Chemical Peel IPL Laser and Tretinoin for Acne

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Lots of acne around chin area, sides of face. some...

Lots of acne around chin area, sides of face. some cystic. Some red scars/ skin blotchiness.

The chemical peel and laser is going good so far (2 peels, 1 laser). But I doubt it is a "cure". Its probably temporary unfortunately.

Con, too expensive and I don't want to be sucked into a lifelong commitment of peels and lasers. That would be very expensive.

I brought a package of 5 salycic acid chemical peels and 5 IPL laser for acne treatment. But beforehand, I went to my dermatologist and was prescribed tretinoin .025% cream and minociclyn antibiotics. So first question can I take those antiboitics and undergoe the laser and peels? Also, I have not used the tretinoin cream. I think I should wait until I finish the chem peels and laser. Is it safe to use that cream and have the peel and laser treatment? I assumed it is not.
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I am not sure yet about the the long term effects yet so I can't say yes or no.

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