The Only Acne Medication That Truly Works! - Charlottesville, VA

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Prior to accutane, I had been on almost every acne...

Prior to accutane, I had been on almost every acne medicine on the market (Adapalene (Differin), Clindamycin, Retin-A, benzoyl peroxide, oral minocycline...) and nothing had worked. I would stay on one of these medications for at least 6 months before giving up and switching to a new one. These medicines might work for some people, but for my skin they did close to nothing. I had moderate acne for a solid 5 years prior to accutane. Now, after accutane, my acne is essentially non-existant. Of course, I still get small zits (everybody does!), but they are nothing compared to my old skin. I really cannot express how grateful I am for accutane. I know this sounds like an advertisement for accutane, but I can't help it; the results are amazing!

Now for the cons... Just like any strong medication, accutane does have some side effects. The only main ones that I suffered from were nose bleeds, joint pain, and extreme skin dryness. I know that when you go to the dermatologist for accutane, they list a plethora of possible side effects that seem very scary. Don't be alarmed. Most likely, you will have very few of these side effects.

Overall, the six months that I was on accutane were not fun. That being said, I would 100% do this again. Accutane is the only medicine for acne that has actually worked for me.

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