Waiting on Results. Chattanooga, TN

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Just had it done, so waiting to see how it turned...

Just had it done, so waiting to see how it turned out. Having the Halo Pro was quick! A numbing cream is applied before hand, so I felt very little discomfort while the procedure was being performed. When the numbing cream wore off, it felt as though I'd been in the sun too long. The intensity of that subsided throughout the evening.
Sleeping with my head elevated seemed to help the reduction in swelling. My face is still sore, but no worse than having a sun burn.

2nd Day

My face is a little puffy, and it definitely looks like I was out in the sun too long yesterday. I slept with my upper body elevated last night, and that definitely helped reduce the swelling.
I'm a little uncomfortable as my face is still a little warm. This is my first procedure of any sort ever, and I thought it was going to hurt much worse after reading some of the feed on here. My face is very sensitive, so I was expecting the worst. Happy to say there's just a little discomfort! Looking forward to results,

Day 3 Post Facial

The swelling has continued to go down, but it is still noticeable. My discomfort level has been very minimal. Due to the healing process, my skin is becoming very dry and a little itchy.
I have been using a very mild cleanser, ferulic c, a brighter and a good moisturizer. I had the procedure done last Thursday, and have been lucky enough keep my face make up free. Wearing make up would have been no problem, though.
My face is definitely healing, I look forward to seeing the results.
I plan on posting photos when I get more time. I have tried to take a variety each day to share with others interested in the procedure.

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