Chemical Peels Are Clearing Up Bad Acne Scars - Manhattan, NY

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I’m a black 35 year old. I have had trouble...

I’m a black 35 year old. I have had trouble my whole life with my skin and trouble finding products for my skin type. Nobody seems to make products for black skin! I can find hair products but nothing for my skin and I feel like my skin is different than a white person’s. I had horrible acne when I was younger; picked them till big scabs formed and I scarred very badly.

A lot of this was on my face around my chin and neck but I had acne all over. I don’t want to look at my back. My mom used to wake me up because I was scratching the sores at night. It didn’t clear up until I was 30 but the scars are still there.

I began using Obagi when a friend suggested it because she used it successfully. I use their chemical peels and also their RetinA, serums, moisturizers, and day and night creams. I use them all! The peels have made the biggest difference. I still have my scars and dark marks all over but they are not as pronounced and they improve with each peel.

Think of my face as an onion; eventually I’ll get to the good, clean part! Their products are pricey but they are the only products that have worked for me so I am paying it. When I get older I think I will migrate to the anti-aging products like ElastiDerm. I will keep doing the chemical peels too.