My 1 Year Update

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Since I was around 13 I felt like my nose was so...

Since I was around 13 I felt like my nose was so huge for my face and remember saying to my mom how much I disliked it. I am quite a confident person but if one person said a comment about my nose I would feel pretty crap as I wasn’t happy with it myself. I would get a couple of jokey comments like concord nose or Pinocchio and even got asked a few times if I had broke it as it looked a little deviated. I would avoid any angle photos as I hated my nose from the side and hated going into changing rooms where I could see every angle of myself just felt really uncomfortable and felt my nose was massively knocking my confidence. I would say to my close friends oh I might get a nose job but have been saying that for about 5 years so I don't think people actually thought I would go through with it. I felt like if I didn't get the courage to do it this year then I wouldn't do it at all. So for 5 months I worked non stop to save as didn't want to take out any loans after quite a bit of student debt. Overall I have been to about 4 consultations with different companies. I got told a lot of different things like I would need closed rhinoplasty and another surgeon literally said my nose was a mess and needed grafts from my ear :0. I felt really crap about it and my gut was just saying I hadn't found the right surgeon as a lot of my consultations were 10 minutes long and I didn't feel very comfortable about having a surgeon if I wasn't 100%. After more research I literally typed in top rhinoplasty specialists in the Uk and that was where I found a list including Mr Tahery. Thats when I found out about Realself and looked at all the different reviews. That same day I booked a consultation with Mr Tahery the following week as I loved the natural results and felt confident about all the positive reviews. After a few crap consultations and leaving feeling twice as bad I was really worried about this one but as soon as I met him I felt at complete ease. He was very warm and friendly and listened to what I had to say and discussed with me what he felt needed doing. He did an ultra sound and looked at the thickness of my skin and my breathing and took photos from all angles. It was a much more professional consultation and I felt really confident about going ahead with the surgery. I booked my surgery on April the 22nd just before my 25th birthday so it gave me loads of time to save and just felt happy that I had found a surgeon I trusted and felt at ease with. Also Mr Tahery advised a Septoplasty to fix my deviated septum and also remove my hump and lift my tip and reduce the size of my nostrils. So I needed the whole package ?. I had another consultation 5 days before the surgery just to go over everything and me being abit of a list geek took all my questions, which helped with my pre jitters. I also took in a photo again of the look I was going for and how I didn’t want a pinched or unnatural nose and Mr Tahery assured me I would be fine and knew I was in good hands. I must have been really nervous as I even asked him when I could go back to the gym like a was a keen gym goer and only go about twice a month haha. Day of my surgery eeeek funny enough I was not that nervous at all and felt relieved that I was finally doing it. I think my mom and my boyfriend were more nervous. I had organized everything down to a t and had my little bag of all the stuff I thought I would need like headache strips, arnica tables and cream, Bromelain, 20 packs of tissues :/. I also had a U shaped cushion which have to say is a must have and made me feel really comfortable and kept my head raised abit. I also tried to eat really healthy for a few weeks drinking lots of smoothies and I don’t know if was due to this that I barely had any swelling and hardly any bruising. So eating like Gillian McKeith could have helped. I got to Nuffield Hopsital just before one with my over night bag and my cushion and I think that’s when it actually hit me like ‘shit I am actually doing this’ kindof feeling. I got to my room and had nurses take my blood pressure. Even had the catering lady ask me what I wanted for breakfast the next day. I couldn’t eat for 6 hours before surgery so I wanted to order the menu and my thoughtful boyfriend ordered a BLT and ate it right in front of me. Dr Tahery came in again and looked completely chilled and smiling, which made me feel a lot better. I got into my gown and my stockings and sat and waited to be taken down to theatre. I was in bed watching come dine with me when one of the nurses came to get me and I think I almost weed myself :/. I also forgot my slippers so went down the theatre in my timberland boots ha. When I got into theatre to have my anesthetic I felt a little scared then, as I had never had an operation. All the surgeons were so lovely and were cracking jokes with me and I just before I fell asleep apparently I was laughing ?. An hour and a half later I woke up in recovery and honestly thought where the frig am I. I even went to grab my phone to check the time as thought I was late for work so was completely out of it still. I felt no pain at all just abit groggy and my hair was like a scarecrow with blood at the back ( not my best look). One of the surgeons came in and said how you getting on princess haha and I think I said how do I look?. He then said it looks great which I thought was really lovely. I even spoke to the nurse in recovery about my job and overall chatting crap to them and they were all giggling away with me. Got to my room and my boyfriend was surprised how chirpy I was and was even cracking jokes. I probably looked like I had been hit by a bus but I felt absolutely fine and no pain just a mouth like ghandis flip flop. I drank about 7 litres I think that night. Dr tahery came in and said it went very well which was good to hear and advised I stay overnight at hospital as I was out of surgery around 6pm. That night I didn’t sleep a wink as I had to keep my head up and I kept going to the loo as had drank my body weight in water. When I got a glance of myself in the mirror I did look like road kill but felt completely fine. After a beaut breakie I was discharged and went home with my pain meds, which I didn’t even need. After a quick recovery and minimal swelling I was back at hospital to get my cast off and this was by far more nerve racking then the surgery itself. The cast removal was fine a little sore when the cast was stuck to my stitches but apart from that. My stomach was literally doing summersaults and Mr Tahery said he was really happy but it was still early days and very swollen. I prepared myself, as I knew it would not look like this after a few weeks. I looked in the mirror and if I am honest I wasn’t sure at all it was so small, which sounds odd as that was a good thing but it was just getting used to it as I had looked at my large nozza every day. Also my tip was very swollen and my columella which was slightly pushing my tip up. Mr Tahery said it was early days to see the final results and my tip would slightly drop and the swelling would go down. He put a lot tape on and said to leave it for a week for the swelling. When I went to get my stitches off I sat in the waiting room in shock and a little uncertain and Mr Tahery sat with me and said it will be fine and give it time it’s a big change. This reassured me and meeting two girls in the waiting room who had the same procedure to talk to helped a lot. That night I didn’t sleep a wink again just thinking what if I don’t like it and I was trying to remember what it looked like in the mirror. I’ve had the tape on for a week now and had a tiny sneak peak at the side but its still very swollen but I do quite like the shape and is a better improvement. My raised tip is the main area that has worried me, as it still feels quite high and swollen. My next consultation is on Monday to get my tape off and ask him about my tip, so I will post all my photos and keep you updated ? also sorry about my short novella of a review haha but hope it helped and if you have any questions will be happy answer any.

Nose pics

Here are some pics pre op and post op with tape will upload more when the tape comes off :)

More piccys

Few more nose pics

Tape off and nose is out

went back to chester on Monday to get my tape off and felt really nervous again for the big reveal. Dr Tahery was great and very relaxed and said he was very happy. I kept asking a million times will my tip slightly drop as that was the only thing i was worried about and he said it will rotate slightly and told me how to put the tape on to reduce swelling. He told me only need the tape at night for a week. I am usually very chilled but these few weeks i have been an anxious wreck haha just hoping i like it as it was a huge deal and worked solid for 5 months to save. Can honestly say I feel really happy but its taking getting used to as used to looking at a large hooter for all my life haha. But its such a nice shape and really cute :0

Trying to get used to my new nose

Heya guys so i am 3 and abit weeks post op so I know my nose is till swollen in places. I am still happy but feel to me so different. There are still some parts i am a little uncertain about yet which is my tip is slightly upturned and pointy to me but that will rotate a little. My nose looks different but alot my friends havent noticed well they havent asked me anway haha. To anyone having rhino you may feel like abit strange in the weeks after but thats just adjusting still to the changes. One good think to do is look at an old photo of yourself and see how Much better your nose looks.

Looking at old photos massively makes you feel better

So to get more used to my nose i checked out old images to see how much different and cuter my nose is.

Almost 4 Weeks Post op

Some days I like it and others not sure :/ was anybody else like this?

6 Weeks Post Op

Still feel down but staying positive and trying not to dwell to much on it. Feels very narrow and a little pointy and still don't feel used to it yet. Mr Tahery has rang me and messaged me to reassure me and felt alot better after that. It is perfect how its done its just so different to what I imagined on myself. Feel really silly but keeping busy with work and uni and trying not to look at it all the time.

Front on

side view photos ????

So I am almost getting up to 3 months post op now and in all honesty the first month is a shock as its a huge change. My only advice is to not obsess with it and just keep busy and carry on with your life. Parts of my nose i absolutely love and i know there are areas that are still swollen and hard so i am giving it time.
I had my check up with Mr Tahery yesterday and feel massively at ease he shown me all my development photos and cannot believe the difference of my side view. The after care is fantastic and you can gurantee he will be there with any questions or worries you have before and way after your surgery. He listened to all of my issues and he said give it time and if these changes havent gone or you still feel worried they can be addressed. Massively relieved and so happy I chose this surgeon :).

Few before and afters

These are old photos I wouldn't usually dream of uploading ???? But seeing the difference made me feel great

7 month update

Cannot believe how quick it's gone but these 7 months honestly have been a rollercoaster ups and downs. You are getting used to a new and better part of you but after been so used to my big nose for years it's a massive thing to adapt to. Going from a big nose to a cute little one has taken ages to feel like myself and I still miss my slightly bigger tip which probably sounds absolutely ridiculous.

Throughout the 7 months the support from mr tahery and his secretary has been absolutely amazing and they are genuinely so supportive and lovely. Even when I felt like an idiot saying I missed my slightly wider tip mr tahery took it all into consideration and put temporary fillers in my tip to see how I felt about it. He is a fantastic surgeon and he has done an amazing job but I didn't really explain how I wanted my nose at the front and only shown photos from the side that I liked so my best advice I would say is to show him how you want it from the front to and be specific as possible. I think I am slightly stubborn and maybe a little fussy but also know what I like and what I feel happy with and mr tahery has been great throughout. He's took his own time and several appointments and also face timed me over the 7 months which I know a lot of surgeons would not offer. His after care makes him a great surgeon and shows what a lovely person he is. Honestly I feel like I have been a huge pain but he has reassured me every time and said my tip just requires small tuning if I want it slightly wider. But overall my nose is actually perfect but just preferred my wider tip.
To anyone considering rhinoplasty with mr tahery I would 100% recommend him you will be sure to get the best aftercare and great results. Just be specific as possible show him photos from every angle that is my only regret that I just focused on the side of my nose and what I wanted. Also make sure you know exactly what you want my tahery will advice you to and what you need. Also go to ask as many questions as you want as he answers and really takes the time to listen to you.
Still so glad I went with this surgeon as I know I would not get the aftercare with any other place and the negative reviews well there can be so many complications with different people but the positive reviews massively override the negative ones. one thing I can certainly say is he is absolutely genuine and lovely and has not turned me away once when I have probably been a abit of a nightmare and a massive pain. Also your nose honestly changes a lot when I sore it for the first time I thought shit was like a swollen sausage but then a few weeks later it was a cute little nose coming out so just don't threat and give it time and avoid over accessing it as that will make you feel million times worse. If anyone has any questions will be happy to answer :)

Broken hearted

I had rhinoplasty thinking this would give me a massive confidence boost and I had the opposite. Devastated about my tip it's nothing like I imagined and after 8 months of hope and 2 lots of fillers revision is my only option. Absolutely devastated

Feeling really gutted and depressed

I was really quick to post photos but almost 9 months after surgery I have a lot of regret. I've had a second opinion last month and now the swelling and fillers have gone there are some real problems coming to the surface. I knew from the beginning this was not the result I wanted and I now feel my life is on hold until I can afford revision and feel like myself again. Gutted is an understatement :(

Looking for revision surgeons?

If anyone can recommend the best revision surgeons I would be really grateful x

My year update...Hope this reaches everybody considering rhinoplasty

You have probably all read through my reviews and sore a fluctuation of emotions from the beginning until now. I can honestly say it has not been the plain sailing I thought it would be, far from it. I know we all think when we get a rhinoplasty we think its going to be life changing and the cast will come off and we will be instantly in love with it. But have you considered that it might be the opposite of that and you might feel unhappy and any parts of your nose you didn’t liked have now gone. I went through all these feelings and it was absolutely nothing like I had imagined. This wasn’t all through fault of my surgeon but I feel I had unrealistic expectations and did not stress enough on how I wanted the front of my nose to be.
I focused so much on the hump or the side angle of my nose that I felt like I needed this nose job for a confidence boost. I think the answer was to stop focusing all my attention onto it and even recovery after rhinoplasty this is something I would advise to anybody. If your cast has come off and you’re really unhappy this is normal. Your nose is swollen and has had a very complex procedure on it. I remember the day my cast came off the day before my 25th birthday and my heart honestly sank. I wish now I had took my own advice on not focusing on it and putting your attention into your work, a hobby or anything that will take your mind off it. If you’re like me a year on and still unhappy again don’t focus on it and look into getting a revision when you feel ready. A nose does honestly not defy us at all and in our mind it is a lot worse than we think.
From images people on this review must think I am ridiculous as clearly there is a improvement and I will not deny there is. My nose is not botched or deformed and it’s actually petite and not awful. For me my nose is a lot narrower than I would have imagined and has a dent on the top of the bridge that has came to the surface around November when the swelling started to subside. I have been to several consultations since and I’ve been told I had an open roof etc. but when I decided to pay and see a specialist in Harley Street I got completely different answers. He informed me my nose was ok, no open roof but a lot narrower than he would have done but told me he had witnessed a lot worse in his profession. From going to free consultations to paying and seeing a specialist in London my answers were totally different and exactly what I needed to hear.
He did inform me that I would need spreader grafts a road I did not want to go down but it’s not urgent and is certainly not a main priority.
My reason for this post is that I want people to be 100 percent that this is what they want and ready for it as it could be life changing for the better or worse. Your nose believe it or not is unique and a part of you. Big, small, wide whatever this is you and does your nose effect you that much to spend thousands on it? I look back now and even though my nose was slightly deviated with a hump but it was not as bad as we think. I do hold some regret but regret more the time wasted thinking about it. My surgeon’s aftercare was absolutely fantastic and that is so important to have in a surgeon. My nose to others is fine and he has not done a bad job at all its just a lot more narrower than I would have liked. This is why every consultation you need to go into detail on the front and the side and tell them exactly what you would like the outcome to be and what they recommend. I am also congested on a daily basis but I do saline spray daily and this helps a bit more.

I hope this post can help anybody considering rhinoplasty or help some one unsatisfied with their results. Just remember to stop obsessing this will make you feel a million times worse and create stress and upset. Remember you are actually beautiful and any bad results can be addressed when you feel ready in the future. Also if you’re not completely certain about it spend your money on something else life changing and leave your face alone!

I also just want to address the vile comments I’ve had on here and people jumping to conclusions. I didn’t want to share photos just yet as its personal but for people that have said I am literally an idiot and my nose is great, I am not denying some improvements but you can clearly see from images how much its changed over the year. Again there are people with a lot worse results and I know my nose is not in the catergory but its my face and thats all that matters. I also want to express that these comments are completely unnecessary. Realself is to offer support not put your negative, narrow-minded opinions.

Keeping busy but feel as if my life is on hold :(

To all the people who were unhappy with their first rhinoplasty how did you get through it? I am staying as busy as possible but its always on my mind. I am working a lot now to save towards a revision. I feel a lot worse now then I did last year but thats because I know this is it and my nose will not change much more and I am very unhappy with the outcome. Last year I drilled into my mind that time is a healer and my nose will get better and i will be used to it. 14 months later and I still feel the exact way when the cast came off, literally just a sick feeling in my stomach and an overall gutted feeling. Did any of you guys go for therapy or anything to try and overcome it or just work towards revision?
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