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Hello everyone! My husband actually found this...

Hello everyone! My husband actually found this site for me and it has been a huge help! I am a 30 year old mother of 2 girls, the youngest it under 2. I breastfed both of them for about a year; I was a small, but perky B before kids... but after breastfeeding them both, I now have a pair of tube socks that get rolled into a size B bra and still do not fill it... so really, I am probably an A now and just won't admit it!! :) I have wanted this procedure for a long time and my largest concern is how people will view me after I get this done. I work as an administrator and I do not want to lose all of the respect I have worked so hard to gain, especially with being so young. As others have mentioned, I want to do this for me, so I feel more confident in clothes and bathing suits, and feel sexy for my husband. I also can't wait to enjoy going bra and strapless dress shopping!! :) Can anyone share their thoughts on this?
As for size, I do not want a playboy look at all.. I want a natural C-cup. My doctor suggested 350 cc and my husband keeps suggesting 400 cc's... :) I am 5'9" and 140 lbs. I think I might meet in the middle at 375cc.

My last concern... I want silicone implants for a more natural look, but I am concerned about the safety of them. My doctor assured me they are safe, but my concern is if one does pop... you do not know unless you get a scan.. which will not be covered by insurance. So for those who got silicone, do you plan on getting scans regularly?

Thank you for all your feedback!

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