Love my Lips After Juvederm!

I am 24 and had wanted fuller lips for years. I...

I am 24 and had wanted fuller lips for years. I liked the shape of my lips but was self conscious about my lack of volume esp in my upper lip. I had read lots of reviews on it and from what I could tell, if i didn't like it, its not like it was permenant surgery so I figured why not? I would always wonder till I did so I took the plunge!

I LOVE my results! I went to my ophthalmologist who specialized in botox and juvaderm products around the eyes, face, and lips. I had seen his before an after pictures and had complete trust in him.

I got 1 syringe of Juvaderm Ultra Plus mostly in my upper lip with a small amount in the lower. He did topical numbing on my lips and had me use an ice pack, then numbing injections, and then the Juvaderm. The pain was very minimal. I had some swelling (but nothing freaky looking) for about 48 hours or so and minimal bruising. The bruising was easily covered with a light lipstick.

My doctor told me he has found most results last about a year but if I got a "touch up" in 6 mos it can last about 1 1/2 years. My cost was $600 for the syringe. (if you are looking for extremely large lips, each additional syringe is $500) I only regret not having this done sooner!

Photo Update

Dr. Jeffery Richards, Carolina Eyecare Physicians

He knows what he is doing an has a great eye for it!I highly recommend him! Any questions of people thinking about it I would be glad to answer.

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