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Hi Ladies! I have been stalking RS for a month or...

Hi Ladies! I have been stalking RS for a month or so now, and all these reviews are so helpful! I decided to start my own to help also.

So I am 22 years old. I have been an athlete my whole life. I recently graduated from university and now I am working! (I feel so grown up! :) ). Even though I have always worked out, I have not been happy with my body. I have midsection fat that is super stubborn. I have had a bubble butt, but its muscular. I have no waist and no hips; a very muscular stature. I have been contemplating surgery for a year or so now. I wanted to wait until I was out of school and sports. I wanted to see if I could workout and gain a waist with waist training and hardcore cardio and weight training, but my body just isn't built to lose fat from there unfortunately. I started to damage myself by starving and sometimes purging to lose weight. Luckily, I was able to get out of that dark place. I decided that to be happy, I needed this operation. I just wasn't happy with how I looked, and I felt insecure. People would tell me I am beautiful and I wouldn't believe them at all. My boyfriend got sick of me asking, "How do I look?" etc. and I would get jealous when a girl with a really nice body walked by. I just got sick of my mind always focusing on how I looked.

For this surgery, I want to remove fat from my abdomen, lower back, flanks, and inner thighs, and transfer it to my butt and hips.

My parents, close friends, and boyfriend have all been really supportive of my decision. I was scared to tell my bf, but I explained everything and he hugged me and said he would be there for me through it all (aww!!) and my parents are helping me pay for it too. I only told 3 of my close friends who I know aren't gossips who are being so sweet and supporting me, and my wax and lash extension ladies, so that I could plan for appointments right before the surgery.

I had my consultation with Dr. Shifrin on a Friday. The ladies that work at his office are so so nice and accommodating. Holly (receptionist) is so sweet, as well as Donna (office manager) and Blanca (surgery schedule coordinator). When I got there, I had already filled out my paperwork online. I was brought into one of the patient rooms, and soon after Dr. Shifrin's co-surgeon/assistant? and a female assistant came into the room. He walked me through all the details of the surgery from beginning to end (How long it would be, what the procedure entails, recovery) and then asked what I was looking for. He was really impressed because I was very detailed and precise in what I wanted, which he appreciated. He and the assistant told me to get undressed and put the robe on, and they would be back in soon. After, they said I could speak with Dr. Shifrin also. So they came back about 5 minutes later, and he took a look at me. He said that what I want is definitely attainable. I showed him wish pics also. I don't want anything too drastic. I just want a nice, hourglass shape, with an ass that is proportionate to my body. After they left again, Dr. Shifrin came in and introduced himself and took a look at me. He said the same thing, after looking at me, hearing what I expected, and looking at my wish pics. It made me feel good that there were two opinions.

After getting dressed, I went to Donna's office, which is towards the back of the entire office (which was super clean and modern and nice!). She is such a sweetheart, and told me that I was in great hands, and had my quote and documents prepared in a folder for me. She explained the dates I need to think about (pre op date, surgery date, and 1 post op date), and gave me some things I should get. She then introduced me to Blanca, who I ended up calling 2 days after to schedule my dates!!! I am so excited guys, this is all I have been talking/thinking about. I have 45 days until surgery!

I have attached some pictures of me that are just selfies and whatnot, and I will post pre op pics soon. I am 5'9, 165-170 pounds. I have a TON of questions for other dolls who have gotten through this, but I will put all that in my next post. Thanks!!

Wish Pics!!

more wishing haha :)

Recovery Supplies

So far this is my list:

-Closed buttock compression garment (stage 1 faja)

-Open buttock compression garment (Start using 4 weeks post op) (stage 2 faja)

-Lipo Foam

-Abdominal and back boards

-Compression stockings (prevents pulmonary embolisms)

-Waist trainer to wear over compression garment (Start 4-5 weeks post op)

-Arnica Gel

-Baby Wipes

-Anti Bacterial Soap


-Alcohol pads

-Gauze pads and medical tape for drain tubes

-Cheap tanks to wear under garment to avoid skin irritation

-Loose maxi dress for after surgery

-Stool softener

-Cheap sweats

-Suction hooks to hold up drains while showering

-Cheap towels and linens

-Chux Pads

-Booty Buddy (pillow for when i go back to work, I can use to sit)

-Female urinal


-Ginger Ale

-Pineapple Juice and Pineapples

-Gallon Bag (going to fill with water and freeze flat so it can fit in my garments flat)

-Iron Supplements


-Scar away band aids


-Cocoa butter

-Firming Lotion

-Diapers/Maxi Pads (to put in faja to soak up fluids)

-Cheap T shirts

-Large underwear

-Protein Shakes (already have)

-Foam Roll cut in half (covered in saran wrap, use to sit on the toilet)

-Latex gloves (already have)

-Pill planner box

-Hydrocortisone lotion for itching

-Body Measuring Tape

-Extra pillows to help sleeping on stomach

Let me know what you guys think of it. I have my official pre op appointment on June 8th, so I will ask Dr. Shifrin if he uses drains or not. I will also show him my list so far and see what he says. Also, should I get a stage 3 faja? Is it worth it? Thank you so much ladies!

Compression garment sizing

Question for BBL veterans:
when buying your stage 1 and stage 2 fajas, did you size up or down or get true to size? let me know :)

Vegas Trip!!!

Guys so my friend suggested yesterday that we should go to Vegas in September and we booked the hotel today!! I am so excited :) We are staying at the Mirage. I will be about 3 months post op so hopefully i will look fabulous in vegas!! I can't wait, I already want to start shopping for my trip :)


Are massages worth it?? Hopefully someone can answer my questions...I feel like I'm not getting that much support and comments lol :/

5 weeks left!

I have about 5 weeks left and I'm so excited :) I was just looking at this pic of myself in this blue dress...hopefully after surgery i can fill out the hips and butt even more and have a tinier waist!

i wish i could get my surgery sooner haha. I also got my booty buddy from and it is incredible! I tested it yesterday and my butt doesnt even come close to touching the chair! This is awesome bc ill have to go back to work after two weeks of working from home after surgery. Its all black too so really discrete. I also got their garment strap protectors so just in case my faja straps are too tight, that can help. Im gonna order my supplies from amazon soon and take a trip to the store.

I want to get my stage 1 and 2 fajas at the same time. Did you guys go down a size for stage 2? I was also going to get an open buttock one for stage 2...let me know what you guys think :)

Getting please

Hey guys,

So I'm getting a little nervous. Based on a couple reviews on here about Dr. Shifrin, some are going back for revisions because there wasnt enough fat removed. Some still had back rolls or something. Based on my picture, what do you guys think? Can i turn out like my wish pics (small waist, hips, good projection and fullness)? How many cc's do you guys think i could have removed and put in my butt? i have no idea lol

Appreciate the support :) thank you!

Booty Buddy!

Hi ladies, I got a booty buddy already and I think it will work super well. But I'm wondering if I should get another one for work so that I'm not carrying one back and forth? Let me know what you guys think :)

Pre Op Appointment

Hi everyone! I had my pre op appt today with Dr. Shifrin. I was super prepared and brought out questions that i typed out, as well as wish pictures printed out (I labeled the waist, hip, projection etc). I got my vitals taken, and then one of the assistants took pictures of me. I also got my prescriptions that I have to fill, as well as the lab work that is necessary. I will be getting that done this weekend. After that, Dr. Shifrin came in and answered all my questions. Word of advice ladies, come with pictures printed and questions written down! I personally think it helps to have the appointment run smoothly. He was able to draw on the pictures and tell me what was realistic which was super helpful. I like that he is very honest. Then he answered all my questions really well. He has a very good bedside manner and is quite charismatic :)I also met with Blanca, and filled out my consent forms. She also gave me information on the surgery center (I will be in river north), and pre op instructions. My mom is going to fill out the care taker form and fax it back to them. Blanca is so nice and answered all my questions :)I am really excited! 22 more days until surgery. He told me that i can stay at the weight i am now, and that i should look awesome after because i have fat in the right places and good skin that should retract well. I attached my own pre op pics that i took today, as well as a couple of the wish pics that he said would be realistic. Some questions he answered for me:-He does not use drains for this procedure.-I will be wrapped up after surgery. A week after, I will be given a garment to use. -Waist training can be started at 3-4 months post op so that swelling has time to go down.-Start hydrating 48-72 hrs before surgery.-He does not recommend going to get massages. He gives you self massaging techniques. -I asked him about cc's and he said that he can't give me a straight answer until surgery. I think cc's have a lot of variation from person to person so I wasn't too worried about it. Well, that is it for now. I am getting all my supplies in also, so this is getting super real lol. I will post another update soon :)

7 days left!!

I am so ready for this surgery. A week left, and its all that I can think about. I just hope I come out with a flat stomach, a nice waist, and a great butt and hips. I have all my supplies. I got more than enough just in case so I don't have to go out and buy things while I'm in pain. I was able to get most of my stuff on Amazon with some gift cards provided from my work :) I got stuff from Walmart too. All I need is a couple pillows. And my dad had this awesome massager lying around the house that he only used once. It also heats up! I tried it on my stomach and I think it will be perfect to break up any lumps, along with some firming cream. I also sent my labs in. My hemo is 12.7! So I think I am good to go. I am really excited and can't wait to have the awesome body I've always wanted! :) I will post my measurements the night before my surgery. Also, I hope all you recent dolls are healing well! :)

At the surgery center!

Hi everyone!! I'm at the surgery center! I'll update after :)

Day 3 post op

Hi everyone! Thank you for all your support. I am laying in bed now resting. Here are pictures from when i got back from the surgery center on day 1. I saw Dr. Shifrin yesterday, and he said i look really good :) I love my results so far. My mom has been helping me go to the bathroom and everything. Im just VERY sore. I will make sure to update again soon :) Let me know what you guys think.

5 weeks :)

Hello everyone, sorry I've been MIA. I've been super busy. Anyways, I've been so happy lately!! I LOVE LOVE my new body. Dr. Shifrin is amazing. He's so sweet and makes sure to check on his patients. I was nervous about lumps on my butt or stomach and he said that my skin was super smooth and elastic and I would be fine :)

I wanted a very natural look, not wide hips, a huge butt, and a tiny, tiny waist. People at my office would be like wtf lol. That does not work for the corporate world haha. But I have been getting soooo much attention. I got attention before but now it's like 100x worse haha. I went shopping yesterday and people would not stop staring haha. I love my new curves. He gave me a waist, and a nice curve in my back, and my ass looks plump and natural. I can't wait to get back in the gym and squat for more, I miss being an athlete. I've been walking for 2-3 miles on the treadmill every other day for 2 weeks. I jog for a few minutes too.

I've been wearing my waist trainer for 8+ hours a day. And then I sleep in my steel boned corset. I have been using a massager on my sides and front to help with swelling. I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks and I'm so excited! I ordered a bunch of new clothes that I could never wear before.

I'm very pleased with my results. I never thought I would have a body like this. Dr. Shifrin is the best! I added pics for my progress so far! I still have some swelling but I love my look!

More pics :)

Couple more pics for you guys! I love these pants!!
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