Small Boobs for Me!!!- 5 wk update w/ pic

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Day 1 July 9th Today was the big day, I was soo...

Day 1 July 9th

Today was the big day, I was soo shocked at how calm I was. Even the nurses commented on me being as cool as cucumber. Idk if it was just being ready to get something done that I wanted all this time or If it was just shock that this was really happening , what ever it is I am happy I got it done & over with. My mommy , step dad and I arrived to the surgery center around 725 am I was taken back a little after 8, I was prepped and then sent in on my way I want to say like 9. I all can remember is being woke up and experiencing pain, from what my mom told me I give meds and put bk to sleep. When I woke up again, I was give more meds and sat up in a chair. My mom came back, she was given discharge instructions and I was free to leave. At this time it was like 145pm, seems as If I was there for 20 mins, it happened so fast. The medicine has me very sleepy so I'm thankful for that, my pain is at a 4, thanks baby jesus bc I was really worried about the pain n nausea. As I write this I am in the bed feeling extremely relaxed, my children will be leaving soon, so it's off to the road of recovery for me. Oh the new boobs? They look really lil from what I can tell thru the cardigan that iam wearing. Overall I feel good and grateful! Update later if I'm up to it????

Later that day!
I'm up, my children has officially left to go visit their grandparents 9hrs away. Although I will miss them, I know this will be an awesome time to get recover!! I am in minimal pain! The meds must be a lifesaver. I am trying to get comfortable sleeping up right, but other than that I am enjoying the thought of shopping for new bras and being comfortable without lugging around all the extra weight in my breast! This is going to be GREAT! Gn ????

2 days PO -July 10th

I promise the pain level I have is very doable! I don't know if its the meds or me just thinking it would be much worst. However I'm very happy that I'm not in too much pain. I am going to attempt a shower pretty shortly. Hoping I get to peek at my boobs without being too grossed out lol I've been in the bed for these last 24 hrs propped up on pillows, fun right! Eek! Cannot wait to get up and start moving around. But I promised myself I will take it slow and not rush it!

2 days PO- July 11th

It was a good relaxed day. I pretty much slept off and on. Pain again was very minimal. I am very please with the way my recovery is going. Praying for a quick and easy recovery!

3 days PO- July 12th (today)

I woke up today with a headache! It comes off and on. I took ibuprofen since I am no longer taking Vicodin since I feel pretty good. It's really annoying (the headaches) I hope it's just from the anesthesia wearing off! I finally made a trip down stairs, what a relief to get out of the bed. Oh and the itching kicked in full force last night, much better now! My follow up visit is next Tuesday, can't wait to see what my doc thinks about my new boobs;)

4days PO

Today has been going well. I got out for a little yesterday. I was having a hard time with headaches throughout the night but I'm better. I still have swelling in my breast, but I am still much please with my results. I wanted to be a full C but from what I see I think I will be a little smaller than that, which is ok. I am very worried about something going wrong with my incisions. I almost obsessed over it :( I'm also ready to have a night sleep where I don't have to be upright. Does anyone know how long I have to sleep propped up on pillows?


1 week doctor visit

Everything went great! He basically checked out my breast, answered any questions and sent me on my way. Very short visit. I totally forgot to ask half of my questions smh and will have to ask them at my 2 week ck up, that's when I will have the steri strips removed eek! I'm still bloated blah but I'm feeling better each day! I feel some pain along my anchor incisions but other than that I'm pain free. I walk hunched over scared I might pull apart my incisions, lol my husband thinks I'm psycho, but honestly I'm just a big worrier!

Pics 1 week PO

Still doing pretty well I think

It would help if I added the pic lol

5 week PO & pic

So it has been 5 weeks since I've had surgery and I must say I've been doing great. I haven't had hardly any complications with healing. I even went 4 hours away to celebrate my 27th bday at 3 weeks po and flew up north to visit with family right after that. I'm almost completely healed aside from a tiny opening at the bottom incision on the right boob. I am returning to work tomorrow, a lot I think I could have been went back lol , I haven't had any zingers since my 1st week or so. All is well on my end, just a quick update!

Birthday Fun

I celebrated my 27th bday recently, as I mentioned in the previous post. My husband and I went down to atlanta to hang out with friends... I was soo excited I was able to put on a dress without bussing out of it! Just wanted to share a few pics from my trip... You guys will see why I was so happy :)
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

He was very friendly and made me feel really comfortable. He answered all of me and my moms questions. He did a wonderful job, and I'm pleased with the outcome thus far!

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