27, Two Beautiful Children, Excess Saggy Skin - Canterbury, CT

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Hey all. Im 27 & a size 10 i have been so self...

Hey all. Im 27 & a size 10 i have been so self concious about my stomach for a long time now... Excercise & diet just isnt getting me results due to excess skin and its just getting me down and distroying my confidence. After lots of research and thought ive decided to go for a TT with muscle repair. 6 days to go. Very nervous id love to find someone whos having the same thing around the same time as me to share the journey with. And any advice or experiences would be great recieved. Thankyou x

5 days to go!!!

5 days pre op getting excited seeing everyones journeys on here are very encouraging. No one really sees my stomach, but if i say to people i need to tone my stomach or that im not happy with it they say i have nothing to worry about. But thats because they dont see underneith. Clothes are hard to pick because of my belly even though im a size 8/10 and under 9st. I do pole fitness and sometimes my teacher says you need belly skin out for certain moves. I ju at cant... So this really is a big deal to me. My stretch marks are bad but theu dont bother me like my skin they show i carried my gorgeous children. My belly button is closed all the time its horrid... Roll on my op and recovery...

26 hours to go!!!! TT with MR

Today ive packed my hospital bag, (nightie, slippers, dressing gown, things to keep me occupied) and ive made some smoothies with super foods In to help with the recovery process which ive Frozen down. Ive been shopping and got protien packed foods, and everything im going need for a while (i hope...) Tomorrow my admission time is 15:30 and i will be in there for two nights. Im feeling more positive today but still nervous of course. Im just going to miss my beautiful children... but i have a photo of them both packed and a lovely message from my daughter.
Saggy belly will soon be no more!!! ????

Under 4 hours to go... Very very nervous

Ok im just in the bath trying to relax before i need to head off for my TT and muscle repair surgery... I weighed myself and have taken some last pictures as im not sure if i can do anymore updates until after my op. Feeling ok until i realise how close it is and then get jelly legs!! Everything at home is ready for when i get back so for now im just going to try and remain calm and positive that it will all go smoothly. Thankyou for all of your support so far. Youve been amazing xxx

Here and feeling positive

Im here and the chaucer BMI hospital, everyone is sooooo lovely. My room is huge, my own bathroom, telly,wifi etc. Ive had some checks now waiting for the anethetist and surgeon to come and have a chat. Schedualed to go download theatre at 6pm...
Feeling good!!!!

Its done!!! ????

Hey everyone well its done!! I got back to my room at 22:00 i went down about 19:30 in the end. Feeling good just some waves of sickness atm but i havent eaten since breakfast. In and out of sleep. Will up date more tomorrow. Thankyou for all of your well wishes means a lot xxx

Day 1 post op. Feeling good :)

Ok so i was sick in the night and again when i got up out of bed for the first time this morning which didnt feel great. They gave me some more anti sickness medication which has helped. Just had a little walk to the bathroom for a wash so feeling all Refreshed now. The Pain is very mild around my stomach . Just tender more then anything amd a bit achy... really i was expecting the worst pain so am very pleased so far with how i feel. I still have two drains in for now and no longer need my oxygen. Now im just chilling in the chair in my room for a bit and going to watch some telly. Still havent seen my new tummy but im sure it wont long!! Love to all xx

3 days post op ...

Ok so not even 72 hours post op yet, i feel more tender tgen i did the first day or so but the main pain is in my back from being hunched over. Unfortinately i came on my period last night so have that and constipation too... Hoping once i can go to the toilet ill feel a bit better. Had to take my support band off to take off the dressing around my belly button where my drains were today. Gave it a clean and left it be. Getting the support band done back up was tough it took two nurses at the hospital and my sister did it today for me alone but not without a struggle... Im resting lots and keeping in a sitting up position with my knees up too. Tomorrow i get my children back home so although it may be a bit challanging i cant wait to see them and get some normality back. Although im very swollen its so strange to see a smooth belly!! Amazing

4 days post op

Feeling good today. Less hunched and less back pain then yesterday. Im back home now have been staying at my sisters since friday. Can feel my tummy is a bit itchy... Im getting some fresh air in the garden tge moment which is nice, a bit of normality and sunshine. Drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruit and veg and also taking arnica and drinking aloe gel. Im managing to walk about pretty good but only if i need to. Im listening to my surgeon and resting as much as possible to get the best out of all this.

1 week post op check TT and muscle repair surgery

Just got back from my 1 week post op check and all looking good :) can shower now and no more socks!!! ???? cant wait for swelling and bruising to go so i can see what it actually looks like!! But no more saggy skin is amazing to me. The inscision looked really good and my belly button looks better to me aswell. No pain really just uncomfortable sometimes. My hunch is getting better everyday which is good as my back can be painful sometimes. Been told to dry my belly button and the tape over the inscision with a hair dryer before putting my garment back on. Changing the tape myself in 1 week then back in two weeks to see mr davison. :)

11 days post op feeling good!!!

So im 11 days post op. And every day im noticably better, more comfortable and standing more upright. Slightly less tired everyday and able to do more. In the evenings my swelling is at its worst and just gets a bit uncomfortable. I sleep well one day and then bad for a couple... Its just being im the reclining chair position i think... I so want to be on my side again!! Bit my tummy is looking good, im so happy and excited to see more progess over the coming weeks / months. :)

16 days po TT with muscle repair

Hey all ok so wednesday i had ro change my inscision dressing it wasnt as bad as i thought. Thankfully. I took some pictures of my inscision scar to show you. Im feeling pretty normal and very nearly back to normal posture now. Ik back to work tomorrow and have a fully booked day 9-5:30 so a bit concerned as i do get tired quickly and being a massage therapist it wears me out theres of times but ill just see how i go.... Swelling seems to be a little less but still not really budging. Im going back to see my sergeon wednesday which im looking forward too so i can get his expert opinion on how im doing. This week i havent been keeping to rest its been back to normal looking afyer kids constantly on my feet and normal duties. I hope i havent made my recovery longer but u just have noone to help now so i just have to get on with it really. Hope everyone is doing well :) x

Some before & after photos

Im not even 3 weeks post op yet and already feel so happy with the results!!! :,)

3 weeks 5 days post op TT with muscle repair

So im only 26 days po and i can believe the difference. Im so overwhelmed and greatful to my amazing sergeon. This has changed my life.. :,)

I was reccomended to Mr Davison by a friend who used to work with him, after meeting him i felt completely confident that he was going to do an amazing job. And thats exactly what he has done. I cant express just how thankful i am to him. Hes given me back my confidence... Hes honest, realistic, informative and understanding. HIGHLY RECCOMEND

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