28, Decided on a BBL - Chicago, IL

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After searching extensively for the past few...

After searching extensively for the past few months for a doctor, and 4 consultations later... I found that a lot of Dermatologist are attempting to do this surgery and are NOT certified by ABCS. This is rather alarming. I've been trying to find a surgeon in the Midwest, that actually care about the aesthetics of it all and my happiness. I want it to look good... smaller waist, hour glass shape, but also be performed safely. I'm ready to book my date with a surgeon in Rosemont, IL. He seemed to be the most knowledgeable. I am contemplating just going to Miami, because they tend to know the ends and outs. I've noticed a lot of surgeons don't seem to perform the BBL on African American clients too well... that is also a concern of mine. Either way, this journey has begin and Im ready to take off!

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Date Set - Sept 1st! BBL + Lipo Scuplting

I moved to Los Angeles in March of 2016. After settling in, I found a doctor at the Boris Cosmetic Center in Culver City. I had my consultation with Dr. Kinal. He was pretty knowledgeable about the procedure and I saw a lot of the before and afters. I'm ready guys. My Pre-Op is the 18th of August. Any suggestions on what to pre-pare for?
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