At Your Own Risk...- Charlotte, NC

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I had restylane injected into my "11" marks by a...

I had restylane injected into my "11" marks by a well respected and extremely qualified doctor in Charlotte. He is also part of the teaching college and sits on the board...he is definetly no slouch. I had this done once before my wedding and the results were wonderful. I decided to keep up with it since I liked the results and that is where my nightmare began. He was in a hurry and hit a blood vessel and I had to have multiple V beam and CO2 laser proceedures to fix the the HOLE in my forehead. It took months and months, seven in all to get some sort of satisfaction but I still have a scar. Personally I say stay away from restylane. After this happened to me I did some research and it seems this product is always the one that seems to cause the most problems. Is it the product itself? Is it because it is used more frequently than others? Who knows...all I DO know is that I found out the hard way and will NOT try this again!!

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