DR GOING FOR TT, BBL, LIPO 1ST ROUND Mañon Doll - Dominican Republic, DO

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After 1 year of full research I know have made my...

After 1 year of full research I know have made my mind to go get TT, BBL, and Lipo next week it is! I seen many dolls have good and bad experience but don't want any negative comments on my page. We all have different type of bodies and many do have complications some don't experience not even pain. I lost 78 lbs and now I'm ready to trash the extra saggy skin of my body. I do have full support from my family even though today my husband seen the day of departure close by started tripping! I started to go back at many ladies who have told their stories and today I can say I know what those ladies felt. Leaving behind 3 children and a great husband to get my dream body, I felt awful and just wanted to cancel. I then saw what many ladies done to get the desired body and what we woman sacrifice, I still have come to the point of being determine to continue my journey. I'm sharing my experience so we can all come together support one another. If you are going through what I'm going through I just have to tell you, you are not alone. I have everything packed up and I'm ready to leave USA 11/28/2016 I will be 2 weeks in DR hope that when I get there doctor says I'm clear to have sx. I'm cleared here in my home town but now the my surgeon has the last word. Please feel free to make any positive comments and your prayers cus they are more then welcome.

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I had a wonderful experience can't complain about DR stayed 2 weeks and healed properly without any complications. My doctor was one of the best still follows up with me.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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