Early 20's Wanting a Natural Breast Enlargement and Finally Did It After 2 Years of Research. Charlotte, NC

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I've been wanting a natural way to enlarge my...

I've been wanting a natural way to enlarge my breast a little more with no foreign materials being placed in me (can't stand something like that at all!), and when I heard about that you can increase your breast size with your own fat, I was totally drawn into it. I've searched for many surgeons around my area and had consultations with some of the ones I think was good. However, after I saw Dr. Bednar's work, my mind was just like "THIS IS IT!" but sadly, it was all the way in North Carolina! I was pretty much giving up on this one since it's a lot of trouble and my budget got a limit as well. I was gonna to go to another surgeon whom I thought was great here in California, but I hesitated, and yes for about a whole year. Then finally, I don't know what had gotten into me but one day I just woke up and said "I'm going to Dr. Bednar". So then I went on their website and requested a consultation. Sylvia was the sweetest of the sweetest. She's like a motherly figure and very informative as well as quick to response! I consider myself pretty lucky that I did not have to do a skype consultation since I'm so not used to such thing, because they were planning to come to LA just the week after! How lucky is that?! So I went for the consultation, everything went awesome. Oh, and I decided to have my surgery with him before I even had the consultation, right after I spoke to him over the phone. I bought my ticket to NC, and Sylvia helped me book for my hotel stay, which I am very grateful since this was my first time out of state alone. Sylvia picked me up from the airport and picked me up for the surgery. And even got me some food and snacks plus a shirt and jacket for post op because I accidentally brought a jacket that had a broken zipper! (Always check before you leave the house if you're going somewhere far). I arrived the day b4 my surg and had another consultation with Dr.B. Because I am a petite build and my fats are pretty much distributed evenly throughout my whole body, there isn't really an area where most fats are deposit. So Dr.B had to take out a little from here and there, basically everywhere. I had my abs, inner/outter/back thigh, upper/lower back, and my arms being lipo'd for the FT. I wanted to transfer as much as my breasts could hold and won't destroy the fat survival. The surgery went really well, I was asleep anyways (lol). The overnight nurse was nice too. Healing was pretty quick, I am now one month post and feeling great. Still sore on some areas where they had took the fat out, but it's all good.

So right now I am exactly one month post op and here are my before and after measurements:

BEFORE the surgery:
Under-bust measurement of 27.5 inch;
Bust measurement of 34 inch (a size 30DD/DDD depending on the bra).

Right now one month AFTER surg:
Under-bust measurement is 28 inch (with some back swelling still);
Bust measurement is at 38 inches!

They said that it will take 3 months to know how much fat stayed. But I haven't had much loss yet. Most of the swelling had gone down, and loss 1 inch (from 39 to 38) but that's probably more of the swelling than the fat itself. I think I won't really lose much because I tend to keep fats pretty well, though I don't really lose or gain weight either...and that I've never had anything done to my breasts before so no scar tissues or any problems with my breasts so I think I can retain most of the fat transferred. I will see how it goes at 3 month mark. Will update in another month :)

P.S. Sorry I won't be uploading photos at this time, my boyfriend will FLIP. So I will keep my breasts anonymous. But yes, check out Dr.B's work image for breast FT if you're considering it. it's totally worth it!

3.5 Month Post Update

Sorry for the late update! So it's been over 3 month, almost 4 month now and surprisingly I haven't loose any volume at all! My under-bust still measures 28 inch and my bust is still 38 inch. I thought I would be loosing some volume, maybe to like a 37 or even 36 but I guess not lol. I haven't gained or lost any weight. All the lumps are now softened and all gone! I am able to wear regular bras now as well :) I didn't wear a bra at all for 3 month, maybe that helped?! Anyways, I'm glad that I went through this and would recommend to Dr. Bednar to anyone who wants to get a fat transfer! Oh, and they even fly out to LA to follow up with you from time to time! How many surgeons does that?!

Alright, so everything is awesome and the healing went smooth. My only concern right now is that the incisions are a little hard and dark. I got some steroid injections and it softened up a lot, but the dark color is still there so I'm trying to find a solution for that. Hopefully more injections will do the work for me, or it will go away once it's all softened up. Not sure yet :( But other than that, I am very satisfied. :)

Doing ok, but concerned about the incision scars.

I am doing pretty good, but the left side is a little smaller than the right side (about 1/2 cup). You can't really tell unless you look carefully, but I am a perfectionist so this bothers me quite a bit. Overall the measurements are still pretty much the same which I am glad. I am thinking to do another transfer (locally this time) to even up both sides.

My biggest concern are the incisions...very big, dark and noticeable. It would be better if the incisions on my thigh and arms are done in a hidden area but...it's right in the front and middle of my thighs and now I can't wear shorts because of them. and I wear long sleeves for my arms too because the incisions are very ugly and in a visible area. I am spending more $$ to get rid of them but still not improving much. (injections, silicone sheeting, prescription lightening cream, etc). I'm afraid I might need surgeries to remove these scars... :( Please guys, notify your surgeon about where you want your incisions to be and make sure they do it in a hidden area and not places that people would notice it first when they look at you in that area. I can't wear shorts nor short sleeve shirts anymore unless these goes away. I don't regret doing the FT, but the incision scars are very frustrating. Will update in the future.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Very informative, and great doctor + great staff! (Especially Sylvia!)

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