Consultation Only - As Someone in the Healthcare Field, I Will Never Provide Care Like This to Any of my Patients. HORRIBLE -NC

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I'm writing this review because I was so...

I'm writing this review because I was so disappointed in my consultation with Dr. Freeman. He first walks in without a smile on his face, then proceeds to draw on my nose without even asking what my wants and needs are (mind you HE NEVER ASKED). Then he started telling me a list of all the things wrong with my nose that I had never seen before. All I was wanting was my hump fixed THATS IT. Still never asked what I wanted. Then when I showed him my profile he says "Yep its big" and "I said what is? The hump? I know." and he says "No pretty much all of it" RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the one reason I picked him was because I liked his prices and that he did computer imaging. During our consultation in his office, I was responding to one of his questions, where he would say "..anyways" just disregarding me. I then asked about the computer imaging, when he says that he doesn't like to do it because he's not good at it, but that if I wanted it he'd do it. Then I said I wanted it, and then again was dismissed and it was never done. WHY IS IT ON YOUR WEBSITE THEN?????

I understand he's one of the best of rhinoplastys as far as pricing and experience, but I will NEVER let this doctor do surgery on me. He not only never asked my wants and wishes, didn't ask to do anything his website promised, and I also felt as if I was there for HIM, when really he's supposed to be there for me and make me feel good.
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon

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