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I had a blow to my nose more than 25 years ago. I...

I had a blow to my nose more than 25 years ago. I have had two surgeries and the results left me with more concerns than before the surgeries. The first surgery left a huge bump on the bridge of my nose. Although the second surgery did remove the bump, I was left with alar retraction on one side of my nose. It is now quite asymmetrical. The second surgery was done by an ENT, probably not the best choice. I have had consults with many top plastic surgeons who all have said either they can't fix it or its too difficult of a correction.

Then I found Dr. Naderi. When you first arrive at the office, you are greeted by wonderful, friendly and upbeat patient coordinators. First impressions are huge. I felt so at ease. Soon after....on my first visit, I meet Dr. Naderi. He was delightful. Although he expressed this being an intricate and delicate procedure, his confidence and experience indicated this was routine for him. He specializes in rhinoplasty. I am sure all surgeries are challenging to an extent, but for me....Dr. Naderi obviously knows his stuff. All you need to do is read Dr. Naderi's credentials and meet with him. After hating my nose for so long, I am excited to have finally found someone I trust. I went back a second time to go through expectations again. I was saving $ after our first meeting. Again, we all had laughs, and I left feeling even more assured. I am a bit nervous, but only because of my prior experiences.

Dr. Naderi and staff...thank you for your professionalism and down to earth attitudes. I have meet my share of arrogant physicians and office assistants, which is my cue to move on and forget about them. Not you! You guys rock! See you soon.

Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon

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