35, 2 Kids, Loose Skin and Terrible Stretchmarks - Sydney, AU

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I am booked in for a full tummy tuck on Wednesday....

I am booked in for a full tummy tuck on Wednesday. Four days to go. I'm not scared anymore, just excited that finally after 18 years I will be able to show off my belly again. Having two children has changed my body and destroyed my stomach. I'm covered in stretchmarks and when I bend over it looks so terrible that I can't even look at it. I'm so excited that I already have my hospital bags packed. I know it won't be easy but it will be worth all the pain. I remember last summer at the beach, lying on the sand. I was wearing a bikini and couldn't get up to go for a swim because I was too embarrassed of what people would think of my stomache. Instead, I sat there crying and hating myself. This year I plan on going to the beach and loving myself... nobody should feel embarressed of their body. I've spent ten years at the gym training harder then anyone and there is only one way to fix this. So here I go... I've finally made the decision to follow my biggest dream and get my beautiful tummy back again. Bring on the pain. I am ready for it! The truth is, nothing could be more painful than the way I feel when I look at my current stomache.

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