44 Yr Old, 3 Kids, Time to Get my Body Back

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I've been wanting to have a tt for at least 10...

I've been wanting to have a tt for at least 10 years now, my highest weight ever was 205 lbs, I lost weight and got down to 125 (10 yrs ago) and that's when it hit me, fast forward 10 yrs and after gaining and again losing, I'm at a stable 152-155lbs, 5'3" .
I'm still trying to lose 10lbs but I've kept of for 2 yrs so far.
So I am now scheduled for surgery on July 19th, I'm happy, nervous and scared but excited and looking forward to it.
I am however agonizing over the boob job part of It!
I'm currently about a very deflated C, when I discussed the implants with my doctor, he said I'm better off with the gel implant over the muscle, textured. I read some literature on textured versus smooth on the mentor implant website and was put off by the texture. But after tons of reading, videos etc, I'm not so sure I want the over especially because of the possible capsular contracture.
I'm getting a smaller implant at 250cc, I told him I wanted a full D, not even sure about that either!

Would really appreciated the feedback if anyone has over/under and what do you love or hate about it.

I will try to post pics asap.

This is hard for me

I'm such a private person, so this is very hard for me to post.

Surgeon called

He called me after i contacted coordinator regarding my concern about capsular contracture, he answered all my questions and concerns and said he would put under muscle if that is what i wanted. We will discuss morning of surgery. I'm nervous but can't wait!

Wednesday is the big day

I'm scheduled for the 19th, I've set up everything I will need in my bedroom, have a recliner,(not the fat cushy type unfortunately) bed, tv, etc.
Only issue, there are stairs, think it'll be Ok? I have a recliner downstairs but I also have a bounce off the walls 7 yr old that loves watching cartoons in that room, and I need peace and quiet. So just hoping I can make it upstairs!

Another before pic

Close up belly, before

Wednesday can't come fast enough

2 more days

I can't believe Wednesday is almost here! I started using the hibiclens last night per my surgeon instructions. I'm so nervous, and my fridge (2 yrs old) decided to break down on me and can't get a technician out til August 2nd! I bought lots of chicken, prepped and store in freezer bags so my husband can just thrown in oven for a quick meal and now this :/

Bought a recliner

Waited til the last minute almost, but got my recliner, it's electric and will also lift me up and lay back, I feel better knowing I won't struggle or need constant help getting on and off the bed.
Tomorrow is surgery day! I'll be there at 615am, I'll update as soon as I possibly can :)
P.s. got an awesome deal on this btw, these cost around 600, purchased for $235 in like new non smoking :)

Can't sleep

I have to be up in 5.5 hours, but can't sleep!
Happy, excited, scared and hoping I don't sleep thru my alarm! Lol
Last pic before my makeover...

Surgery DONE!

I'm alive! Thank God, this hurts, meds helping but nausea bad. I'll update when feeling better and add all the details. Thank you all for your support, means a lot. Trying to upload afters, say image too large, I'll crop and try again.

Surgery Done!

Hi beautiful dolls, it's DONE! This is painful girls, my boobs don't hurt that much but tt is painful, although I mostly feel it when meds start wearing off. The worse is the nausea, it's tapering off now, but I was miserable. They gave me meds for it, it would go away but come back. So I've mostly slept it off. Another thing that helps is alcohol, nurse put a little alcohol pad on my nose and it seriously stopped the nausea, she said the alcohol sends a signal to the brain and can't remember the rest, all I know is that it worked! Everyone of the nurses was so caring, helpful, my surgeon was awesome, everyone put my mind at ease and I felt better after that, at least my nerves did.
I was discharged about 4 hrs after, getting out of bed, using toilet for first time and getting in my car was very challenging.
Anywho, boobs went under muscle at 250 cc each, got the lift and aerola was resized. I have not seen the tt or boobs yet, but can't wait! He placed 3 drains in my tt, none in my boobs. As of right now, they don't really bother me.
The recliner I bought last minute is literally a lifesaver, I totally recommend getting one!
Haven't eaten much, 0 appetite but to calm my tummy and to take the Percocet, I've eaten 4 crackers total, 2 spoons of jello, coconut water, ice chips, that's really it, my sister made me soup but I just can't eat right now.

Day 2

Today hurts more than yesterday. Going to the bathroom was a mission, but on the bright side my nausea is minimal.

More pictures day 2!

Getting lots of rest, walked a bit more, nausea is gone but my tummy is hurting and sometimes I get a bad burning sensation. Other than that, I'm in good spirits....

My incision is on fire

Day 3, everyone I get up to use the bathroom, it feels like someone is holding a torch to right side of my tt, what does this mean? What can I do to alleviate It?
I'm also draining very little and my surgeon wanted to see me this afternoon to remove drains but his office is about 30 min away and the thought of going downstairs, getting in a car and with my luck my husband will find every darn pothole, not very appealing so I postponed til Tuesday. If anyone knows any tips, tricks to help this, id appreciate it :) thank you dolls


So my biggest fear just came true, I actually rescheduled my sx trying to avoid it, well I just got it :(
Now what?? Ughhhhhh
Anyone else dealing with this mess? How have you handled it?

Turning a corner?

The burning has minimized, and so has the pain, last 2 does of meds I only took one pill instead of 2 and it's bearable, so that makes happy, walking is still painful tho. I had to put a panty and pad on because of my period but it's not too bad, I have my only three drains right on my pubic area, sensitive but so far so good. I have to see my ps on Tuesday, wish I had known my period was coming, he wanted to remove drains friday pm, certainly would have made my life easier, but oh well. No new pics til tuesday, can't wait. Happy healing ladies

3 days out, I think lol

I'm feeling much better, getting up and walking to bathroom is exhausting still. Surgeon just called to check on me, I did ask about the burning, he said to bend my knees a bit, and my tummy to take some of the pressure off, most likely be from stitches.
I'll soon have to think about going number 2, ugh been trying to avoid and I'm down to 1 pill every 6 hours, so that's a nice improvement.

Sponge baths

How I miss real showers, but I'll take what I can get. Whilst my hubby had me in there, took a few pics, not much on stomach, I'm bandaged up under garment til at least Tuesday, but this is what I've got so far....
P.s. my surgeon didn't tell me to switch out any of the gauze, I'm tempted to change out my nipple one, but then again, I have no tape, but could get some! The impatience is real


Boy, pms is kicking my butt, I've been so emotional today and literally just started sobbing, I'm ok now and feel better, but dang! Spoiler alert, crying hurts the tummy lol
I also developed a rash under my thighs and buttocks and was super itchy last night, hubby ran out and bought some benadryl, we asked first if ok to mix with pain meds, it was...i took two around 8p and literally knocked me out til 1030a this morning! Note to self, only take 1 next time! Anywho, hope all you beautiful ladies are doing Well! Xox

Drains are out!

Finally the dreaded drains are out, 3 total right on my pubic area, feels so much better now.
Since that area was so sensitive he gave me option of using novacane (I may be spelling that wrong) anywho, I actually opted for the big needle with numbing meds Lol! The needle felt worse than actual pulling of Drains! Lol so ladies, it's not that bad, it probably took him and his assistant 30 seconds to pull out :)
All is looking well, healing good, he's happy with the results and so am I. Bb looks like it will heal nicely too. And most important news of all day.....I CAN NOW SHOWER! yessssss
Adding a pic my sis took, my boobs are symmetrical but the pic isn't lol
I'll take better pics later and post, including tummy scar


So obviously what we eat is important to maintain results.
I'm not a fan of the kitchen and I've lost most of my weight counting calories, at least that is what has worked for me personally, combined with cardio/strength training 3-5 times a week.
Since surgery, I haven't had much of an appetite but that's not going to last haha
Anywho, I've been eating clean, prepped and froze individual portions of chicken breast, fish and froze, stocked up on frozen veggies, some fresh since my sis is cooking (Love her), some fruits for smoothies, salads and I drink premier protein shakes. I use no salt Mrs dash, fresh garlic, onions, peppers for taste.

Would love to know what you girls are eating and maybe bounce ideas off ea other.
I plan on maintaining this way of eating for as long as possible and this surgery has been the perfect boost/starter I needed.

7 day post op

I'm feeling so much better, pain wise. My boobs on the other hand are sore, feeling that weird needle pricking sensation and slight pressure.
I went in to take a shower, I'm all ready to go and boom, nausea and dizziness hits. Had to get back in my chair, I will try again later.
I can also get up and go to bathroom by myself but I do have a walker ;)

On the flip side, I got on the scale today, I'm down 5 lbs, back to my original stuck on me 151 lbs, from 156 7 days ago, woot!
And last night at none other than 12 midnight by hubby sat down next to me to have a "conversation". While I love that he wants to chit chat about "us", it's midnight, I'm ready to visit lalaland lol
Apparently I fell asleep whilst he was talking, I remember him going on and on about I don't know what and saw him again this morning and he shows me this "portrait" He drew of me, awww I thought it wss the sweetest thing, doesn't look too much like me, but he did a darn good job! Love him

Before and after

Took this picture today before my first shower, which was heavenly by the way, took all my energy, but worth it :))
So far I'm loving my results :)

9 days

So today I'm feeling better as far as pain, I'm getting up more than before on my own but I still get exhausted if I'm up too long and need to sit back down. I'm getting ready to go food shopping, and let me tell you, I'm soooo excited lol just to be able to get out this house!
I'm having a really hard time straightened my body, so I'm still hunched, not as bad as before but still and it hurts my back ugh.
I'm swollen around belly but not overly swollen.
Hope all you girls are feeling better xox

Day 9, more pic

My last update didn't let me finish -__-
Here's a side view, can't straightened my back more than this.

Compression garment

Hi dolls,
I found this in my drawer, I forgot I even had it. Anyway, it's really comfy, soft but the boning feels weird when I sit, wearing the foam helped.
I wore it a few hours and went back to one my ps provided. I'm also scared to switch out completely until he gives me the ok. Thoughts??

12 days post op

I'm off meds completely, I can now slowly come downstairs by myself, I can shower by myself but still ask hubby to help with back, legs and he doesn't mind :)
I'm a bit swollen, still can't walk straight so my back hurts, still sleeping in recliner against doc rules, but I just can't imagine being comfortable in my bed yet and with recliner, I'm able to get up by myself versus bed.
I have ventured out the house a total of 3x, surgeon, food shopping, mall but I can't walk more than a few minutes without back pain so I used the electric chairs to get around.
I can't wait til I'm back to normal and doing more around the house!
On the upside, I purchased two bathing suits from the mall, the top is a D cup, exactly what I asked my ps for :)

14 days post op appt

Saw my surgeon today, he's the best by the way!
He removed BB stitches, did not hurt just felt weird and he removed a small stitch good area. I'm officially swollen and uncomfortable. Since I'm still not walking straight he showed me exercises to do with my legs, basically while laying as flat as possible, bring leg up, then knee to chest. He told me I could take hot baths to help loosen my back muscles to aid in walking straight. Everything else healing nicely, steri-strips can come off in another week.
Happy healing dolls

Happy birthday to me

Nothing like being pissed at your hubby to find out I can actually do more for myself than I thought! Lol
I went to bed earlier than usual just cause I was mad, now I'm fully awake, darn.
But, went to bed by myself and had to get up by myself because I'm too mad to ask for help and I did it! Yay me!! Shoot, I feel like I can get in my car and drive, all of a sudden I'm feeling empowered lol
Today I'm 45, wow...and that's ok because I'm feeling pretty fabulous thanks to my ps haha
I'm grateful I get to see another bday, my family, my health, their health, my friends, and grateful I've had the pleasure of speaking online to all you beautiful ladies and grateful for all your support. I don't know you all personally but feels like I do and I love that I'm going thru this experience with you all, it means a lot to me.
God bless you girls xox ?
I will now go back to eating my bowl of cherries at 130a, smh lol

18 day update

Hi lovelies
Today is a good day, I'm out and about. Last night not so great, had pain, I couldn't get comfy in bed, my incision was burning last night and this morning and I ended up sleeping in the recliner.
I'm a bit swollen too. I'm still a bit hunched, but trying my best. I can now shower by myself, walk a bit faster and stairs aren't as scary lol
I am not cooking or cleaning but that's totally by choice! Lol
Posting pics taken this morning, I'm happy with progress, I haven't had any issues with incisions except for that annoying occasional burning mostly on the sides. Im allowed to take tape off sometime this week. I'm still wearing my CG 24/7 except when I shower.
I've bought a couple of cg, just to have choices but I've been sticking to one I had and what doc gave me. Finally I got on the scale and lost another lb. I started at 156 preop

Forgot CG pics

Here's my stash.

Real talk!

Hi dolls
It's Monday, I'm not fully back to work but Mondays are a drag, it's been an extra long day, I've been walking around my house like a zombie, I'm super bored and super sore!
Had a moment of insanity and sent my husband out to buy me a banana split! Ughhhhh
It was so good, it's a cheat meal not a cheat week lol
I'm frustrated with how slow my recovery is going, at least it feels like it's really slow -_-
And I'm not going to lie, I miss going out, shopping, driving, meeting friends for a glass of wine and I miss sex, damn! Lol
Time needs to flyyyyyyyyyy

So swollen/day at the park

I've been so bored in these four walls, I decided last night that today would be a great day to visit an amusement park (don't laugh, I know, crazy)
I've also been feeling a little guilty because my 7yr old gets bored, so off we went...
Had a nice time, both my girls 22,25 took off from work, along with my 4yr old granddaughter who's been wanting to sleepover and I promised her the minute I could walk, she could, of course when she saw me, she automatically invited herself to stay lol "grandma! You can walk!, I'm sleeping over" lol
Long story short, I didn't eat so great, small portion of chicken and some fries, not a lot but I haven't been eating fried foods, so now I'm all swollen, my body hurts, ugh. It's summer and I was cold too, what gives?
I did rent an electric chair everyone wanted a piece of lol had both kids on it, sigh.
I had fun, no rides but still felt good seeing everyone enjoy themselves, I desperately wanted a cocktail or glass of wine but didn't.

P.s. some of the tape around areola is off, liking what I see. My ps lines are clean ?

Take care dolls

What is this??????

Hi ladies, I just got out of shower and noticed I have a bit of oozing under one breast, looks like there's a suture? I put gauze in each w my bra, should I be worried?
Aside from that, I'm doing a lot more, moving more, feels good, finally! Although I'm still not 100% straight.
Yesterday I picked up 2 bras at Kohls and a 2 pack Bali brand at Sam's club for $25 I think, they are super comfy.
I also picked up fresh squeezed pineapple juice, maybe it'll help with swelling?
I'll post pics of my boobs, would appreciate your thoughts

Right boob :/

Hi lovelies, so my last update I had an oozing on right and left, called doc Monday and he saw me that afternoon, he made it better, but it's back.
The left is fine, but right side is back to looking yucky. As of right now, I just put a gauze on it, yesterday my husband cleaned it, put a bit of Neosporin (won't be doing that again, did not help) and picture I'm posting is tonight.
Anywho, I'll keep an eye on it, if it's still wet and ugh, I'll call ps again.
On a brighter note, I drove to the mall yesterday for the first time, felt Good! I hit the mall again today, the minute I feel better, all I do is spend money! Lol
I over did it both days, I'm swollen and my back was hurting so bad.
I also was able to wear my reg jeans and when I sit, that pooch is empty! Omg, it's flat, I love it and they still fit my butt, the waist is loose. I have not gotten on the scale because I have my period, I feel bloated and you all know the feeling.
?hope you are all well :)

1 month 2 days and counting.....

Meant to post these pics on the 19th, exactly a month from sx date, I also tried on a dress I bought last year and couldn't wear because my boobs were droopy, so I tried it on, fits fine but my boobs are not big enough! Lol
Really? Wth? Like, I need and want cleavage but nope, think I need a push up bra! Ugh, I keep feeling like I needed to go bigger, my frame could have handled a bit more, am I being greedy? I almost didn't even go this size had it not been for my sister! Boob greed is real! Lol

Anyways, I've been doing a lot more, walking a lot too but man, my back starts hurting to the point where I have to sit for a while and catch my breath, I've been trying to sleep on my side and can for a little in an almost fetal position. I can bend now, slowly but surely.
If I sit for too long, my incision hurts for a minute but then I'm fine. I have no issues with tt, still nursing a small wound in right breast in T incision, I use hibiclens when I shower, pat dry, gauze and nothing else, seems to be helping.
I'm swollen every single day, some days are better than others, mornings I'm always flat, which is nice. My tt, thighs and boobs are still numb, I still wear compression at least 23 hrs a day.
Uploading pics, hope you ladies are all coming along ?

This dress! Hello boobs

I bought this online, and it's not something I would normally wear, but damn I like my boobs in it, although it felt a tad to tight on the girls.
Bought it for a cruise I'm going to next Feb and because I was bored and I'm an impulsive shopper, I hate the color lol
They literally had 12 colors and I chose red, I never wear red @_@ go figure.
Got a wedding next month, more dress shopping :))
Adding a pic of the small wound on right breast, it's much better, not oozing anymore.

Fear....5 weeks post op

Hi ladies, hope everyone is well..
Quickie update...
My incisions look good, that small opening on right boob is healed and that took about 3 weeks to dry up on its own.
I'm now sleeping on my sides, hurts a little but pillows help.
My tt incision sometimes hurt/burn, I swell everyday, as hard as I try to avoid salt.
I'm mostly walking a lot, my back hurts everyday, I had back issues anyway, but seem worse now.
I'm hoping once more time has passed, that it'll at least not hurt this bad.

So fast forward to this morning and my husband like 3 weeks ago was building tables for a restaurant, wood and heavy metal legs out of the garage. So for 3 weeks he left some debris, a wooden frame, large metal poles on one side of driveway, I've been nagging him every time we go out and I see it, to please to remove.
This morning I walked over to throw away trash and my flip flop caught the very edge of one sharp pointy metal pole and I almost came crashing down (yeah picture that lol)
I did everything in my power not to hit the ground but Omg my back and stomach paid the price and it happened right in front of him (hope he's feeling guilty)
Anywho, at that moment it hurt so much I burst into tears, and then spent half my day hunched from pain. Like seriously, is it to much to ask to get rid of your trash?!
From day one my biggest fear was falling and he woukd casually leave work boots in the middle of bathroom? Like really?! If I had had the strength, I would have opened window and out they'd go (under devil emoji here)
Unbelievable, then I sound like the nagging wife!
Don't be a child! Lol
Rant over, I love him, but he could be so absent minded sigh
We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday and he's trying to kill me next day lol!

Almost 8 weeks

Hi lovelies, so school started on Tuesday and I've been a busy bee, I'm also planning my daughter's wedding in 2 weeks, I started going to the gym on Tuesday and went 4 days straight.
Health wise I am currently going thru swell hell, the only time I'm not that swollen is first thing in the morning, by mid morning and especially this week, I'm swollen.
I'm using the cg all day/evening except at bedtime.
My incisions are healing well but sometimes when I get up too fast thinking I'm normal, they burn on the sides.
My thighs are still a bit numb but getting better.
Boobs are good, I do have to massage my right areola 3x a day for about 2 minutes per ps because somehow when I took off strips like 2-3weeks in, my perfectly round areola took on a tear drop shape. I don't blame ps because, I saw it round, so I'm massaging and it's improving.
Their still sore and sensitive but I think I'm over the boob greed, unless I'm swollen in which case, they can stay swollen forever lol
Except my belly, that swell needs to go ;)
Now, I need your opinions, I've been searching for a dress for this wedding, I'm mother of the bride but don't want to look like one lol
Howeverrrrr, I have to look decent, I bought this dress with my sister's help, it's completely out of the box for me, one day I love it, the next I hate it lol
Be honest, thought? Too much? Too long? Appropriate for wedding?
You girls are the best, happy healing to you all?

Hit the update too soon!

The pics

2 month update

8 long weeks today, before sx all I thought about was getting it done, now all I think about is recovery lol
I'm currently in an endless swell hell, maybe because I'm way more active, I'm out and about everyday, started going to the gym last week, still at it this week, add the extra bloat from my monthly friend and the swell is unreal.
I'm wearing a cg from the moment I wake up til bedtime, I don't sleep in it, I sometimes will wear a spanx but barely to bed.
I feel pretty good most of the time, my biggest complaint is my back, it bothers me a lot, the sides of my incisions burn sometimes, my boobs feel sore but don't hurt.
I can sleep on my sides using a body pillow for support, have not tried sleeping on my belly yet.
At the gym, I'm doing almost everything I was before sx except lighter weights/intensity, but building it up little by little.
Posting some pics of my swell, next week is my daughter's wedding...going to try and take it easy so I don't look like a puffer fish in my dress lol
Any other suggestions from you lovely ladies, is ALWAYS appreciated, happy healing dolls?

Pic didn't load with update

Swell hell

I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off and boy, I'm paying the price. The swelling is intense!
Posting a comparison picture...im 2 months 1 day today.


Swell now

Hi lovelies, so I've been posting about this swell hell and although I've read some of you use bromelain, I hadn't tried it, I went out and bought some a few days back, been taking it per bottle directions and I think it's helping.
So here's a picture I just took an hr ago.
Have a great day ?

Friday 9-22

This is my 9th week post op, still working my way thru this swelling, I have given up on getting on the scale, not even going to do it to myself!
My daughter finally marries tomorrow, I've been stress eating and did not go to gym all week to avoid the swell, but as of next week, I'm going to hit the gym even if I swell like a blimp :)
Other than swell, incisions look good, no issues there, my tummy muscles are still sore on the inside, my thighs at 9 weeks still somewhat numb and they are tender to touch, my tummy is also still numb. My back hurts everyday, I don't blame the tt, years ago my car was hit full force by a drunk driver and I've had issues ever since, so the being hunched and sleeping so long on my back really did a number on it, trying to find time soon to get some massages.
My boobs are good, some light soreness and nipple area still sensitive.
Posting pics, few days apart, I did start bromelain and I believe it's working.
Happy healing dolls, enjoy your weekend?
Suffolk Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr Grenga has been wonderful, he's an amazing doctor, an artist. He's the ultimate professional, his bedside manners are top notch, he's very caring, his staff is just as professional and warm. I've been treated with the utmost respect, they have answered all my questions, concerns. Dr Grenga performed a mommy makeover on me, I'm a very picky person by nature, he did not disappoint! I'm loving my results, he gave me exactly what I asked for and I'm grateful to him.

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