28 Yrs Old, 400cc-415cc/ Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

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Today is my post-op appointment with the surgeon....

Today is my post-op appointment with the surgeon. I'm getting really excited but also very nervous! I think I'm the most nervous about the partial lift that he said I needed. I've looked at other people's pictures that have had a lift and the scaring makes me nervous!

I'll post more after my appointment!

Picked the size! 375cc saline filled to 400cc

So excited we finalized the size today! I can't wait to have more roundness from a side profile and fullness up top! See the size in my picture! I feel like it's very proportional to my frame. Once I lose weight they'll look even better! :)

2 days post op

Still sore but not as bad as yesterday.


6 days

A little over 3 weeks now!

I'm feeling fantastic and I'm so in love with my new breasts! They still feel little weird and I'm trying to get used to them. I now understand what the "morning boob" thing is! Lol ... when your Dr. Tells you to start massaging that's a good place to be. It feels so much better to loosen up the muscle! :)
Raleigh Plastic Surgeon

My experience at the doctors office have been great!

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