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I'm still happy I did the mirdry procedure ! My...

I'm still happy I did the mirdry procedure ! My main reason was I've always been really really musty. I sweat so bad under my armpits ever since I was in kindergarten. Until I had the miradry procedure. Before miradry It was so hard for me. I couldnt go dancing because my armpits would smell so bad. I would have to stop and go home. And i could never work out at the gym. Because my arm pits would smell so bad. I was too embarassed to be around anyone. I would have to throw away shirts because the onion smell from my arm pits wouldnt wash out. I could only wear them once and still have to throw shirts, coats, scrub tops away. No amount of clorox, washing powder, or lysol could make the odor go away. I would even twash my armpits 3 times a day. But nothing help I still smell like an onion. I still smelled horribly musty. I even try using stuff over the counters nothing worked for my arm pits. Finally i tried lime juice. It worked for a while. But the acid made my under arm so swollen and raw. But i kept using it until it too no longer worked . So once I had the miradry. I no longer had to wash 3 times a day under my arm pitts. I could finally wear short sleeve shirts and not worry about smelling. Now i can workout at the gym!!! I sweat but dont stink!!! I can go dancing all night if i want and not once smell stinky!!! Unfortunately we all know there are or can be risk with any procedure. Well seems i have cyst under my left arm. It pops and this white stuff, blood, & yellow stuff comes out. But no odor. It just repeats itself. It has done this like 6 times. My right arm pit is fine. The doctor who did my miradry was away. So her collague cut and let it drain. But Dr Diehl saw me as soon as she got back in town. She still went above and beyond by calling and checking on me afterwards multiple times. As well as let me know she and her staff were avaiable if I should want to come in and have her drain and/or pack it. The last 4 weeks however it has stayed calm. And with my work schedule in raleigh it was easier to see my dermatologist on my lunch break. So about two weeks ago I went to my dermatologist. She said it appears to look like cyst. It's actually 3 the size of peas. And they make a triangle. But since friday. The top one has flarred up again. Getting hard, burning, itching and stings a little. I read somewhere to try vitamin E. I will start tomorrow. But if that doesnt work. I may have to just end up getting those removed by my dermatologist. Again still happy I had the miradry! Loved my doctor who did the miradry! I forgot the name of the miradry tech? Omg loveedddd her too !!!! She gave me her cell to call if needed!!! She, Dr. Diehl, and her staff are amazing!!!! I would highly recommend!!!

it burst

As usual it burst. Leave it to me to be the one person with complications. Lol. But still no regrets. It was worth it.

Tomm going to my doctor so she can make incision

Going tomorrow to let my doctor make an incision. So my little friend can drain once and for all. As you can see in this picture I took tonight. He has gone down since he burst as usual. Like I said my right armpit is fine. But my left armpit wanted to be a little difficult. Can't wait till it goes completely away. I will update until he is gone lol.

went in to remove cyst

Hi just a lil update from my appt last friday. My doctor went in to remove the cyst under my left arm pit. But due to it bursting and shrinking couldn't find it. I remove these stitches this thursday. And wait to see if cyst flares back up. I'm thinking it will because it feels like a hard marble above and below stitches. Sigh. Now this little booger is starting to bcome worrisome. I like that i found this site so I can read and talk to others. But looks like my lil left armpit is the only problem child so far.

critter under my left arm pit since 2/2016

My dermatologist tried last week to find and remove the cyst. But could not find it. So she she cut out this marble like piece that was underneath that was felt under the skin. Where the thing lives. This is how u feel. But like my plastic surgeon had her fellow doctor drain it. But it comes back. My plastic surgeon has drained it but it comes back. she couldn't find or remove it. They both said the same thing so much scar tissue couldnt see anything. Since my mira dry 2/2016. This thing grows under my arm pit. It starts out completely flat. And blows up like a boulder. Becomes painful as hell. Then it explodes. All this wet pink/ liquid/yellow stuff comes out. It doesn't stink. Just smells like pus. It makes me very nauseated. At first then the nausea goes away. I saw what Dr. Barry N Silberg and Dr. H Karamanoukian wrote. But tge draining has not stopped it. It just repeats over and over again.

biopsy done at dermatologist

Came back as an epidermal inclusion cyst left axillary vault. Sigh. Just ready for this to stop and go away. Feb 2016 has been along time. I have no onion. And no stinky arm pits. But now I can't wear sleeveless shirts.
Because my left arm pit is so ugly. Just ready to be confident again. And work out like I want.

finally looking better

I have been massaging and applying cocoa butter. Since my stitches were removed.

Dermatologist saved me ! My new arm pit!

This is a pic of my arm pit. Since I made an appt and had my dermatologist cut out the scar tissue from my mira dry. Yayyy
Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Diehl amazing!!!! As well as her staff!!! All smiles friendly faces!!! Made me feel warm:) You get that personable feeling and experience from Dr. Diehl and her office :)

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