Chemical Peels Don’t Work on Me

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I have oily skin (bad genes) and have dealt with...

I have oily skin (bad genes) and have dealt with acne for most of my life. I spent my teen years till my 30s trying to find a regimen that would help my skin and keep me from breaking out. I’ve never had a lot of money to spend on it but I never outgrew the acne. I have started doing regular at-home peels to clear up acne scars. I use a glycolic solution because my skin does not react well to TCA. But I have not had favorable results. I cleanse the area well first and then apply the peel. I have tried several kits but they all seem about the same, concentration levels don’t matter, etc. I am glad I don’t get the burning and scabbing that some people report but I can’t report much success either. The peel burns when it’s on but when I remove it the skin never seems to go brown and peel off. I have begun doing this more frequently and with stronger solutions but nothing works. I think my skin has been toughened by years of acne and products. Some friends online have recommended I go to a dermatologist for a “real” peel as they call it but I just can’t afford to do this right now. But if it gets much worse, i.e. if I have to use so many kits to get a good result, I might consider it. I will need to save up a little first and I am turned off by it too. At this point I am not sure anything will give me the results I’m after.
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