Chemical Peel and NOTHING Has Changed

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I had a combination TCA peel (12.5% TCA) two weeks...

I had a combination TCA peel (12.5% TCA) two weeks ago and hate the results. Wait, let me rephrase: I hate the LACK of results!

My skin is typical of someone in her mid-40s and my plastic surgeon recommended a chemical peel as a good way to get rid of fine lines and light wrinkles. He said the procedure would be easier than anything he could do for me, and they have a health spa on site where I could get it done.

My PS was right; the process was easy. I was in and out in about 45 minutes. Most of that time was taken up with paperwork and release forms. Everything felt like it should have (at least, what I have read) and I was optimistic about how it went.

In the coming days I thought I was doing well. My skin was peeling like it was supposed to and I looked scary! I thought this meant it was working but by the time I had finished peeling there was absolutely no change to the fine lines anywhere on my face.

I immediately called the health spa. I sat on hold for what seemed like ages until finally a receptionist said she could answer my questions. I asked her about my lack of results and she said I had to schedule a series of treatments to see any results. Nobody ever told me this! She offered to sign me up at a “discounted” rate of almost $2000 for more sessions. I said I wouldn’t be doing that and asked for a refund for my non-results; she said they “don’t do refunds.” Satisfaction is NOT guaranteed.

This is a $500mil industry... why can’t they right a wrong for me?
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