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Hey all! I'm having my surgery done in 8 days! I...

Hey all!

I'm having my surgery done in 8 days! I have wanted this for years. Never thought it was going to be possible, then learned that insurance might cover it. I applied in March and was approved in August!

I had my second consultation yesterday. My doctor seems wonderful. He's recommended no icing after surgery, and we will be using drainage tubes. All of my stitches will dissolve. His only concern is that insurance has required he remove 500 grams. I didn't ask if that's from each breast, or total. But he thinks ascetically, he should not remove much more than 400. Hopefully I won't have a fight with insurance about this.

I am nervous about recovery. But I have two of my best friends flying in from the West Coast to take care of me the first week. I have nearly everything I need. Just trying not to phych myself out. I'm going to need cheerleaders around me while everything is raw. I don't do well with pain. But I'm so excited for the results in a month!

Surgery tomorrow!

My friend has arrived to help prepare my house. We just bought all the soup and bone broth. Surgery is scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow, so I'll be there at noon. Crazy nervous!

Today is the day!

Yesterday the surgery desk called to give me all the details. Aka no eating. I'm already hungry! I made my nest today and have all my meds and vitamins laid out. Cough drops next to my bed. My friend and I drove from the hospital to my place a couple times yesterday to find the smoothest route. So now all I need to do is shower and get into comfortable clothes!
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