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I had slimlipo 6 days ago. (I’ll update...

I had slimlipo 6 days ago. (I’ll update results). After having 2 kids I could not lose my stomach. I still looked kind of pregnant/fat, and before kids I didn’t have a tummy. I waited 18 month after my second child because I thought that I was going to lose weight and go back to kind of normal, and I did not have the money (2 kids, 2 daycares, you probably know…)

Well, I saved and exercised as much as I could with work + kids + house to take care for. The laserlipo was fine, all went well, did not hurt, I was calm. When I got up from the table I did not have love handles anymore, and my belly was gone!

I leaked for 24 h as they said I would. In the first 2 days the pain was comparable to the c-sections, followed by 3 days of moderate and decreasing pain. I have some bruising and swelling, but much less pain. Recovery is fast.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret one bit, but If I had anticipated the pain I would have planned better to have family around to help with the kids while I could recover. Also, I can’t take off work and that may have been a factor. Yesterday I couldn’t walk my 2 miles to work, today I kind of could… I’m still swollen and a bit uneven but extremely happy with the results so far.

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