Chemical Peel Gave my Face a New Glow.

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Chemical peel is a great way to get a new glowing...

Chemical peel is a great way to get a new glowing skin. It might sound a little odd to get a treatment where you actually watch your skin peeling off, but the truth is that it really works and it takes away the old, dry and blemished skin and gives way to a new fresh and a glowing skin underneath. My mother has got chemical peels done several times, although she gets the phenol peel done. She advised me to get a TCA done for my sunburn marks and pigmentation and assured me great results. I was pretty happy to see the way my face turned out to be. The application and removal of the solution must have not taken more that 15 minutes. The product began to work only after two days when my skin began to peel. At first i saw some pale skin underneath but by the time the whole face had peeled, the skin tone was even and my face looked cleaner than it ever has. There is a new glow to my skin, like baby skin. I didn't care much for wrinkles as my main concern was the sunburn which is now completely gone. Chemical peel has given me a great glow!
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