Disastrous Surgery - Cheltenham

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I only needed a slightly smaller nose - instead of...

I only needed a slightly smaller nose - instead of this the surgeon suggested an upturn. I wasn't keen but he insisted it would be slight and thought it would suit my face. He didn't explain the difference in surgery though that this would mean. (if I'd of had the more straight forward surgery I would probably be able to breath better through both nostils).

Anyway I now look like a pig. Its been 5 years and I cannot live like this. It doesn't suit my face. I have no good features to carry off this weird nose.

I have been told by other surgeons that he has over rotated my tip - by a mile I would say. I feel so humiliated with this on my face.

He promised that if anything went wrong he would fix it. To be honest it was alarming that he kept saying it often takes 2 or 3 times to get the right nose. At this point I realise I should have left his office!

Anyway of course he hasn't helped me. In face his treatment of me was so bad that the hospital who introduced him to me has complained to him about his conduct.

He also tried to sell me a chin implant. He kept going on and on. I guess it was Christmas and he wanted to get some extra presents.

I don't know how he can sleep at night.
Great Britain Plastic Surgeon

See above - terrible.

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