BBL & BA w/ Yily 06/2016

I have been looking into a BBL for about 2 years...

I have been looking into a BBL for about 2 years now but never went to a consultation or requested information regarding the procedures. This year things have changed, I want to feel more confident about my body and wear clothes that I haven't been able to since having my son. So my journey begins now! I live in Chicago and there aren't many Dr's that perform the surgery with the results I'm looking for. I have been in contact with one Chicago Dr(Shifrin), Miami doctor(Fisher) and Dominican Republic doctors(Yilly & Duran)

Ready to make my deposit and go forth with this procedure

I have been in contact with a coordinator from vanity cosmetics who represents Dr. Fisher. I was quoted 5500 for BBL, extra cost would be flight and stay. However, his staff are rubbing me the wrong way. I can't help but to feel that all they want is the money! They are responsive to emails but keep bugging bout deposit. Then out of nowhere a new coordinator contacted me....what happened to my old one? Anyways with me being out of town I can't afford to have inconsistency with planning a major elective surgery....with that being said; I have crossed Dr. Fisher off my list.

Dr. Shifrin(Chicago) consultation

So yesterday I went to go see one of the main BBL Dr. In Chicago land area. I felt obligated to go in for consult because they wouldn't provide me a price via email as everyone else did. Let me start off by saying I waited over an hour to be seen for only 10 minutes. Dr. Seemed extremely busy/rushed stressed. Told me I have a cute figure to start with but not much fat so my inner thighs would have to be lipod. Never asked to see wish pic, told me his coordinator would be in shortly to give me a quote. I ended up waiting another 30 minutes until I was extremely impatient and left the room for someone to help me. Finally was quoted 9500 for in my opinion results that I don't think I can get from him. I see people on here with my same height and weight and got amazing results but they went to Florida and the Dominican republic. As much as I would love to recover in the privacy of my own home, I just can't see myself paying almost 10 G's. For sub par results. With that being said I am going to the DR for my BBL. I was quoted 4700 for BBL +Breast aug. I already have a passport, will need to purchase flight and recovery house in the DR are very affordable(around 75$/day with meals included). I will keep all you ladies posted on my journey l. Just waiting for Dr. Yilly to confirm my date. Then I will start purchasing everything else


Paid deposit!

Deposit paid, RH & flight book. Sh*t is getting real. Surgery not until 6/16 but still nervous as this is an overseas surgery and I will be going on my own. At least I have plenty of time to save more $$ and slowly purchase items for surgery.

Wish pics

More wish pics

Ultimate wish



Pre-op meds

Just saw my primary care doctor and was prescribed all my meds! Excited! Even got my pain med. Surgery a little over a month away but things are falling in line!


Super absorbent pads:$4 from Walmart. Arnica gel:$8 Walmart All my meds: antibiotics x2, omeprazole and tramadol for pain all for $30 vs $250. Only thing MD riding prescribe was heparin because dosing is different in the states.

4 more days until I become a Yilly Doll

Feeling more excited then nervous which is weird. I I I know my life is in good hands and that the best BBL Doctor is going to give me a phenomenal body!
Just packed my suitcase today have all my supplies,vitamins, and medications ready. Printed all communications with Yily and staff so no confusion of what I have previously paid vs. what is due. Wish pics printed as well.
Just have to stop at the bank and withdrawal this crazy amount of cash. That's the most nerve wrecking thing for me. Carrying thousands of USD to another country????.
As the days go by I will update and post about preop and post op of coarse!

Traveling to DR today

Finally the day I been waiting on for months has arrived!!!Heading to DR today! At the airport already...long day flying but still plan on completing preop testing today when I arrive. Received a very detailed email from Serentiy recovery house on my airport pickup. Must say I am very impressed with the place I chose.
Will keep you ladies posted on my journey!!

Post op Day 1

Had surgery with Yilly yesterday and I think I was number 2, have no idea how many other woman she had scheduled tho. For it being the Dominican Republic they definitely take your health serious. I had an echo, ekg, blood work and chest X-ray for preop testing. Then day of surgery anesthesiologist and general medicine Doctor assessed me. Yilly came in with her assistant and started marking me up, didn't ask to see any pictures because she already has her own vision for you after reviewing the preop pictures. I told her I wanted the biggest breast implants she has but she told me no because o have a smaller frame. My butt and hips look nice tho, but I know I'm super swollen I am anticipating results in the next couple weeks/months. Right after surgery you will be lying on you butt, and I'm actually still lying on my butt as I type this. Guess the way Yilly injects fat is different then other doctors. Night at the clinic dragged, I was nauseous and vomiting from the anesthesia so couldn't hold the soup, juice or water down. The caregiver I hired was mediocer. She didn't really help me with much..she was just there. This am I got fitted for my Faja and it wasn't as bad as everyone says it is..yes it's tight but the extra compression helps. I didn't have any form of communication with my family at the clinic because their wifi wasn't working. So I have to send text messages directly from my phone, guess I will deal with the bill later lol. So now recovery Truely begins, I see Yilly for a follow up on Monday and I can start massages on Monday too. Oh I forgot to mention, I had a drain placed in my Left lower abdominal area. Here are some pictures for now. Feel free to message me if you have any further questions. Ps. If I could do this all over again I would have definitely came with a family or friend that speak Spanish. Just makes things easier


Recovery is rough! I didn't sleep much last night.. A lot of tossing and turning all night then nausea set it. Probably from the pain meds. Today I got a sponge bath from the staff at the RH and they washed my Faja. They did a great job but I was so exhausted afterwards all I wanted to do was go back to slee. I know that I need to be up, walking and eating but this surgery does whipe you of your emergy! Here are some pics from today: BBL & BA with Dra. Yilly


Feeling much better today. Definitely more energy then yesterday! Been up and moving for most of the day, sat outside on the Belcony today to get some fresh air. Had another sponge bath and let me tell you the sensation is unreal! My entire abdomen and back are extremely numb and tender. No itching yet. Im still on the first hook on my Faja, expecting to start massages tomorrow so i should be able to move in a size.


Had my first Post op follow up today and massage. Clinic was a hot mess..apparently that's how it is on a Monday since they are closed on the weekend. I had my drain removed which hurt like hell! They didn't prepare me for the pain that I would encounter with the removal. Felt like a snake was stuck in my lower back and they were slowly pulling it out. Then I went back to the RH and had a massage. It was uncomfortably comfortable. I don't know how else to describe it but that. Feels weird because your skin is numb and they are using hot massage oil and a ultrasonic tool to help soften the skin. I had some fluid pockets in my R. Upper breast area that she massaged out into my lymph system(under my arm pit). After the massage I didn't feel as stiff I was able to move around better. Then after I washed up that when they moved me from the first hook of my Faja to the last one! Totally skipped the second one!
I had no appetite for lunch because the Faja was so tight. But I am feeling better several hours later.
They already told me I need to get this Faja taken in two inches and buy my stage two Faja in a size medium and have the waist taken in to an XS. Dra. Yillys office didn't tell me this but the staff at the recovery house...
Ok so now onto my next rant! I feel like I have learned more about my post op care for the woman and staff at the recover house compared to the staff at the office. Backwards right? My advice to you ladies is make friends at the RH! Ask ask ask as many questions as you can! Because that's how I have learned most of my post of care from home from. Yillys office took good care of me pre op making sure I had all the proper testing done. But post op..HALF ASS. In my opion they are both equally important.

A little over 2 weeks PO

I'm pretty much back to my normal routin. I am back to work as well, sitting frequently on my bottom(haven't seen much loss in volume).
I don't and haven't taken anything for oain since first night after surgery.
I have received 2 lymphatic massages in my area and plan to receive more. I have taken my stage Faja to the cleaners to get taken in and have been wearing my stage - Faja ( taken in 2 inches) with Lipo foam in it..super comfortable by the way.
Here are some picture from this week.
My A$$ is fat! I can barely pull my scrub pants which would usually pull right up and have to be folded in the wait.

3 weeks post op

Can't believe it's almost been a month! Time flies. Can't say I am having fun because recovery is rough, still uncomfortable when I sit for too long, garment is really uncomfortable and sucks I still have 2 more months to wear it. Haven't really worn anything took revealing because it's summer and the garment isn't easy to hide. If I could do it over again I would probably do this procedure in the fall or winter. Another thing...Yily does armpit Lipo with her BBL's and my arms are still really sore when I reach up or to the side and I have lumps around the circumference of my armpit. My massage lady has been massaging them into my lymph system but they are annoying.
Massages are a must! So expensive back at home vs. the DR but so worth it! I already see a difference in my skin from the compression and massages. Especially because I didn't get a tummy tuck and still have some excess skin.
So I don't have any pre-op pictures but I decided to post some for comparison. I am very happy with my results so far. But I will say it's easy to get use to the new body and want my work done! Plastic surgery is addicting!

Month post op

My overall body is totally improved from pre-op. My booty has fullness and cuff. Just wish I had a "shelf"/more projection.
Maybe I would do this surgery again to get more ass...but definitely not for a couple years.
I am now wearing my Stage 2 Faja which I had taken in 3 inches on both sides. It's extremely tight! Some times I wake up in the middle of the night with discomfort with the garment but I have overall been compliant with wearing it all the time. I have. Had a total of 10 massages. 5 in the DR and 5 back at home. Not sure if I will continue to get them. Overall I feel back to normal.

Just some pics

Rarely have I wore a dress post op because of the garment but here ya go.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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