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Just found out I got approved today after years of...

Just found out I got approved today after years of wondering if I would be able to get this done!! I'm nervous and excited and a little scared so many emotions but most of all I'm happy and grateful that is was approved . I went through all the necessary steps the I learned here from reading reviews. My PCP referred me to my PS and also to a chiropractor which I did try but didn't really get any relief from neck, shoulder,and upper back pain. The authorization took two weeks however two years ago I started emphasizing to my doctors about the pain my breast was causing and didn't feel that my male pcp really understood or took me seriously. Finally got new insurance through ACA(OBAMACARE) and the insurance I picked required me to select new doctors. I couldn't be happier with the new insurance and the speed in which they approved me. I made sure to stay with there tier 1 doctors so my out of pocket expenses would be minimal. However I did go to three doctors overall just to see if they were saying the same thing or if I could learn something that would be different between offices.( One doctor indicated that my insurance would probably deny the claim because he felt I needed to take out less than 700 grams and insurance wouldn't pay for that amount) Anyways I'm a 36G in my most comfortable BRA (Nursing BRA haven't nursed in 2.5 yrs) I'm 5/10 and 190 pounds. I hoping after my surgery I can lose weight due to shifting the load off top. I will post before and after pictures please send prayers my way for speedy recover and successful surgery.

Surgery Tomorrow

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning and I'm hoping everything goes well!! Turns out my actual bra size is more like a 32GG of 32H who knew? I got measured at nordstrom just out of curiousity before I said goodbye to girls.


I promise I'm posting pics from before and after as soon as I figure it out.
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