LIver Cleanse to Treat/cure Hormonal Acne Worked Amazingly! - Chicago, IL

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I am a very healthy eater and overall in very good...

I am a very healthy eater and overall in very good shape but my entire life I suffered with embarassing acne and I could not figure out what was wrong. I am fair skinned and get very red acne so it was always so obvious. Then at 28 when I had some major stress in my life, I broke out horriby on my back and I had no idea what to do. I was always recovering from acne scars as they would always pop.

I was very sensitive to foods. I knew that a night of drinking or eating of unhealthy foods would result in a breakout. I tried everything. Topical creams, ointments, holistic remedies, antibiotics, etc. Then, when I was 29, the doctor told me I have PCOS (a hormonal imbalance in which too much androgen hormones is produced in the body). While it didn't make sense due to my healthy eating habits and my body type (5'7" and 130 lbs) it made sense that this is why my acne never went away.

So after much experimentation I found two things that cured my acne. First, I got rid of dairy products with hormones in them (anything that is not labeled rbST free). I also eat primarily vegetarian or only grass fed beef and avoid anything with estrogen-level-raising additives/preservatives (meaning ALL of them do this). So basically only eating actual food. Nothing boxed/prepackaged. Everything cleared up but I noticed the acne would periodically come back--especially if I gave in to eating any of those foods.

Then the real results came after I did Dr. Hulda Clark's liver cleanse. You don't have to buy any brand name product--just epsom salts, two red grapefruits, walnut extract, olive oil and an amino acid called Ornithine. So it's not a gimick. The liver removes excess hormones from the body and plays a HUGE role in regulating them. So once I did the cleanse and many stones came out, everything went away and now I'm free to be an adult! I do have to do a liver cleanse every few months, I've noticed. My oily skin returned recently but I did a liver cleanse and I'm glowing again.

Laser genesis at a local medical spa (Elle Homme in Chicago) has helped to diminish all my scars so life is good!

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