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*Treatment results may vary

I have jowls that run in my family and first made...

I have jowls that run in my family and first made their appearance around age 38. They sure are ugly! The rest of my skin is pretty good so if not for the jowls I think I would look quite young.

I had heard that many people find ultherapy intolerably painful! It was not an exaggeration to say that I was terrified of it. I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t find it to be very painful at all. In fact, I almost ENJOYED the warming sensation (except for one single pulse which that seemed to hit a sensitive point; that one spot was “ouch”!). It might depend on your own personal sensitivity in the specific areas that you are treating. To compare, I found laser hair removal to be much, much more painful than ultherapy.

I don’t remember how many pulses I got--maybe 50 over the whole jawline , so a pretty low number. Within one month my skin had tightened up significantly and the jowls pretty much went away. Woohoo!!! However, the improvement did not last :( I’m sorry to report that only a few short months later they are back. However, I think this is because the low number of pulses probably wasn’t enough to have lasting results for me. Since I got a good initial result, I am going to try again and ask for a larger number of pulses or a series of treatments.

I do believe in ultherapy and I hope to get a more lasting result by getting more pulses. However, it is not a miracle. Like my doctor said, it can only delay the inevitable. If I get another treatment and it doesn’t hold then I’m going to consider something more invasive like a mini facelift. I hope not to need that at my age but we’ll see…

I would definitely recommend ultherapy to others because it’s worth a try being noninvasive; however, results will vary. If you’ve got significant laxity then you probably need to do a lot of it to make a difference and you may be better served by something that is more invasive.
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