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I hated my breasts from pregnancy to end.. during...

I hated my breasts from pregnancy to end.. during my pregnancy I developed tuberous breasts with a puffy areola that darkened. During breastfeeding I went up to a 32 EE almost F.. by the end of breastfeeding, I had gone to literally a sack of skin on my chest with large dark areola. Not only was breast augmentation expensive and full of scars, but i went to a few different consultations, one with dr julia khanna...18000 dollars and she wasnt sure I would get the result I wanted. I waited a few years until I fully understood the risks and had a realistic expectation of what I could have and afford. I switched from looking for someone who could do a good lift to someone who could do a fat transfer that understood that I did not mind my large areola or the sag...just wanted the skin filled out. I am petite; 115 lbs 5'4. I had gone to a few consults in Canada to meet the same answer; sorry but ball in sock is what you would get and you do not have enough fat. I had been following dr bednar for a while, and while a plane ride away, his reviews on real self and the attentiveness and politeness and friendliness of his staff drew me immediately. I knew after 4 years that this is what I wanted and needed. I booked my flight and appointment 4 days after the call. When I got there I originally only wanted my love handles and tummy but he said there would not be enough fat. I didn't want to go huge, just fill the skin. Following surgery, I was not in a lot of pain. Sylvia, his wife picked me up from the airport and in the morning drove me to the office, the nurses thoroughly went through everything, before pictures were taken. Fat was taken from my flanks, tummy, outer and inner thighs. I wasnt that sore because of the anaesthesia used from the surgery. I had an overnight nurse Melissa who went to whole foods and got me pumpkin seeds and pineapple..later on the next day I ordered salmon from the palm restaurant they had right beside the hotel..it was really yummy,..the scallops not so much. I checked out to go home wednesday and instead of having me come into the office, Dr bednar came personally to my hotel room to check on my bandages and make sure everything was in place as well as give me a script to take home. I was able to quickly look at my breasts in the mirror. OH MY GOD!!! I teared up I had such a big smile. They went from used up skin sacks to perky (yes they were bruised, and needle poked) but omg they were beautiful. I had breasts 23 year olds are supposed to have I was so happy. I took the flight out the next morning, and am still in recovery. I am not in a whole lot of pain... I take a vallium before I go to bed because I don't like getting up multiple times and I make sure I drink at least 3 bottles of water a day... theres no point in getting surgery like this if you are not going to take care of the results. The nurses give you a second garment to wear when you need to change/shower and it does up quite easily. I didnt end up needing the nausea medicine at all so that was a waste of about 100$. I didnt use the suppositories either.. I think that an over the counter stool softener would be fine..but really if you're keeping up on your water intake you should be fine. Honestly, going into the surgery, my hopes were as long as they are full and saggy thats fine, but he moulded them into full saggless cleavage fun bags that look and feel like they were made for a mans hands. I am so in love with them and I know that the swelling will go down and they will settle but even if they look half as good as they do now, I will be pleased. I do have quite a bit of swelling on my lower back area where the love handles were..so wondering when that will go down, that area is numb as well. But I'm not worried. My inner thighs are back to normal and my outer thighs are tender but nothing too drastic. I love Dr Bednar and his staff... If I was to say what the worst part of the whole thing was is the IV needle.. it goes in your left hand on top and I had a small panic attack...I;m a wuss and I hate needles. The room was a bit cold as well.. but thats for sterility and hygienic reasons. This all was in a span of a week... Surgery was on monday it is now Thursday so... I don't know if its my age or the fact I'm eating well and drinking a lot of water but I would reccomend Dr. Bednar to anyone thinking of getting fat transfer to breast. Oh and question wise... I emailed sylvia at 11pm about bandages and she called me and then called my overnight nurse and had me redressed just to make me feel better..thats how good the customer service and level of care it. amazing.


day 4, the bruising has gone yellow. I've removed the bandages and put smaller gauze around the stitches(there are 4 in total) on the gauze I put the scar cream. On my body I put arnica cream as well as a body tightening cream and reclosed the body garment. Just want everything to be perfect. I am scared of showering, I don't really have anyone that I wouldn't be embarrassed with to do it... at this point I told everyone I had surgery to correct my intestine lol... Another thing is on top of the 10,500 there was a 650 dollar charge for the overnight nurse which can be avoided if you bring someone with you i.e. husband or friend. However, the nurse has more knowledge and will help keep track of your meds(At one point i wanted to overdo it) and she's very calm and relaxing. The Hampton they recommend is close to the clinic and It had two queen beds a sitting room a kitchenette and a large vanity/bathroom it was 144.00 a night.

My breasts

I took my bandage off this morning already to put cream on so I don't want to again. This wasnt recommended and I didnt ask permission... but I've been taking my compression garment off and applying a skin tightening gel as well as arnica for the bruising on my thighs. There is no bruising on my stomach, so I've been using a toning gel. Cant hurt, right? Its been 7 days and I still haven't showered.. kind of scared to. Almost all my stitches have come out. I've been using what they gave me 'scar esthetique' and a bust firming gel on the scars and all over my breasts.(I have one stitch on the fold under each breast and one stitch on each bum cheek under the fold thats it) They've gone from red to pink in the week. The pain; feels like I worked out too hard. Vallium makes everything really easy.

one week update

So... my boobs have gotten a bit smaller, the swelling on my legs is gone..the pictures make it look a lot worse. the white bits are where the stitches are. Again, every night, I take my garment off and hydrate with a body slimming cream and grape seed oil. I have also been using a bust firming gel by phsiodermie. Light massage... Not doctor recommended, but light touch to the skin promotes blood flow and I hate dry skin. Love everything except the swelling on my lower back. I find it repulsive and am really looking forward to that going away. Loving the boobs. Nothing really hurts unless I poke it now... dr sent me a smaller size compression garment because the one I got about 3 days in felt loose. Have also finished my vallium so taking one hydrocodone to help with sleep

just a pic of my before bum someone was asking about my back dimples.

I am too tired today to get up and about so still no pictures but heres what my back dimples with a DSR camera looked like.(thanks ex hubby(


I'm so happy with my results...still waiting for the back swelling to go down and really REALLY needing those dimples to be there. But here we are almost 2 weeks post op and looking amazing. So happy that I did this!

great new photos clearer images, great healing, loving results

hope you enjoy the photos, loving my new bod.


heres a comparison

I can't believe its not even been a month...

I've been off the meds since 01/29/16. I received the vallium script in the mail but never used it. I have had trouble sleeping at night, so I've been taking the compression garment off. I think wearing it 12+hours sweating working and momming is fine. I'm 22. Today I'm buying a 'waist trainer' Really just a pretty corset ;) I haven't started working out but I'd like to..my PT is on holidays and I'm supposed to only do 'light activity.' SO here's something that happened a week ago, and either my memory farted or he didnt tell me; I have to remove the dissolvable stitches if they don't fall out after a few days. Well.. I went home and the ones under the boobs fell out while I was in NC...no wonder there are no scars. However, the one under my left bum cheek got really inflamed and I texted him and he said to soak it in epsom salts and try and get the stitch out or it might be infection. Didnt want to go to doctors and it resolved on its own... just a tip in case you ladies aren't told.. REMOVE YO STITCHESS (rude rhyme word) lol So.. onto the boobies. They are no longer swollen. I had sex for the first time 2 days ago. The nipples are SO sensitive..I guess years of having a guy need to fish around in a puddle of skin and now the nipples are pushed against with the fat.. and I'm not having a mind numbing toothing toddler bite the sensitivity and desexualizing them. I don't really have much bruising anymore.. there are a few bruises by my legs. If I'm on my feet all day, its just a bit of a post day work out feeling on the top of my legs. Odd because I don't think I had fat removed from there. My breasts feel soft and they have dropped. My left is bigger than my right. Tried on a push up bra from when I was breastfeeding. My right boob sort of drops out if I lean forward but I'm super happy so far. I did go swimming yesterday, the doctor said not until the incisions have healed. I put waterproof band aides squares on and went in with my daughter...its her favourite thing to do and I missed the water.
I should be drinking more water and taking supplements, I've started a process (done the bloodwork) for IV vitamins, but water drinking has always been a hit and miss more miss with me. So, with the minimal amount of work on my part, some beating up from little Ms. and a little luck, I hope they stay where they are right now. I don't have a lot of extra fat to begin with but I think that if I were to do this again, the lipo was the worst part. My love handles are still numb and I have some weird feeling things on my stomach. I had a small peanut lump a week ago that went away yesterday. I would ask the surgeon if he froze fat and how that works. I would never do lipo again(that might be a lie in a while, but for now....). So, to ladies thinking about getting this, ask about that option, that way in a year if you DO lose a bunch of volume, you have back up without recovery time. :)


for some reason the pictures didnt post.

one month out.

No mixed feelings so far. I am on vacation hence the sunburns(ouch.) I've bought ScarSil, but haven't really used it. I put it on the ones on my hips, and they really do work, they just are something you've got to remember... and I'm in and out of water so meh. I switched to a spanx about a week and a half ago. I couldnt sleep at all with the garment on..it had begun to fold as well. Also a week ago, I got in this weird mood(time of the month; they did hurt more than usual the day before) and started freaking myself out with liposuction what ifs. Thats been calmed. I've been applying aloe and skin tightening cream(physiodermie..LOVE their skin products) after a shower and before bed. Have I lost volume? Absolutely. Do they look better than they did a month ago? wow. I honestly don't think that if I did another one, the results would come out much different..I don't want to look huge. I love that they actually have volume to them. They are exactly what I wished for. They are not super perky teenage non breasfeeding stretch less boobies, but they are mine..sort of lol. I've had such a terrible opinion of my breasts since I got pregnant, that I'm super grateful of the improvement. I have had a few lumps and bumps on my love handles.. but they seem to come and go depending on activity level. I've kept the incision sites well sun screened and covered. They are discoloured, but healed. I love the contour of my stomach. I think as well; Ive started light cardio and I don't really have any more weight for a fat transfer. My goal is to tone my body ...and IF(hopefully not too much) in the future they get less full again, have a lift; I think the lipo is a bit risky, and I have noticed laxity in my outer thighs below my bum.. I think that the cardio will help that. I love feedback, but if I don't get that much, I will update in 3 months or so. PLEASE write reviews if you get something done; it helps everybody out and is so much appreciated. xoxo


I can't post pictures for some reason, but I've developed a hard, painful, eye ball sized lump above my right nipple. Texted Dr. B he said either Cyst to be drained or blocked milk duct. Dislike going to the doctor.. both require medical either antibiotics or local and a needle. It is warm to the touch the skin around it is red. It is 'attached' to the nipple. Dr said a second fat transfer was approx 7k, so if by November, this infection or what have you has affected the results, I will be doing another one. Probably beginning of November so I'm good for Christmas. Incision sites are still a pretty angry red, the thing with scar sil I forget to put it on before bed and during the day it falls off..feels like a waste of money...when i do remember it for a few days, the scars fade and then when forgotten they come right back to ground zero. Recap on results and satisfaction; love the results; my goal was to add volume that had been lost through breastfeeding. Goal was reached, I'm happy :) My man loves them, I love them, they look great in everything, and I'm taking my bra off..after 5 years of hiding them its a big win. again, if this lump ends up being a permanent resident, in November I will go back and do another one/have it fixed.

Sorry for the long time!!!

I love them..the lumps completely resolved, I have a few minor irregularities in my love handle area..but they are VERY minor..the scars have faded really nicely..I am having a scar revision done on the one above my bum at some point. I love my results of my liposuction.I love how comfortable I am with taking my bra off in bed..I also think that I have slowly(with a super loving boyfriend) have come to appreciate my body..and shed some of the unrealistic expectations I have of it...for example when I lay down I thought it was super gross that they wrinkled up..it's super normal XD or armpit fat..also normal. In these photos..I am on my period and also just had a veggie burger that had mayo on it(I'm lactose) but usually my stomach is quite flat, and I like that he didn't do the whole stomach just the sides..it gives me a little bit of love where a kid used to be. Side notes on weight gain and loose skin; I gained weight mid stomach and lost it..now when I sit I have a large crease and smaller creases at the hip area(only when I sit and I may be imagining things) I fell into a bout of depression in April...so my eating, drinking and exercise did not do so well. (When the dr says don't gain weight he means it..weight may go to areas not wanted..such as arms or calf area or neck.) Started that up again a month and a bit ago. Everything looks better when I'm well rested and take care of myself...I'm not super skinny or muscley..I am happy and healthy and that's what counts <3 Thanks for all your support on my journey big shout out to Dr B!
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Better than the first visit because I was more comfortable Communication is stellar as always. They truly make a change to your body a fantastic experience. The staff are super friendly and get back to you ASAP. Love their clinic, I'm sure to use them for years to come.

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