Perlane to Fill out Jawline - Charlotte, NC

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I had pearlane injections into my jawline with the...

I had pearlane injections into my jawline with the numbing cream. I didn't feel any pain and very little brusing.The results were worth every dollar. I had excellent results and no problems.

This past Thursday I had a tissue graft on my lower bottom teeth,my jawline is very puffy where I had my pearlane injection.

I am wondering if the novacaine i received could have reacted with the pearlane and plumped it out even more along my jawline? I have had a tissue graft at this same site ten years ago and did not have this puffy swollen look before.

Great results with pearlane

After several round of antibotics the infection I had with my tissue graft subsided. My jawline looks great, but I would not have a dental procedure so quickly
after any injections. I am very happy with my results.
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