21yo Badly in Need of Breast Reduction - Charlotte, NC

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So today i took step one towards my new life with...

so today i took step one towards my new life with itty bitties! I set up a consultation with Charlotte Plastic Surgery. If any has used them please tell me how your experience was!! So Ready to get these things off of me. I have 44h (probably bigger) breasts...i'm not gonna lie at first i thought they were fine but time and back issues and crying because all shirts are to tight in the chest and because no matter shirt i have on i'm spilling out...not to mention i'm asymmetrical very much so..Please keep me encouraged because i'm scared to death of surgery but i need it.

consultation day

well ladies i had my consultation today and it was really spirit shattering. The doctor said before we do anything else measurements, pics anything....i need to lose weight! Now of course i am plus-sized and I know that i needed to lose but he wants me to lose at least 120lbs before we can even worry about breast reduction for insurance sake. my heart really hurts i mean I've been trying to lose but its really hard. he told me maybe to look into gastric bypass for assistance. i'm so discouraged.. i didn't feel like i was That big!

I tried again and got Approved

Hello all! Great news I have been approved by my insurance! Dr William Bickett is going to do it he seems awesome. I am too excited for February 2nd!

Woke up on the other side

I'm one day post op now! Barely any pain. Just tightness they are so small and my stomach looks sooooooo big lol

Before and after pics


Reveal day

So I could take a shower today and it took a lot out of me.. but to be only 2 days post op I think I'm healing nicely. Right still has a lot of swelling and no nipple sensation. The left has a lot of sensation. When I took off the gauze there was no excessive amounts of blood. I'm just ready to sleep on my side or stomach again.
William Bickett

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