Skin is Worse Than Ever Before - Chicago, IL

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I had wanted to sign up for foto facials which...

I had wanted to sign up for foto facials which have really helped my rosacea and boken capileries in the past but the ALC manager did a great sales job on me saying how much better ematrix would be for me. I took the bait and handed over $2500 for 4 treatments. Turns out ematrix is not good for my rosacea and broken capillaries. Foto facials ok on those conitions much better.

After two treatments I found that I had a lot of raised bumps on my neck and forehead that no amount of exfoliating would get rid of. The nurse at ALC said more ematrix treatments would get rid of the bumps. I've had my third treatment and I still have bumps under the skin, have become prone to break outs and I never had pimples before. My skin condition is just awful from these treatments. Maybe it is the lidocaine? Either way I wish I hadn't have fallen for their sales pitch. As for wrinkles; I can see crows feet far more pronounced now than before. From what I have read, the treatments are great for acne scarring but that is it.


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