30 Yrs Old. BBL, Breast Lift, Implant Exchange, Strattice Dr. Shifrin - Chicago, IL

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Currently searching for the right surgeon for my...

Currently searching for the right surgeon for my needs. Looking to correct my "double bubble" deformity, exchange my silicone implants for a larger size, and get a BBL (a "fit" and "perky" looking booty, NOT a Kim K badonkadonk). It's looking like I need to search in a larger market since only 2 surgeons in my area are doing the BBL procedure and aren't doing more than 15 or so a year. I really like Dr. Shifrin's work but I'm thinking I can't afford him! :-( Dr. Salzhauer is more affordable but I can't even get a consultation until mid-May. I totally understand that the reason he's booked solid is because he's GREAT, but I was hoping to pay in full and get this done in the next month or two at the latest. I'm getting frustrated :-(

I decided on my surgeon...

I'm going with Dr. Shifrin in Chicago!!! I'm so excited!!! His assistant, Adrian, has drawn up multiple proposals for me and my husband and we finally decided on one. I'll have Liposuction on my abdomen, flanks, lower back, inner thighs. Brazilian Butt Lift. Revision Breast Lift, Implant exchange, and strattice. WOW. It sounds like a LOT and it is. Basically a complete body makeover. I'll post some "before pictures" in a minute so you can see what I'm working with. I'm currently 5'7", 135 lbs, and a bit boxy :-/ I look forward to having CURVES for once in my life! I will call Adrian tomorrow to schedule my surgery. Ideally, I'd have it done in March but we'll see what his availability is like. God Bless!

"Before" Pictures

I'm 30 and I've had 2 kids. I had the "double bubble" deformity immediately following my breast augmentation about 5-6 years ago. I also breast fed my boys and have lost volume as a result. Dr. Shifrin will exchange the silicone implants for a larger size and also put in the strattice which is like having a built in bra! :-) He's ALSO giving me a lift! AND THEN!!!! haha... And then, he'll be performing a BBL using fat lipo'ed from my abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, and lower back. I'm hoping for a fit, perky, proportioned booty!


Adrian at Dr. Shifrin's office has scheduled my appointment for April 7th, 2015!! :-) I'm SO excited! She also went ahead and booked my hotel. My appointment falls on a Tuesday so I'll be staying at the hotel from Monday-Friday and driving home on Friday after my follow-up appointment. I'm so grateful for my early April surgery date...I'm hoping I'll be looking amazing by the time Summer comes! My husband and I love going out on our boat and I can't wait to feel confident in a bikini for once in my life.

Hoping for a nice, ROUND booty. No shelf, no flat spots...also NOT a bubble butt! That sounds like a contradiction to "round booty" but I guess I'm trying to say that I want everything to be gently sloped. :-) a subtle hourglass, I don't want friends to look at me and say "oh she had work done".

Wishful Thinking!

I do NOT want a Kim K booty...I want it to look fit and "perky." haha :-) Here are some ideas I've been considering. I just want some projection and roundness. Not a shelf, but more of a gentle slope.

Another Wish Pic!


Some More Wish Pics

HOLY COW, PEOPLE! Dr. Contreras and D.R.

Just found this article...granted it's from 2005, but it would certainly influence my decision when choosing a surgeon!!! http://www.nbcnews.com/id/7222253/ns/dateline_nbc/t/plastic-surgery-tourism/#.VPdmXWYureY Copy and paste that into your browser I guess... It's a Dateline NBC article about Americans choosing to have cosmetic surgery outside of the states because of cheaper costs overseas. I've seen a lot of people on this site going out of the country and specifically to Dr. Contreras. PLEASE do your research and be careful, ladies! I'm sure there are a lot of great surgeons in the D.R. but Contreras was operating on US patients WITH NO LICENSE and was on trial for INVOLUNTARY HOMICIDE as a result of the death of his patient. The entire article is appalling and has me researching my own choices as a result. Which is good! Yeah, I want to look nice in a bikini, but mostly, I WANT TO LIVE! haha :-) Good grief, there is some scary stuff going on in this industry...

3 Weeks from TODAY!!!

21 Days and counting...I'm torn because on one hand, I want time to fly because I'm so excited about my surgery BUT on the other hand, I want time to stand still because I never want my two little boys to grow up! I'm trying to be patient and enjoy each moment without rushing through these next few weeks. :-) So hard!

Anyway, I have signed and e-mailed all of my consent/surgery forms to Dr. Shifrin's office as of today. I'll be getting my blood work done either on Friday or Monday, and I'm taking my iron pills daily.

I'm trying SO HARD not to buy anymore clothes online before my surgery but it is definitely my weakness! Hahaha..I love online shopping! ARRRGGGHHHH!! I'm kinda worried that none of my jeans are going to fit me after I get this done. My waist will be smaller...but my butt will be bigger. Does anyone know of any brands/stores that sell jeans specifically for women with tiny waists and big booties? Ooh... I need to buy some measuring tape so I can compare my measurements before and after surgery! There. Maybe that will satisfy my need to buy something online! haha...I'm such a mess...

Blood Test for Surgery???

Does anyone know how long it takes the lab to process your blood test results and fax them to your surgeon?? :-/ I might be in biggggg trouble!


Well...until the pre-op appt anyway :-) Next Monday I'll be making the drive from Indy to Chicago with my husband and 2 little boys. My surgery is on Tuesday! I'm sooooo excited!!!

OOPSIES! Weight gain.

Soo...I was 135 when I spoke to Dr. Shifrin over a month ago for our phone consultation. NOW, I'm 140!!! Hahaha! He didn't tell me to gain weight, he said he had enough to achieve the results I desired. So basically, I think I've just been going crazy because I figured it would be suctioned out of me regardless. I NEED TO STOP! 3 days til surgery. I'm not that worried, but it'd be nice to get rid of 2 of these lbs before my date so I don't look like a liar! haha :-)

Hooray! I made it!

Alright! I arrived at 6:30am at the surgery center which is 4 miles from the hotel. I spent literally 2 minutes waiting in the lobby after signing in and looking at a few more forms. Did a urine test, then stripped down to a medical robe and got hooked up to the Saline. Dr. Shifrin came in and had me show him some of my "wish" photos and then marked me. Right after that, the anesthesiologist (so?) knocked me out cold. I woke up in recovery and was not shivering, nor did I feel nauseated. I was given some apple juice and a granola bar while I waited for my husband to finish grabbing my pain meds. I was able to walk with assistance to the bathroom and had to go twice before getting in the car. I'm moving at snail speed but hey, I would hate to fall and really up my results. So I went in at 6:30 and was finished by 4pm. My surgery was about 4.5 hrs and my recovery was the rest of that time. I hurt pretty badly but the pain meds are helping tremendously. I make sure I take them every 4 hrs with lots of water, even though I'm up using the bathroom every hour. We ordered Jimmy johns for delivery so I could just stay in the room and relax. My pain level is about a 6 with the meds which isn't too bad in my opinion. For a couple hours after getting, I was yellow and felt a slight bit of nausea which I attributed to a lack of iron. I took one iron pill and tried to relax. That seemed to do the trick. In general, I am covered in bruises and I have tubes coming out of my boobs so things could definitely be better :-) my boobs look great and my butt feels huge but I know it's going to settle and fluff. Trying to sleep sucks BIG time so it's 1:30am and I'm standing in the middle of the room updating my blogs hahaha

Day 3....is the WORST!

Alright, now my pain is back at a 9 or even a 10. Woke up at 4:30 to go to the bathroom and had to wake up my husband to help me out of bed. Thank GOD I have this man! You can't do this procedure by yourself. My boobs are going to look fantastic and hopefully Dr Shifrin will take off some of the tape so I can see better. I had surgery at his office near Tinley Park, and I have my first follow-up appointment at his office downtown Chicago. I'll get some more pictures on here as soon as I go back to sleep and wake up in a few hours. I also brought my measuring tape so I can share my stats :-)

So miserable...prayers appreciated

Hey guys, wanted to give an update but don't have much energy. I had my drains removed on Friday at Dr Shifrin's office downtown Chicago. It was somewhat painful and felt strange but it was a huge relief to have them removed. I had taken off my compression socks earlier in the day and my calves and feet swelled up almost immediately. The 3 hr drive home was uncomfortable but tolerable with a body pillow, boppy and chair reclined. Since then, everything has been awful. Constantly in pain, can't get in and out of bed without assistance, bruises all over my entire body. I can't bend down, and I can't get up and down the stairs without incredible pain. My feet are swollen and I currently weigh 152 lbs. if you remember, I weighed about 138-9 the day of surgery. I'm drinking water non stop and am getting no relief. My mom can't come over to help me tomorrow and my husband needs to be back at his office. I can't lift my 9 month old for another 3 weeks. I seriously have NO idea how I am going to get through this. The bright side, is that my boobs look amazing. I went with the 450cc silicon implants and they're awesome. My stomach is completely flat. But everything else is too swollen, bloated, and bruised so I can't see my results yet. I feel very pessimistic right now and prayers for healing and positive thinking would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone for your comments and support! You really need it during times like these.

Bruising and swelling

Pictures! Still swollen and bruised...

I have massive cankles and massive bruises but I promised I would update. I'm still about 8 lbs over my starting weight and I'm so full of fluid that I can't feel my legs when I touch them. :-/ Here's to hoping things get flushed out of my body soon so that I can get excited about my results. He did a GREAT job and I'm ecstatic about what I see so far.


Almost two weeks post op and I'm finally feeling well enough to stop taking any form of pain reliever. My knees are still swollen, as well as my abdomen, hips, and lower back. I'm about 5 lbs over my starting weight which tells me that some of this swelling is adding to my water weight. Anyway, my boobs are AMAZING. I took the tape off and he corrected both nipples to be a bit smaller and more uniform in shape. They're also level with each other and I could not be happier!!! He seriously gave me the best breast augmentation in the world. Extremely satisfied. My booty is looking exactly how I wanted, round, dents filled in, and most importantly, proportionately correct. I can't wait to see my swelling continue to go down. Right now, I can fit any of my jeggings over my booty and hips :-) I hate it and love it at the same time!!

Picture update. 2.5 weeks post op

Booty progress...Still lots of healing to do!

Booty Update!

Still in love with this booty... Shifrin is the best!
Dr. Shifrin

Dr Shifrin was friendly, professional, and most importantly, a fantastic surgeon. Beautiful office, with wonderful staff. Everyone was quick to answer my questions and take care of my needs both before and after surgery. Dr Shifrin over delivered and I'm amazed by what he was able to accomplish. I never dreamed my new body was possible. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone. Check out my profile for before and after pictures.

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