Good Results Don't Mean You Need to Peel - Seattle, WA

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First, chemical peels are absolutely worth it....

First, chemical peels are absolutely worth it. They have cleared up fine line wrinkles, evened out my complexion, taken care of brown spots, and restored a healthy glow to my skin. You shouldn't expect everything after the first peel, though. It is a process that should take a few visits. Why should it take a few visits? The purpose behind a chemical peel is to remove damaged skin cells to allow healthy skin to be able to regrow uniformly. This is why it is so important after a chemical peel to moisturize and use sunscreen, because sun will damage the healthy skin as it is regrowing.

A simple way to picture this is comparing perfectly healthy skin to a tightly stretched silkscreen. If you were to poke a tiny hole in the silkscreen, it would open the fibers around it. Then if you poke a hole elsewhere, the fibers around it would unravel some. Though it would never fall apart, it would weaken overall and eventually become wrinkly. This is the same way the sun effects our skin. The chemical peel is designed to strip the top layers of our skin off, but not go deep enough to damage the healthy skin. For this reason, it should be a series of visits spread out 3-4 weeks, which is about the time it takes for your healthy skin to regenerate. If you have used sunscreen and moisturizer everyday, each subsequent visit will be more rewarding as you are building up healthy uniform skin, not damaged skin. Hopefully this clears up some of the misconceptions out there.

Close friend, licensed esthetician

First, always go to licensed estheticians, but whenever possible, if you can find a private practicing esthetician, you'll find much more honest and experienced advice. Just make sure the rates are fair, and validate their license. This also applies for the Salons which allow the esthetician's to have their own clients, but some of the Salon's instead "employ" esthetician's and only give them a percentage of the profit, which is near robbery, sometimes they will only make $12 a day that way. This is why you should seek out the experienced private practicing estheticians.

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