Cheek Augmentation Philippines

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I got interested in cheek implants right after my...

I got interested in cheek implants right after my lower blepharoplasty as I was always looking at my midface after the surgery. I then noticed that a cheek implant might make my face look prettier.

I chose silicone implants over Medpor or Goretex because most of the doctors I've consulted with said the same thing, that these porous implants are very hard to remove just incase it needs to be removed. There are even cases that had external wounds because of tissue destruction upon removal. Well, knowing how I am, I might change my mind, might want to get a bigger or a smaller one in the future, I went with the silicone since it is considered safe anyway.

I was awake the whole time with local anesthesia. I have braces too thats why the doctor had a hard time with the gauze pad going through my braces.

The incision was done inside the mouth. and no pain at all, just pressure and I kinda felt that the pocket for the implant was being disected. weird feeling,

Then when they closed the incisions the doctor took a mirror and showed me I was hecka swollen, so I wont appreciate it yet. Until now i'm 7 days post op, kinda swollen still.

I went home alone right after the surgery by a taxi.

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