Risers Make Clear Correct Not So Invisible - Charlotte, NC

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I have had Clear Correct for 3 months now. I...

I have had Clear Correct for 3 months now. I completed Phase 1 last week and went back to my denist to pick up phase 2. When the dentist showed me Phase 2 I noticed square bubbles sticking out across the front of the aligners (both the bottom and top). I asked the dentist about them and he said they were called "risers" and are used to help turn your teeth (athough he said they don't do much of anything). I put them on and now it looks like I have brackets across my front teeth! The reason I paid for clear correct is because I wanted invisible braces! My teeth are not that bad and don't need to be turned that much either! I have friends (whose teeth were much worse than mine) that have had invisalign and never had to have these "risers". I called my dentist when I got home and asked if they could call Clear Correct and get my Phase 2 re-done without the risers, and they told me they could not. They told me they can make sure I don't have them for phase 3 though (I'm stuck with the risers for the next 3 months)....
Also, I see almost no change in my teeth after 3 months! Maybe I'm just impatient, but I feel like I should see some improvemet something by now!
If I could go back I would pay a little more for Invisalign.

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