Hydrelle Horror-Chicago

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I too had a bad reaction to Hydrelle, but a happy...

I too had a bad reaction to Hydrelle, but a happy "resolution". Seven weeks after the injections of Hydrelle and Sculptra the huge swellings blew up over 2 days. After biopsies, cat scan, hospitalization with IV antibiotics, 15 abcesses drained of large pockets of pus,etc. I found a doctor who found answers (Dr. Braedon, Chicago...she's amazing). She discovered many doctors were experiencing patients with abcesses and swelling in response to the Hydrell. All the Doctors were having negative results on the pus cultures and the skin biopsies. One of the doctors used Singulair on her patient, a drug that inhibits mast cell activity. Her patient was better by the next morning! I took Singulair and within 48 hours the huge lumps I had, both hard and soft, were mostly gone. I'm keeping the drug around because my doctor warned me that I would probably have reoccurences from time to time. I feel ready for them now. Best wishes to all of you suffering...I hope this information helps you!

Dr Braedon

Dr. Braedon did not inject me, but she is the dermatologist who saved my face. She worked hard to come up with answers.

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