Surgery Booked with Mr Jawed Tahery - Chester, GB

Well my baby steps approach is actually in place...

Well my baby steps approach is actually in place yippee I did it. I'm been so scared to go ahead with Rhinoplasty surgery so I have been reading through all your rhinoplasty stories on Mr Tahery well not all as too many amazing reviews ha ha, so I have picked him at Cosmetick Nose and Face solutions in Chester.

I'm a very sensitive person and have hated my nose since I was young in the 80's but never ever done anything about it, reading all your start to finish stories has helped me pluck up enough courage to book a consultation, and also join realself.

I am a bit dippy when it comes to social media not my thing really, I even struggle with fb so doing this is a massive step for me never mind booking the consultation ha ha or going ahead with the surgery ha ha- I am not happy to post phots of my horrid nose just yet, but I will when I am ready, I just want to get the consultation out of the way 1st then ill take each day as it comes.... like I said baby steps...

Well I'm probably boring the pants of you as this is my 1st blog or what ever its called that I have ever done and am probably doing it all wrong so ill leave it for now and come back with my experience of Mr Tahery after I have had the consultation on Thursday 28 July. i just wanted to thank you to all of you for posting on the surgeon as it was brilliant to read your experiences which in turn helped me make my decision to actually go ahead with it. thanks ladies and gents :)

Jawed Tahery Rhinoplasty - Consutlation tomorrow

Ah well its now as close as its ever gonna be my consultation is tomorrow with mr tahery I was thinking about cancelling as just so scared about the whole thing, but have read some amazing reviews on this surgeon which is quite reassuring, its not him its me I'm just an absolute panic person. even joining realself and doing this posting I am proud of myself as its something I just don't do, so hopefully everything I'm changing about myself and my personality is a good thing and am moving on and trying my best to go for the rhinoplasty I have wanted all my life. xxxx

Jawed Tahery - Consultation

well I did it I was a brave girl and am so glad I went what an amazing person Mr Tahery is, he was so sweet very caring explained everything to me, I cannot believe how scared I had been even going there after meeting him I feel so overwhelmed and now positive about the whole experience I cannot wait to book the surgery. I have just got to wait at the moment as is PA was not there in the clinic as he operated on her that morning lol so I have to wait till she comes back in to organise a date for surgery. but I am going ahead all engines go now ha ha I've found my surgeon and I feel great about it, I cannot thank you so much for all your reviews on here which helped push me along and do something I wanted to do for years. xx

Pending Surgery with Mr Tahery

Well started my little adventure on here a little while ago re Rhinoplasty surgery of which I'm still very scared of course, I'm going to meet up with the patient co-ordinator of cosmetic nose and face solutions in chester to go over more things in great detail, as people have been saying not to rush into this of which I am not hence meeting up again before I decide on surgery with Mr Tahery, I feel in light of all the good and bad comments its the best approach to take like Marleyb said go with your gut and mines 50/50 at the moment.

so I will be giving Mr Tahery's team a chance to give there side on this one sided website, as it is one sided really, common sense is telling ya that no doctor can have there say or comment on anything that's been said and to me that's a bit sad, exampleL in a court of law there is no way we would send a criminal to prison with out hearing their side t the end of the day its the 21st century its your human rights to be able to defend yourself, and before anyone gets their nickers in a twist IM NOT saying the comments are not real or fake etc but from my point of view and for my OWN surgery only, for my OWN opinion and my OWN piece of mind and no one else's I want to do the right thing so in light of this so I'm still going to attend the appointment and give them a chance, as my first impressions were good ones and I felt good about myself in the consultation that he could help me and that feeling is priceless to me.

This is long road for me to be walking down this is something that's took many many years of soul destroying heart ache about going through with this and I'm not prepared to take a step backwards on a one sided argument, again I DO NOT mean to offend anyone as I'm not that type of person, this website to me is a freedom of speech by anyone wishing to post within the guidelines and I'm old enough to realise that not everyone is like me not everyone will think the same and not everyone will need or want what I need. am getting a bit deep now so will end it there ha ha its just to me self preservation, I'm giving a Doctor a chance where seams to me people get scared first and run re surgery with him - as where I thought about it for a while and reaslied If I was to run also I too wouldnt be giving Mr Tahery a chance for his side and that's just not fair in my mind.

So ill keep you posted on rest of my journey, again I'm not rushing into anything I may not have the surgery for another few months at the end of the day theres no time limit on making sure everything is ok and its what you want so I will be taking my time before I make a full decision as ive waited all my life what's a few more months eh ha ha xxxx

2nd consultation with Mr Jawed Tahery

well I'm booked in for 2nd consultation with Mr Tahery so I can go over further questions I have and put my mind at ease that his 68 amazing 5 star reviews as against the 3 that are not - well good old fashion common sense I used to establish this point instead of the private messages I had telling me to make sure I'm making the correct decision with him due to bad reviews. but like I read on someone else's review for Mr Tahery no ones perfect and bound to be unhappy people out there you cant win it all the time but in my opinion 68 out of 71 is AMAZING ODDS if you ask me. anyways enough of the preaching on my soap box ha ha so will update when I know more re pending rhinoplasty surgery. xx

JAWED TAHERY - Am All Booked In For Surgery - Yeah I Did It !!!!! Yippee

Well after long hard battle with my inner anxious over worried self and with all the not to supporting comments on realself re Mr Tahery i decided to go with him anyway, he has amazing results amazing 5star Reviews and Mr Tahery and his team at Cosmetic Nose & Face solution's are absolutely lovely, you can tell from day 1 its just like a caring family business and it means something to them, kinda like such pride in what they do, not like your a number on a convey belt get you in - take your money - push you out the door.... NOT like this at all, and to me that goes a long way when your trying to make such a big decision on changing the look of your face.

The care and attention i got was truthful and with compassion and genuine so that's me done im all booked for surgery towards the end of the year giving me chance to sort the funds. Am so happy now that ive made my decision, to be honest im glad all the crap is outta my head and i can now relax and wait excitedly for the date to arrive.....i am going to be brave soon and add some photos lol prob take me a while to decide which ones though ha ha :)

I hope you realselfers out there considering Mr Tahery do what i did and think beyond reasonable doubt about the alleged allegations (which im not saying they are not real i was not involved i do not know nothing about it so i cannot comment) that our out there and give him the benefit of the doubt from your own personal experiences and not be pushed to have your mind changed by anyone you haven't even met - go on what you can SEE - TOUCH - FEEL & HEAR for yourself go on what is real to you ...Just like i did.... xxxxx
Manchester Facial Plastic Surgeon

1st impressions were as Jennifer Saunders would say "Fabulous Darling" what a Fab gent, easy to talk to, totally listens to what you want to achieve, does not dismiss anything at all, talks you through his opinion on the back of what you tell him you would like, he goes through his approach in great detail with drawings for the layman to totally understand, no medical jargon everything you need to hear so your aware of what he will be doing. its nice when your able to talk to a surgeon and they have a fab bedside manor as some will dismiss what your saying but Mr Tahery did all he could to make you feel welcome and comfortable to be able to keep on asking more questions you needed to know but were afraid to ask in case they were stupid lovely will be seeing him again for 2nd consultation. Seen again same very genuine person, loves his work, so very caring towards you, him and his team are so compassionate , caring and this goes along way when your trying to make the biggest decision of your life in changing your face..... what an amazing team in Chester Cosmetick Nose & Face Solutions . I am so happy to have made this decision its out of my head now all done and extremely positive in my mind ive made the right decision with Mr Tahery. you get one to one care with him and any questions his PA is at hand to calm even the most anxious person like myself down - absolutely brilliant i am so happy with Mr Tahery xxx what a great guy

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