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After having implant for 13 years, it's time for a...

After having implant for 13 years, it's time for a change! I have decided to have my implants, which are Mentor High Profile 380 f.t 450 (R) 425 (L), replaced using the fat transfer method. How many times have we wanted to take fat from one place and put it in another? Well June 20th, I will have that opportunity.

Can anyone who has had this procedure recommend clothing options during the healing process?

Pre-op package

I received my pre-op package. I love that Dr. Bednar has a great understanding of supplemental support and it's role in healing. Most doctors seem to lack in that area.

Ice cream for breakfast?

With my lipo surgery one week away, why not have ice cream for breakfast and pie for lunch? Seriously, this has been my nervous, yet kid in a candy store like, mentality for three weeks. I have always eaten in moderation and healthy, but the last few weeks I have indulged in pie (yummy coconut cream, apple, berry, you name it!) and don't forget the ice cream (with cones: cake and waffle)! I keep thinking it's ok to gain a couple of pounds, right? Maybe not. Either way, it's nice to eat without having the bondage of worrying about running it off later. And eating and not nagging at my thighs like they are the evil ones that made me do it. Seriously, I think my thighs have a sweet tooth. It's not me, it's the thighs, they beg for it, then hold on to it for dear life like a commodity.

Dr. Bednar is planning to remove 1,100 cc's and I go back and forth between thinking I have a gracious amount of extra fat- to worrying that he will be digging around my ankles and toes trying to find some hidden fatty treasure. (I'll just tape a map on my back pointing him to the bountiful pirate's booty). ;) Then there is the wondering if I will have DD's and a 24 inch waist or mosquito bite sized breast with nipples sitting there like deflated ornaments. Like will the fat settle in and love their new home. Like will it be singing "Moving on up" and think it's moving up in the world; going to higher places as it were? Or will it be like oh "heck no, you have disgraced us by making boobs out of us. Sayonara, Sucker"?

As I prepare for my lipo, I reflect upon the way I have harshly viewed and criticized my body. At least it's always been something I recognized. Will I recognize my own body once it's been sculpted? Will it recognize me? Guess we will have to wait and see! Meanwhile, I posted some before pictures. I thought about slumping and looking depressed and poking my stomach out (more) and sucking my butt in; like they do in those diet pictures. But if I did that, I would have to spray paint abs on my after pictures and it felt like too much work.

It's the final countdown!!!

While I am not comfortable posting my ta-tas online, I do want to post before pictures. My right implant has a small leak and you can really see it better in some of these pictures. Being that I have saline, I am delighted there is still substance there.

I have measured my breast to make the final results easier to compare. To keep from sounding like a math nerd, I am not using actual formulas, but am using terms. So the diameter of my right breast, going East to West is 8.5 inches. The diameter North to South is 7 inches. The radius from crease to nipple is 4 inches on both sides. On the left side, the East to West diameter is 9 inches; North and South are 8 inches.

Upper thighs are 21
Thighs are 20
Butt is 38 (Didn't see that one coming)
Belly Button is 30 (didn't see that one coming either)
Waist is 27 inches

BTW, I am having weird dreams now. I dreamed our hotel suite was invaded by smokers that had lit 17 cigarettes and just left them to burn. Then my husband had not gotten my compression garment from the Dr, and when we did get it it was like this goofy contraption that we couldn't get on. So far, the dreams are better than when I had my implants. Then I dreamed a gold fish was swimming around in one of them. Haha!

Post surgery update

It's been a few days since my surgery and I am feeling fairly well. I haven't had any pain medicine since the day of my surgery. I was sore but never really hurt. I have been pretty swollen but never did drain much. my back is the most swollen. Dr. Bednar was able to get 600ccs in each breast. He is a fat finding magician.

I love my breast! They are so different than implants. They are wider and jiggle. I adore Dr Bednar's staff. They are genuinely kind people. They were patient with me and have been diligent to call and return calls. I really appreciate their courtesy. I "may" have been a challenge once or twice but they just rolled with it. Btw even though I'm swollen I can tell my shape has been brilliantly sculptured by the hands of a skilled artist. My shape is so perfectly hour glass, with the slightest touch of a *I have a couple of pictures of my breast. My nipples look like scared turtles hiding in their shell but when they feel safe, they'll emerge once more.


Here are some post op pictures

Second attempt at posting pictures

Things that have really helped

Before my surgery I bought a few items I feel have really helped. I went to a local thrift store and was able to get oversized men's pajama tops for $0.50. Also, I bought several robes. I bought them at the thrift store so I wouldn't worry about fluid getting on them. Because my Dr is 2 states over, I bought a travel neck pillow. I have really loved having it while sleeping upright. Also, a sports bra that is 2 sizes too big and a bali, no wire, wire. I bought tons of juices and bottled waters too.

Here are some pictures from my first shower!

Good bye, Evil Drain Tubes!

I am soooo ready to have these drain tubes of doom removed! I feel like some weird alien gun slinger adorning body fluid grenades on my hips. Well enough! Today they are coming out!!!! Scenaria Suckers!

Update- finally!

I didn't mean to go so long without posting, sorry. If you are not patient with healing, this is not the surgery for you. Regardless of the fact I am better daily, I just feel like it is taking forever to heal. I am still bruised on my right breast and have a few bruises here and there, but the bruising is much better. I still have swelling and numbness; mostly in my back.

As far as my breast are concerned, I have not lost much size. They seem to have "fluffed", but have not decreased a lot. I measure them often and am 10 inches across the left and 9.5 across the right, which is bigger than I was before the surgery. I am 4 inches from crease to nipple, which is the same as before the surgery. I really love the way they feel. Unlike implants, they are so soft and jiggly. I am swollen in between my breast and assume I will have more cleavage once the swelling has subsided.

The compression garment was getting really loose. I felt like a little girl in her mom's, great grandmother's rather, garment. I washed it in hot water and dried it in the dryer and it is much smaller now! For the last two nights I have taken it off for a few hours, which has allowed me to sleep better. I see Dr. Bednar next week and can't wait to find out how much longer I will be in this contraption. It wouldn't be so bad, but the zippers on the side are unpleasant. Staying in a deep sleep has been somewhat of a challenge. I will be relieved when I can sleep on my side, as I am not a back sleeper.

I have a couple of pictures. I will try to post more later (eventually). It's hard to take a good picture, which is why I haven't posted many. BTW, my bottom looks bigger and more round. Not sure how the good doctor managed that, but it is a nice perk. I can tell it will look amazing once the swelling has gone down more.

I wish my update were more positive. The results are great, it is just such a slow process.

The answer to all of your questions is: 3 MONTHS...

The answer to all of your questions is 3 months or 8 months.
At three months you can:
sleep on your stomach
drink alcohol and smoke
hold your kids
put pressure on your breast
wear a wired bra
know your cup size (although Dr. Bednar said at 1 month, I will pretty much stay the size I am. I feel like I lost the most volume at week 4)

At 8 months all of the swelling will be gone. And, believe me, there is a lot of swelling- everywhere.

I can only give my personal opinion, and as of right now, I must say getting implants is superior in a lot of ways.

Advantages of implants
1. You know and get to choose your size
2. They don't shrink every single day (every day my boobs seem smaller)
3. They don't sag (more on this in a min)
4. The healing process is centralized and not spread all over your entire body.
5. The healing process is much faster
6. My implant placement surgery was $3,500; Fat transfer was $12,500
7. You can have them placed in your armpit so there is no scar. I have at least 5 scars from the lipo.
8. As of right now, I have spider veins from the lipo
9. Implants look so much better and perkier.
10. Implants stay the same size regardless of your weight gain and loss.
11. You don't have to sleep on your back for 12 weeks

Advantages to fat transfer:
1. Your boobs are softer
2. Your body gets somewhat sculpted

While I love the way my breast feel, they sag and are ever shrinking. This is really bothering me. I mentioned the sagging to Dr. Bednar. He said it's because they are natural and not implants, but let's consider this. The fat is where he put it. There is an exceptional amount of fat under my nipple compared to above. I asked him why didn't he put the same amount above as below to make it have an even appearance like with my implants. He answered me but I don't think he actually considered the answer. He said he had to weave fat in where there was breast tissue. Well here is where that doesn't add up. When I had my implants put in, I had my crease lowered; therefore, where most of my current volume is has NO breast tissue. It is actually rib/chest area not breast tissue. So I paid for National Geographic looking breast.... NICE!?!?

Ok, another thing that is really bothering me. The implant removal scar. It is HUGE. Bigger than my c-section scar. Why???? My last child was 8 pounds and 11 ounces. Now, I didn't have 9 pound implants. What is with the monster, prolonged scar?

NEXT- I have a mark on my back. It wasn't there prior to surgery, but was there right after. It was bright red, but has now turned brown. Dr. Bednar has no idea where it came from, but is certain not him as he "didn't even go near that part of my back". Considering I was unconscious at his office for 4 hours, I would be put in a huge comfort zone if someone knew where the mark came from and what it is. Especially considering it seems to be lingering.

I really hope I become more optimistic about the fat transfer, but as of right now, I am not thrilled. I do love the feel and the fact that my body has been somewhat sculpted. Right now my body is still swollen, so I only have a general idea of the shape/size I will be.

As far as volume, I think I have lost half. I don't know why. I have done everything I was told. My implants had leaked and I had 340 ccs. Dr. Bednar put in 600 ccs. I appear to be smaller than with my implants, though that may be due to the excessive sagging.

6 weeks

It's been 6 weeks and I am feeling much better. I think I freaked some folks out with my last review, rant rather, on how implants are superior! Sorry about that. I am more optimistic now. This surgery has been an emotional roller coaster, so just roll with me through the journey and hang on with me.

During weeks 4 and 5, I lost the most breast fat. However, that wasn't such a bad thing, for me at least. I wasn't liking the boob-knees and the loss of fat has evened me out. I love them so much better.

Now at week 6, my body seems to be shining through. The residual swelling is going down and I have feel parts I thought I would never see or feel again.

Does anyone know what the freak mark on my back is? It was RED at first, but now, browish. It isn't a bruise.

Almost one year post op!

I will be one year post op next month! I have debated about reviewing my surgery and results for a while, but here it goes. I really like Dr. Bednar and his staff, especially his nurse Sue. They have been super. And while I believe Dr. Bednar is truly an exceptionally great surgeon, I am not pleased whatsoever with my results. I guess no matter how talented you are, you will not always have a 100% great outcome. Perhaps Dr. Bednar was having an off day when he did my surgery or maybe I should have had my implants taken out and healed before having the fat transfer. At any rate, I unfortunately regret having the fat transfer. My boobs, which never sagged before, now sag. I look as if I need a lift. I have no upper pole fullness. I didn't have a scar on my chest because I had my implants put in through the arm pit, now I have at least 8 inches of a scar on my chest, not to mention the lipo scars, which are fading well, and the scar on my back, which I have no idea what he heck it is. Dr. Bednar said it is a bruise, but at 11 months post op, I am thinking no.

I have had a couple of issues with my breast filling up with fluid in a "track" where the fat was inserted. Dr. Bednar drained it with no problems. The fluid was clear. I actually have a fluid build up now, and need to go back. I have several lumps in my left breast and some smaller pebble like things as well. Also, I have had a red circle on my left boob for months. Dr. Bednar says the red place will go away and the bumps are apparently not worth messing with. I can't express how much I would love to give a raving review, but I can't.


Here are some pictures I took this morning. You can see how they slope and sag. There just isn't much fat above the nipple area.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bednar is really professional and very informative. He has an exceptional staff, who go beyond the call of duty to be helpful and considerate. You will be hard pressed to find a more efficient office.

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