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Hello, Im a 24 year old wife and mother of 2 small...

Hello, Im a 24 year old wife and mother of 2 small awesome kids!! Like most women on here, ive lost breast volume due to pregnancy and breast feeding Two great parts of my life but no one told me my boobs would down grade!!! Ive always been an A cup and it never really bothered me til after my babies were born! They were ok before pregnancy, then big, then huge during breast feeding and then just flat and even more flabby after i stopped!! My husband doesnt care, he says he loves them and its my decision to get the surgery. I never seriously considered them until recently and i discovered this site in the process of my research. I found a dr that im interested in and i have an appt w him Monday 7/22. I already know what i want (i inframammary, 350ccs, moderate profile saline implants! i want to go form 32A to 32C. But i dont mind going smaller. this is more to improve the look, Im not going for the porn star look! id actually prefer my implants to be a little discreet.i want the natural look. Anyway I have tons of questions for you ladies who have done it already like recovery time and i need to know if they will feel soft and real. In a lot of pix they can look very stiff and hard :/ not the goal. But i love this site and i would appreciate ANY comments or advice u may have for me!! Thanks!!!

Consultation today

Well I went for my consultation today. I enjoyed it and i felt very informed. I was surprised that the 350ccs was way too much for me!! Im going with a 275cc. It looks good though.But Im still very apprehensive about the whole procedure. Just the risks and the chance that the out come may not be what i want. But at the same time I dont want my fears to dictate my decision. Pretty sure im going to do it though. This is something I want and all I can do is hope for the best!!
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