if you need a surgeon in the Chicago area!! I may go back soon to get liposuction on my arms and maybe in between my thighs, well see where I come up with money for that! haha! Ill upload pics soon!

Almost 6 months

I am almost at my 6th month mark. I am very pleased with my results. I see a few areas that need correction & I hope he can fix, but I don't regret this procedure at all. It has made me confident and clothes fit me beautifully. Seriously , if you are looking for a BBL in Illinois, please meet with Dr. Memar. What locked me in, was his bedside manner & how he understood what wanted to achieve. My measurements are 36-33-47. I have lost about 4 pounds and still holding up.

I still have some swelling. I still use a thong girdle during the work day, Mon- Friday for 8 hours a day then go home & sleep with a waist trainer. I work out usually 1-2 times a week. I still have areas that are numb.

My co- workers just tell me I look better & better each day. I have not told them about the procedure. It looks very natural and not "fake".

I see Dr. Memar this week. I will post my 6 month post op photos soon. Happy healing!

Updated pics @ 6 months

Hello again! I have uploaded some new pics. Excuse the cellulite :( . I am very happy with my results , I will be coming back in January to get my lower belly pouch fixed. I retained some fluid and it looks like a little pouch. I can hide it under clothes so I'm not to worried about it now.

I saw Dr Memar this week and he was very happy with my results. I told him how confident and happy he has made me. I love that he is willing to fix my little pouch. I have referred a few friends to him for the same procedure.

He was right about my buttocks. On the day of the consultation, he told me after the initial swelling goes down, so will the size of my behind. Then, in a few months once the fat has a good blood supply , it starts becoming more apparent.

Updated pics @ 6 months

Comparison (what a difference)

Just look how amazing! Dr memar did what it would of taken years to build at a gym to me in one day! Best decision ever!

Still loving my curves, still need a small revision

Hey guys! I am so in love with my curves. I still get a lot of compliments. I do still have some upper back fat that needs to have more lipo along with my lower abdomen. How Dr. Memar molded me is absolutely beautiful and looks very natural. No one has asked me if I have had surgery, they just ask if I work out. I get compliments on my tiny waist all the time. My measurements have not changed and my weight has been stable. I do work out 2-3 times a week, I just started again about a month ago. I am planning to do my revision in April. I have talked to a few patients that are considering having the procedure with Dr. Memar. I honestly know he is the best in Chicago. Here are a few updates pics.

Here we go!

I followed up with Dr. Memar and Lisa this past Saturday. I am still very happy with my results. Still holding up at 36-33-47.5-48 in. We scheduled my revision for 4/20. I am very excited. I can't thank Dr. Memar enough for my transformation. I send everyone there now for their cosmetic needs.

I am back to all of my normal activities. I stopped doing cardio. I would do about an hour on the treadmill alternating in between running and walking on an incline. When I did cardio for about 2 weeks, my behind went down to 46 inches. Now, that I am doing weights again (leg extensions, kickbacks, squats) at the gym I fluctuate in between 47.5-48 inches. I am extremely happy with the appearance of my behind. I am finally getting my pouch revised and upper back fat removed. I cant wait! He did say he will inject some more fat into my behind and I am all for it! why not? it will look even better and my waist will be even tinier!

I honestly am so glad I went with my gut and trusted Dr. Memar. He has surpassed my expectations. I have never felt rushed when I have gone to see him. I seriously am so comfortable with him and his staff, its like family. He truly sculpted my body so beautifully and it all looks NATURAL!

This revision will under local anesthesia again. Lord knows, how afraid I am of general anesthesia.

If you are in Chicago and are considering this procedure, please go see Dr. Memar. I will try to upload new pics tonight , if I get out of work early and if not tomorrow for sure.

Still loving my curves. Ready for my revision

I tried uploading pics in work pants, leggings and a tight sundress for you all to see. I am extremely pleased with my results. My revision will fix my little belly pouch, remove my back fat and inject a little more into my behind. I can't wait. Seriously, best decision I have ever made in my life.

Fat grafting to breast..2017

This is something I have been looking into. I know Dr. Memar performs this procedure as well and since he did wonders with my body and I feel comfortable with him, this is something I will probably do next year. Have any of you ladies had the procedure done?

I am not looking to increase dramatically in size, just looking to round out and fill my current cup size (B). I used to be a full C but a few years ago, my dad got really sick. We thought we were going to lose him and I lost about 40 pounds in one month. I went from 150 to 110. I was really depressed and my face hollowed out and my breasts just became droopy, lost almost all volume and became less round. I've gained the weight back but my breast never completed filled out how they were before. I think this is a great alternative to implants. Now to save $$$.

Body goals. I'm not too far from this

Ok, one of my girl friends who is obsessed with women and their curves sent me this and said she can see me looking like this after my next surgery because I'm not too far from it now. I found out about this models existence today and I am absolutely in love with her beautiful figure!!

Immediately Post op, I was somewhat similar to her. I just healed differently but I am still very happy with my results. She is my new wish pic. I have to show Dr Memar and Lisa! I am so excited for my surgery! Counting down the days! I am positive that with my 2nd round I'll be super closeeee to having that body!

Revision Wednesday

Hey guys! I am so excited! Picked up all my meds from Target yesterday to take to the office. My revision will be under local again! Can't wait! I am ready to see my results! Dr Memar is going to remove my upper back fat (untouched during 1st surgery) , make my waist smaller , fix my pouch (fluid retention) and re inject my behind! I've uploaded some new pics for you all. I am so happy with my current results, imagine after this surgery. Seriously, trusting him was the best decision ever.

One day post

Dr. Memar is amazing! I had my procedure astound 1:30pm and finished by 5pm. All went well. I was bleeding a little bit but we were able to cover the back of the car with plastic .
Same thing this morning, continued bleeding on my shower curtain on top of my bed but no pain! I have not taken one Norco 10 since I got home! I did take one pill for nausea though because I did feel like I was going to throw up. I've been urinating all night.

I am so excited to see my results. He truly is an artist!!! He understood what I was looking for , smaller waist with more projection.

Today, my measurements are 36-30-50 (because I'm wearing the garment and I'm still swollen). I couldn't of asked for a better Doctor .:
I did end up paying for my revision since we basically did the whole thing over again. The good thing is they let me know a few weeks in advance for me to be able to collect the amount.

2 days post op! Feeling wonderful!

Hello realself! I followed up with Dr. Memar and we are both so proud of his work! (Why wouldn't he be? I look great!!) my waist and back are tiny and I have a lot more projection. All still looks very natural. He gave me exactly what I wanted and was able to get rid of my pouch ( I retained fluid in my lower abdomen after surgery due to my personal health issues). He was able to do my upper back and I love it! I didn't it want my upper back done in the first surgery and now I see what a big difference it makes.

Of course, I am still swollen and numb so I'm excited to see what I look like in a few weeks! Patience is key and luckily I am a very patient person. I am blessed that I found Dr. Memar, I have never doubted his vision and trusted him 100% from my first consult. He is honestly an amazing sculptor/artist.

For being 2 days post op, I feel wonderful! My surgery was done under local anesthesia again and I Still have not taken any pain medicine and was able to eat a salad today. Still urinating a lot and in my garment 24/7. I cut out the thong part of the garment and made slashes near the butt area so it could actually go around my butt and not compress my newly injected fat. Dr. Memar said I did a great job cutting it.

I've been very active today. Went for a walk in millennium park, came and cleaned my apartment (gentle cleaning) and even cooked myself some soup for dinner tonight. I am very sore but it's nothing that I can't handle. I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Memar,m. He is very attentive, a listener and has a great bed side manner. Please, do not fly out of the country or go to another state to have a BbL. Have a consult with Dr. Memar first, have the surgery done at home , in a safe and sterile environment.

I will be posting new photos in a few weeks. Here are two below. With the girdle alone and my dress to cover it. Don't mind the bruising, that will go away In a bit. Have a great weekend! Xoxo
Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. Memar is amazing! I had my BBL done on 5/18/15. He rearranged his entire to schedule to perform my surgery. I am so happy with my results!! Its been 2 months since my procedure and I have not lost an inch from my behind. He sculpted my waist so beautifully!! He truly is an artist!!! He listened to me and made sure I was happy with my results. If you are considering having a BBL done, please go see Dr. Memar and Lisa, it will be one the best decisions you have ever made!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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