My 30 Year Old Enemy.

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I've had it since I was 19. I am 5'9"...

I've had it since I was 19. I am 5'9" and 149. I'm fit, I exercise and my legs make me cry. My husband and I tour with Cirque Do Soleil. For 3 years I have had to spend my poolside along some of the best bodies in the world. It is mortifying to be a wife that isn't 0% body fat and perfect when many of the women are. I'm a Cali girl, always wear a bikini anyway. My sweet husband knows how much this plagues me and I have a two consults in the next few weeks. We will be touring for 3 months to Miami in Dec to Feb and I so badly want to look good. This seems like the only and first answer. To get rid of this would change my life. I've never had a cosmetic procedure done and I am freaked out about the money and the tweaking, but smooth legs and butt? Are you kidding me?
I'd kill for it. Seems so pricey, as I know I will need at least three areas done. My trouble is that I am in a different city every 8 weeks. I've got a bit of time in LA, then Boston, and DC. Any other Doc recommendations in those areas would be great. Obviously in SoCal it would have to happen SOON!

I don't know if I should post my before pics....

I don't know if I should post my before pics. I took them in sunlight and I am now in tears. I have what I think is the worst cellulite ever. So much that I will never afford to get all that treated. My mood just plummeted. Nothing like a harsh sunlight pic to kill one's self esteem. I guess I will, but it is so much worse than anyone else's I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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