22 Years Old, 5'2", 110lbs. 270-300 Moderate Silicone Subglandular Aka "Overs" - Cheltenham, GB

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I had my first consultation with Mr McDiarmid in...

I had my first consultation with Mr McDiarmid in July 2015 and booked my surgery for the following year... July 2016 as I couldn't get the necessary time away from uni until the following summer holidays.

I measure as 28DD but usually wear 30D due to limited availability. This sounds big but it only really equates of a 32C/34B. My breasts also aren't that noticeable in clothes due to the angle of my sternum.

The right breast is slightly smaller than the left, but are in a nice position and have a good shape, so I am hoping for a nice end result.

At my first consultation I weighed a few pounds less and while there was enough tissue coverage on the upper pole of the left breast, the right breast was very borderline and the surgeon said over/under would have to be decided during the procedure. However I have managed to put that weight onto my boobs and now there is definitely enough coverage!
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