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I have wanted a BA for awhile now but fear of...

I have wanted a BA for awhile now but fear of surgery and fear of fake looking breast has kept me away. I want a small D and probably silcone gel implants. I live in the Chattanooga area willing to have surgery in Nashville.

If anyone has any advise about the surgery or type of implants or what I should look for in a surgeon I would appreciate any advice!!!

Day 1 After Surgery

Hi! So I just had my surgery yesterday! I got 425 cc in my left and 450 in my right. I had a hard time deciding because sizers just aren't the same. So far I am happy with the results, though they are high and boxy.

I have about two hours after my medications that I feel good, move around, and even did some spring cleaning. But then I completely crash and can't move at all! It is awful. I have a very low pain tolerance.

I went to Dr. Deal and Southern Surgical Arts and he and his team were great. Very nice and comforting. I went in this morning and they let me loosen the bra which helped greatly.

Here are the pics! Let me know what you think! My incisions are tiny which is good! I do feel like they are big right now but I am sure I will get used to them and love them! Ps- sorry for the dirty belly button I haven't showered since! Should be able to shower tomorrow hopefully.. and hopefully feel better Satruday really hoping to go back to work Monday!

The results are just like the pictures I showed him, so I am confident they will be like I wanted!

Day 2 Post Op

Swelling seems to be going down. Still tender and in some pain. My bra seems so tight but I know it is supposed to be! When did y'all go get new ones?

Six days post op

still hurting pretty bad and still boxy and high. Hopefully they will drop soon. Should my bra feel so so tight??

One week

got a new bra that is more comfortable going today to see if my surgeon thinks it has enough support! They are dropping every day.
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