Went to Dr.Walkiris Robles in Dominican Republic- Horrible Results ! Tummy Tuck/ BBL - Dominican Republic

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For the past few years I've been dreaming of...

For the past few years I've been dreaming of having that "butt"..You know, the one everyone has to stare at . I wanted a nice huge round bubbly butt full of volume, it's all I dreamed of . In addition to that I also wanted a breast reduction and a lift since my breast are extremely large 36G and very saggy for my age. After saving up for a few months, I decided to do my research and begin asking quotes from various doctors in the Dominican Republic since there was no way I could afford Breast lift/reduction, liposuction and fat grafting in the United States.I got in contact with Dr. Robles, she quoted me for $3850 for all three procedures, to me this was an amazing deal. Out of all 6 doctors I contacted her rate was the cheapest (all other doctors were charging about 5k)... I should of known "if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is". I went against my better judgement and decided to be cheap.. My advice to you ladies is don't select a doctor because they offer you the cheapest rate, you will end up with bad results and not happy at all, like myself. So I automatically scheduled my surgery for August 2012. Over the months, I exchanged plenty of emails with the doctor's assistant. Raquel was very friendly,super sweet and answered all of my questions.

Here is where the problem begins. I wired the money to the doctor a few days in advance since I don't like carrying cash with me. As soon as I wired the money I stopped hearing from them (the doctor and the assistant for a few days). They were totally giving me the cold shoulder..I began to freak out and after calling them back to back they finally got back to me. Raquel had told me I was supposed to meet the doctor the day before the surgery before my evaluation. Then they tell me to forget it, to just show up the day of the surgery. On the day of the surgery, my doctor showed up MINUTES before the surgery was scheduled to begin. She was in a super rush and told me to strip and to get ready to get marked. I already had taken some relaxing medication (I forgot the name of the pill) so I was a bit drowsy. As soon as she saw my breast she acted like she was completely shocked and said my breast were just too big, that my breast required an 8 hour surgery and that she wasn't going to be able to reduce them and do the other procedures in the same day. In that case, she was going to have to refund me $2900 since that was what she was charging for the breast work. She automatically comes up with this big bullshit story (excuse my language but I get mad just recalling the situation) , and tells me "oh you are too fat for liposuction" ( mind you I am 156 lbs 5'7 and most of my weight comes from the breast). I have never had children and don't have any excess skin. She tells me that she can't do liposuction on me that I need a tummy tuck.. Are you serious??. At that point I was so drugged up that I was like "ok whatever fine". She then starts telling about how the price she quoted me was for a local. She said " I thought you lived here in the DR, my prices for foreigners are higher so I am going to charge you $4,000 for a tummy tuck and fat grafting". Mind you, she had agreed to do BREAST surgery and fat grafting for only 3846..Tummy tucks are not nearly as expensive as breast reductions due to the extensive hours of surgery. So me being under the effect of the medication, I agreed to the price and the procedure.

During the surgery I woke up , my body doesn't react well to anesthesia. They put me back to sleep and I woke up in the room with my compression garment on . The nurses and staff members there are very helpful and super nice. The rooms at the CECIP are very comfortable and clean. I absolutely loved that clinic.. The next day, I was sent home. I was in so much pain. I wasn't mentally prepared for a tummy tuck. I could barely get up from bed on my own. I ended up staying a hotel that was a block away from the clinic. I did not want to stay at the doctor's recovery home because it's not worth paying $1,000 for 10 days to share a room with someone else.

The next few days were hell for me. The compression garment that the doctor put on was one of those cheap ones that are not crotch-less for easy peeing. It was too painful to try to pull it down each time after peeing. I had to go back to the doctor 2 days later and have her change it for one of my own compression garments.Thank God I brought my own. I had one drain near my private area and then a drain hole on my lower back. The drain on my back was meant for me to drain it by hand..What the hell? I've never heard of a hole where you have to force the liquid to come out yourself. Well since the doctor failed to teach me how to properly drain my back, the hole closed up and I accumulated all the fluid on my lower back. On the 8th day I had to rush back to the clinic to have her re-open the hole because I couldn't walk anymore due to all the weight from the fluid just sitting on my lower back. You have to literally drain this hole 4-5 times a day which can be so annoying. So let's fast forward this hell, I had my drainage for 21 DAYS.. UNBELIEVABLE!... That's the longest time I've ever heard of..The average is 4-7 days and at the maximum 10 days. After 15 days I began feeling discomfort from the tube, the hole was expanding and the tube continued to get clogged up everyday so I started leaking from the hole. It was a complete nightmare, and the drainage bag was sooooooooo big (not one of the grenade little ones that most doctors use) that I couldn't wear regular clothing..

So now let's get into the juicy part: The RESULTS !!!. So after I was finally able to stand straight I decided to take a look at my butt since was the ENTIRE purpose of doing this surgery..and guess what? My ass is non-existent . It looked identical to before..not even a inch bigger. This ass is flat and still has that hole on the sides that I hate. The doctor kept on telling me "once your back swelling goes down you will see the results of your ass ?"..Ummm yeah, that's not going to happen since she barely injected any fat.. When I asked her how many CC's she injected she told me "ohhh I don't know, I just injected whatever I extracted". It's been 5 weeks since my operation and I am disgusted by my results. I wanted to be cheap and ended up picking a horrible doctor. Many woman told me that the doctor only likes to inject 200-300 ccs but the doctor told me that those were lies and that she was going to go as big as possible. The doctor is a liar and now I am stuck with a body I did not want. I am 20 years old and I am scar for life, I got a procedure that I did not want or need. A tummy tuck scar is only worth it for those who really need it. All I needed was liposuction, any good doctor that knows how to do good liposuction would have given me the results I wanted. I want to warn you ladies. SHE GIVES EVERYONE TUMMY TUCKS. I don't think she is comfortable in her skills with lipo alone.

And the worst part of the story is here to come: After spending 21 days with drains I still developed a seroma. I was still leaking lipo fluid when the drainage was removed but I couldnt keep it in any longer because I had to return to school. When I contacted my doctor about a seroma she told me to go to the ER. The ER told me to just wait for it to reabsorb. So she tells me that she knows of "someone" who can drain it for me. I thought she was going to send me to a colleague of hers or something. She gives me the information to some lady that does massages in Washington Heights. At this point I am not going to put my life at risk again for being cheap. So therefor I am just going to pay a plastic surgeon and have him monitor the seroma.

My advice to all ladies is to stay away from this doctor, do your research, meet with your doctor first. There are plenty of amazing doctors overseas , it just takes months of research to find the right one.

I will be uploading pictures very shortly.

I've been receiving a lot of negative messages...

I've been receiving a lot of negative messages from a lot of the members here due to the negative review I wrote about Dr.Robles.. I will NOT respond to those messages. Like they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words. My pictures show the horrible results I have. I am not here to debate with you whether Robles is or not a good doctor, I am simply here to share MY experience and based on my experience I can honestly say she just wasn't the right doctor for me. A lot of ladies are writing to me saying she did an amazing tummy tuck, remember I came to her for a Brazilian butt lift, I don't give a damn if she does good tummy tucks or not because that's not what I needed. If you think Im fake or you want to disagree with my opinion then I really don't give a damn. All I ask is that you keep your stupid and negative comments to yourself.

GOING TO ROBLES WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.. I've bumped into plenty of my friends recently and they all ask me "so when are you getting your surgery done"...People really can't tell the difference because there isn't any. All she did was lipo a few inches of my back and give me a scar from hip to hip..She didn't graft anything at all. My ass and stomach are the same way as before.

First of all I want to thank the ladies that have...

First of all I want to thank the ladies that have showed me support through the past few months and have encouraged me to go for a Round 2 to fix all the issues from my first sx. Due to all the negativity caused by a few of the members I will be taking down my profile. There is no point in me updating my pictures (which are 100%real) and non-photoshopped, sharing personal details of my horrible experience and answering questions just so that I can continue to getting bash because my experience wasn't like everyone elses. Surgeons are human and they are bound to mess. Even Salama the king of butts have had 2 or 3 patients that received negative results, but just because someone had a negative experience doesn't mean that they are fabricating a story just because it's the story that you don't want to hear. Yes , I would love to come on her and say how great my sx was, but that's not the case. Many of you claim I making up this story so that I can bash /hate on Dr.Robles. That is simply not true. I haven't advertised a SINGLE doctor in any of my reviews.

I have finally made up my mind and I will be going for a scar revision, liposuction to flatten out the donut shaped pouch Robles gave me and for a BBL. Due to all the negativity on this site I will not disclose which doctor I am going to . I will be taking down my profile in a few hours, so that's that one to continue thinking my story was fake, to each their own. I'm the one that has to look at that horrible scar and disgusting stomach Robles gave me every single day of my life...

One of the members left me a comment saying " My life is ruined" .. To answer to your comment " No my life is not ruined just because I picked the wrong plastic surgeon for ME, I am alive, young and healthy. Something as stupid as a scar will not prevent me from living my life" ....I have received horrible messages from the members of this community simply bashing me and my experience, and there is no need for that. To be honest, I really don't care anymore. I came on here to share my story with others, to prevent others from picking a surgeon simply because the price is cheaper. I don't care if your doctor is Salama, Cabral, Campos, Yily, Jimmerson, Perry etc , I came here to share the other side of the story that no one ever gets to hear. To inform other women that there can be negative consequences to surgery when you simply rush into things and dont select the right doctor.

I am really looking forward to getting my scar revised and lightened and to finally be able to have a flat stomach as well as big butt. Yes I had a negative experience the first time around but I have faith that the next time will be everything I've always wanted. God bless you all on your journey even those who have wished me the worst. It was a pleasure being able to read your stories, experiences and comments.

So I took my pictures down a while ago and I said...

So I took my pictures down a while ago and I said I was going to delete my profile but after speaking to a few ladies who convinced me to share my experience and to help others I decided to stay. For all of those who are saying my story is fake, I added plenty of proof pictures (with name and all) for you a few minutes ago.So I wonder what new excuse you all will use to say my story is made -up.

On a brighter note, I am finally going to get the body of my dreams this summer. I am still deciding on who to go to but my heart is set on either Yily or Duran. I feel like either one can fix this mess that Robles created. I have faith this round will be everything I wanted and this time around I will have a great experience. Can't wait to share the post op pics and my new experience (even though some of you are very negative )

Three Weeks Away.. Revision surgery

Based on all of the negativity I have been receiving here I wont continue posting pictures. But for those who have been supporting me with comments and messages, just wanted to inform you ladies that I will be going for surgery on June 20th. I am not announcing the name of the doctor because then I will be accused of "working for that doctor" etc. I will be getting the scar tissue fixed, lipo to the chin, abdomen,flanks, arms and fat grafting to the butt ( since last time I didn't get any fat grafted, I just got the fg holes..what a scam ). After the experience I had last year I am very nervous this time around. I am scared that I wont get good results. I have picked a really good doctor this time not like my crappy choice of selecting Dr.Robles. But I still have that traumatizing fear .
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