Much Needed TT After 2 Kids - already tucked; lipo w/ MR Philadelphia PA

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Hi Everyone! I'm 26 years old and have 2 beautiful...

Hi Everyone! I'm 26 years old and have 2 beautiful boys. I have always been skinny and small, but when I get pregnant...I get PREGNANT! My first born I gained 70lbs, which was mainly water retention and a big belly. I lost it all right away but suffered a lot of stretch marks and some loose skin. 3 years later I had my second son. With his pregnancy I gained 85lbs and my belly was twice the size as my first. I looked as if I was having twins. Within 3 months i had lost 95% of the weight, which was also a lotttt of water retention and of course some fatness. Because of my second belly being so big and me dropping weight so fast my stomach went KABOOM! I got a lotttt more stretch marks which was nothing compared to all the excess and loose skin. I love being fit and working out and was heartbroken when I noticed I was getting a 2 pack but couldn't see it because it was covered under the excess skin.
So I told hubby that's it! My friend refereed me to Dr Davis in Cherry Hill, NJ who will be doing a mini TT with lipo around my waistline. I've put down the healthy food and have been eating crappy food because once I come out that OR it is clean eating for me.
Whatever the case, I'm super excited to say goodbye to this nasty belly :D

Switched DR

So I was previously doing my surgery with DR Davis in NJ, but was referred by a friend to DR Gobay in Philly because he's a lot cheaper. Davis was charging me $8250 for a mini tt, and Gobay $6500 for a full tt....huge difference. So Gobay officially bought me! I left my deposit with Gobay which was awesome since it was only $400. I called davis and they will refund my $1000 deposit I had previously left.
Anyways super excited that I have this good DR here muchhhh closer to home, and cheaper. Luckily I was able to get mu surgery for the same day I planned.
Can't wait! :D

3 more weeks!!

So I have exactly 3 more weeks to go or 21 days. Each day I feel
More ready. My husband told me he's finally feeling excited. He's always been supportive but said he didn't care much for it but the other day he said he's excited I'm getting it done and how sexy I'm going to look ??. Anyways I can't wait for my pre op apt in 2 weeks I have a ton of questions to ask my dr. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what I should ask?

My goal after my tt

Pool and beach

Does anyone know how many weeks PO is it safe to go to the pool/beach? How about. Waterpark?

9 more days!!!

I can't believe I can finally say my surgery is NEXT WEEK! I am beyond excited and surprinsingly haven't been feeling anxious lately considering surgery is around the corner. My pre op is the day after tomorrow and I have made a list of things to ask my dr. I'm also wondering, do they do the before pics during the pre op visit?
I'm trying to get so much stuff done this week so that I will have peace of mind after the big TT.
Anyways i'm crazy excited specially now that my husband keeps talking about how he's also excited lol
yay can't wait!

Pre op apt today

So it's official! Surgery has been paid in full and I am exactly a week away from my surgery. My pre op apt made it more realistic that I'm getting this done specially when the dr said see you next week. I was dying for time to fly but not that I'm so close I want it to slow down. I am finally starting to get a little nervous and anxious though I'm not trying to let it get the best of me.
I'm feeling stressed with so much things I'm trying to get done before the big day. I just hope I get it all done in time. Anyways still feeling excited and it's finally starting to feel real :D

5 more days

So I'm trying to get everything I need. I began taken multivatimin and need to get some vitamin c. My dr wasn't much help in regards to the spanx. He just wrote spanx on a prescription slip and gave it to me for nothing cause pharmacies don't give spanx! Very disappointed on that end. He said I can start using it right away so I'm looking into one that's not too tight for the first few weeks. I found one in my drawer that I bought years ago after one of the births. It's very comfy and not that tight, it just helps keep everything together.
Does anyone have any advise in regards to the spanx? Also, I'll be cleaning the house top to bottom on Monday so that on Tuesday(day before tt) I'll do grocery shopping, nails, hair, and I want to go in for a full body massage(got a deal from groupon). Is there anything I should be getting at Walmart to promote healing? Any bandages? I want to plan ahead for whatever I might need

Post op appointments...

So I'm curious as to how many times a week post op do you ladies see ur dr? I know you go in the next day, but how many times there after? My mom was telling me that I should leave with her to NY(2hr drive) after the first week so I won't be here alone. She was going to take my kids with her but now she also wants me to go with her cause my husband works all day and sometimes doesn't come home till 8-9pm from work. I don't have anyone here that can stay with me cause everyone has kids of their own so I'm considering the offer. Which is why I'm wondering if I'll see my dr often after the first week...

Officially anxious!

So I was at the supermarket and it finally hit me that I'm less than 48 hours away from surgery. I began feeling anxious, my stomach flipped upside down and had to rush home to the bathroom. My husband and MIL(whose a therapist) have also noted that I've been so anxious today. I can't stay till and just feel straight up nervous. I know everything will be ok and trust my dr, but I can't help but feel anxious and nervous. I'm even sad that I have to go through this, I wish I was normal and my skin didn't stretch so much :(
However, I am also feeling mixed feelings cause I'm excited and can't wait for the results. I just bubble up thinking about how nice I'll finally look in a dress and I might even be able to wear bikini and super nice outfits.
Has anyone else experienced these mixed emotions? If so, what made it better?

Tummy tuck eve

So I'm less than 16hours away from joining the flat side :D I am having all kinds of mixed emotions but am still thrilled. I think I am mentally and physically ready. I filled the fridge in my room with water, Gatorade, crackers, and some other light snacks that I can take with my meds.
Although I am soooo ready and thrilled I can't help but get scared that I won't make it through surgery and that my children wi stay without a mother because of cosmetic surgery. I'm trying not to think about it too much but it sti crosses my mind.
Anyways I'll follow up tomorrow when I get out the OR. Pray for meeeee!!!! Lol

I made it and I'm alive...kind of lol

I was in surgery for about an hour to an hour and a half. A lot less than anticipated. Everything went we'll expect that I feel like a truck caring 10 horses landed on my stomach. It hurts to even take a deep breath. I had dyastisis which he repairered and I'm sure that's what's causing so much muscle pain. Because of my gastritis I haven't been taking this as we'll and have thrown up twice already.
Anyways Ive been dosing in an out by the minute and am falling asleep again. I'll update tomorrow when I see my belly

Pre op markings

I have a lot of stretch marks about an inch above my BB which will be pulled down to lower abdomen. Stretch marks don't bother me as much as the loose skin did. So once I'm able to, I'll start looking into intensive stretch mark lotions if my bikinis don't cover it

Post op visit

It's been a little over 24hrs since I had my tt. I feel good overall. I'm taking all my meds on time. I've been drinking a lot so I'm peeing every hour. I can walk by myself, but I still need help getting up. My abs are very sore and I feel like I have a permanent corsage on as can be expected of course. Anyways the pain is totally tolerable, I was expecting worse so I'm happy.

Day 2!

So I took my first shower last night and got a pod look at my new body and love the results so far. I know I will look amazing as the time goes on. I'm feeling much better. Woke up only only once last night as opposed to the first night in which I was waking up every 1-2 hrs. I am much more mobile now. I can get on/off the recliner. I don't open up the recliner though because it's uncomfortable so instead I put pillows on the floor for support. I'll add a pic so you can see. I can also sit/stand from the toilet without assistance and can go up/down the stairs on my own. I'm taking all my meds on time to avoid pain. The pain however is tolerable, nothing compared to child labor. It just feels uncomfortable because of the muscle repair and the drains. My dr has me on the compression garment and spanx on top of that which helps with swelling and keeps everything nice and tight. Anyways I'll keep you guys posted with my progress and when maybe when I take my second shower tonight I'll decide if to post another pic. Happy healing RS ladies ;)

Loving the results so far

Shower 2 days later

As always I post my pics late.
But here's a close up of my BB and incision like after my 2nd shower on day 2.

Day 3

I continue feeling better. I began having some BM yesterday which hasn't been bad at all and very smooth considering how healthy I am eating. I've eliminated gluten and have been eating 90% paleo to improve healing time and digestion. I can walk better although I am still hunched. I still do have a lot of swelling and my abdomen is super hard and bumpy. I'm started to cut back on the Valium unless I really need it. Right now I'm taking steroids, oxycodone and Valium as needed, antibiotics, bacitracin on the BB and the drainage tube entries. I am no longer taking medication for nausea cause I got that under control.
My mood has been good, I've been walking around the house a lot to keep me active but no intense movements or chores. My mom is taking excellent care of me so all I'm doing is eating, chilling and sleeping :)


Ok I want to start by saying I hate these drains!!!! They are so uncomfortable and annoying and they hurt. I've been sleeping ok but am still waking up to pee and took my pain meds once a night. I'm tired of being hunched over and not being able to laugh and cough. However, I continue to feel better each day, but am getting concerned that I always have swelling in the morning and my stomach is so hard and numb. I worry that the swelling won't go down.
But I am happy that my panties cover the scar and each day am healing nicely. I guess I'll need patience cause I know it's a long journey. I just want time to fly so I can get these stupid drains out lol

Quick shop at Walmart

My juicer died on me and I was desperate to get out the house. Thanks god for handicap carts, now I can shop and rest Lol

I can't sleep :'(

It's 430am and it has finally hit me. The excitement wore off. I am a wreck! I'm so uncomfortable, my back hurts, I can't sleep l. I want my bed back. I'm tired of the recliner. My stitches bother me, these drains are driving me crazy. I can't stop crying. I am just 110% uncomfortable. I can't even go back to sleep. This stupid garment is annoying, everything is annoying. I just want to be normal again. I keep telling myself it's worth it and I'll feel better soon but I want that soon to be now!! I want my bed bad. I'm going to get out of the crippled with a messed up back. Why doesn't time fly!!!!???? :'(

Day 5

I think drains are clearing out. They are mixed red with like yellow. I can see some clots in it. What color does it have to be before they take it off?
I added a photo so you ladies can see. That amount of drainage was from like 7pm last night until I emptied it this morning at like 10am.

Nausea,dizzy,pain a lil bit of it all

So today I'm officially 1 week and I'm still finding the need to take my pain meds. I was taking Percocet 1 every 4 hours and Valium 1 every 6hrs on the dot. Ive reduced it and now take Valium at time of bed to help me relax, but I'm still taking Percocet maybe like 1 every 6-7hrs. I'm trying to stop but I still feel like I need it. I was able to go 7hrs without it the other day but I spent the day sleeping and in pain and like someone drained the life of me. I couldn't even walk well. Is it normal that I'm still taking it? I'm afraid that Tylenol won't be as strong. And I also forget to take it with crackers in the AM and then have to pay the consequences of nausea and dizziness. Oh and I don't take any pain meds at night anymore, just the Valium maybe at time of bed cause my muscles are so sore. When should i try switching to Tylenol?

Day 7...not feeling it anymore

So it's been one week since my tt. Overall I feel ok as long as I take my meds on time. The excitement wore off. I don't even feel like looking at my new belly anymore or take pics because it's always swollen. Even when I wake up it's swollen and it makes me sad that while everyone else on RS wakes up with a flat tummy I wake up looking pregnant. Yes I am happy I got this done but I feel down that I'm not seen much physical progress. I looked more flat on day 4 than I do now. I had my 1 week apt and of course like all things there was nothing different. He changed my surgical tape and so I got a peak at my very low incision, and then they cleaned it which burned and stung like hell. He said my drains will be removed in a week and that I was healing nicely. But I just don't feel happy anymore because I want to be normal.
My mom left back to NY today and that has me feeling depressed. I've been crying because idk how I'm going to do this alone. My husband gets home so late from work and I'll be home alone all day. My friend will be staying with my kids until he gets out of work. I'm worried and afraid of being alone all day and not taking good care of myself.
Idk I'm sorry for complaining and talking so much crap but I just want to vent and cry. I don't want to tell my husband how I feel cause he has too much going on already to hear my cry for no reason.
I want to walk normal, and carry my baby, and play with my kids, and cook and clean and sleep on my bed comfortably and just be normal. Ok that's it I'm done venting. I feel better now lol

A look at my scar

Day 10

I've been feeling pretty good and haven't needed my pain meds in over 24hrs. The swelling is my biggest issue. When I take my binder and spanx off to shower and clean my BB and drain site, I feel like a balloon ready to explode.
So uncomfortable I can barely talk. I feel suffocated and my lower back starts hurting. When I put it back on I'm a new person. I honestly don't know how some girls go without their CG. Once drains are removed on Wednesday I'm switching to the Columbian CG to help shape my body and reduce swelling. I'm still slightly hunched which is also annoying, but each day it is a tiny bit better so that's good.
So yeah I've added some pics of my morning swell which is wonderful in comparison to my evening swell. At night I can't even see my mons lol all I see is belly. It reminds me of my pregnant days.
Anyways happy healing to all :)

Feeling sad/discouraged...

I'm 16 days today and I am no longer sure if I like some things about my tt. I love the incision is low, but I noticed that my incision is still wrinkly in comparison to other RS ladies whose incision has smoothed out a bit at this point in time. I'm also very swollen. I think I may have a the famous dog ear on one side, which btw that side is healing very slowly and gets stuck to my undies/gauze!! So I have to totally wet that side of my undies with hydrogen peroxide to remove them and avoid hurting myself. The nurse told me to put a sanitary napkin there, and That's been helping with that side getting stuck. As for my BB that's a whole new story!! It has bruising around it which makes it look uglier than It already is and it looks like a piece of extra skin is pulled on the stitching which hasn't been removed. And it's also a big BB. It makes me want to cry and I don't even want to take pics. I'm seen the dr Monday. He did say that he does retouching at 3 months if I'm not happy, but I don't want to go back under the knife so I'm praying my BB becomes normal soon :( Also, I'm still slightly hunched. I thought I was healing quickly but I realize I'm healing very slow. I'm happy I got it done cause I still look better than before, but I just wish I was happier at this time in my recovery :'(

Almost 3Weeks in a few hours

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks. I can't believe I've made it this far. Time
Really does go by fast yet slow
At the same time. I feel great; I'm walking faster, and am standing a lot straighter though I'm not 100% straight. I started my lymphatic massage today and it felt great yet uncomfortable at the same time. I paid for 5 sessions but if my pocket allows it I want to aim for 10. I'm also going to try and learn how to do it on my own. I've been sleeping on my bed for 4 days and can lay on my side. I'm waiting another week before sleeping on my belly. My swelling has gone down a lot, In the mornings I'm somewhat flat but I. The evenings I'm like a balloon. I wear my super tight Columbian CG all day and only take it off to shower and sleep, and wear my spanx to bed. Ok so time for TMI....I had some "play" time with my husband for the first time today in 3 weeks and it wasn't as bad as I expected. A lil annoying because I couldn't do much and felt some tension about getting injured but all In all it wasn't a nightmare like I thought lol so yeah it feels good to have my life starting to get back to normal :)

Week 6

I'm now a week and a day. I can't believe it's 6 weeks already. I feel good overall, but towards the end of the day my muscles start hurting and need my bed asap. This would've been easier if my kids were bigger. My scar is healing nicely and don't have any complains on that end. However, my BB does concern me. I don't like it and the scar on it is very noticeable. Also, I will need more lipo on my flanks I don't know if it's just swelling, but it looks like fat. My right side is curvier than my left, which is more swollen. I'm happy with my results don't get me wrong, but I'm def looking forward to a revision at 3 months, but I'll ask if he can lipo more sooner.

Are those lines?

I'm loving how my abdomen is looking tonight and I think I'm seen some definitions or just wishful thinking. My stomach is however very swollen, but that's not surgery related. I suffer from sever gastritis and my stomach would often get like that but now it's more noticeable since I'm mostly flat everywhere else. So I guess I'll have to visit my gastroenterologist. Anyways I'll put new 7 weeks pics in the am when I'm flatter :)

5 months post op

It's been so long that I haven't posted but I've been wanting to do so for the longest. I'm going in for a touch up surgery with my PS tomorrow because my belly button is not normal, and because he did a really poor lipo job. I still have plenty of fat on my planks which are very noticeable and look ugly. So he's doing more lipo tomorrow along with redoing my belly button. I am so nervous that he won't do a good job and then I'm back to square one.
I just wanted to follow up on my surgery for those that are getting their surgery with Gabay, so that they can look at different results.
I will post pics tomorrow pre op so you can see what I look like now.

Revision day

So I went in for my revision this morning and I made it. He took out 1.5 liters of fat which is a lot considering he did lipo before. I won't know what I look like until tomorrow when I take the binder off to shower. I am bleeding like crazy from the drain but he didn't put any drainage cause he said it's not necessary. I am in pain but nothing compared to the tt. My belly button was already numb to begin with so I don't feel pain there. The pain is all
From the lipo which feels like I've been beaten up.
I'm really praying my belly button looks normal this time around and that my stupid flanks are gone. Anyways as I promised here at my pics for today pre op. You can tell that the lipo wasn't even on the sides and that there was a lot of fat. Hopefully that's all gone!

Pre op pics

11 days post op

sorry I haven't updated, I tried doing it from my phone and it wouldn't let me upload the pictures so I gave up on it and forgot to try again. I promise I will try to upload photos again tomorrow morning when I take new pics.

So the surgery went well, I'm doing good. Lipo is good, belly button shape looks ok, butttt idk if it's cause its swollen (PS says its because its swollen) but it looks super weird and creepy and nasty. It has a whole bunch of little balls, that according to PS it's because the skin is held with the stitches and since it's swollen it swells up in between each stitching. It's hard to describe, but I'll put a pic tomorrow and hopefully you ladies won't get freaked out by it. Other than that, everything looks good, and my stitches will be removed in 2 weeks.
I'll try to post pics tomorrow

3 weeks post op revision

Sorry I haven't posted, for some reason I'm not able to post from my phone and I barely use the computer. So I just emailed myself some photos to post you ladies because I know some of you are waiting to see results to help with your PS decision.
So I'm 3 weeks and 1 days post op. The photos were from a few days ago so there's not much change. I love the lipo this time around. As for the belly button I think it will turn out better than the first time but I will have to wait a little longer to actually see. I did get my stitches removed today so hopefully the little lumps that came from the stitches will go away soon. I will post a pic of my belly button in a few days. I''ll take a pic tonight and will try to upload it within the next couple of days.
Overall, everything looks good and I'm pretty flat. I do, however, still have some swelling from the tummy tuck which I hear it's normal and can take a year for it to go down. The swelling is small and it's right in the middle of my abdomen where the scar is.
For those of you trying to make a decision if to go with Dr Gabay, I do recommend him because I still think he's a really good PS, has a great reputation in Philly, is very well-known, and is nice enough to offer a revision if you're not pleased with the results. Also, I think most importantly the tummy tuck scar is awesome. it is pretty thin and low and I can cover with practically anything.
You also need to be aware that not everyone has the same results because we all have different bodies and we all heal differently, and it also depends on the care you give yourself.
That being saidddd here are some pics :)
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

Ok so I decided to update this later on. I'm almost 9 weeks and will need a belly button revision and more lipo of the flanks. Once everything is done I'll criticize my PS's work.

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